PG&E Uses Flood to Force ‘Smart’ Meters on Capitola

Capitola residents woke up to a new headache after dealing with the nightmare of a flood (photo courtesy SC Sentinel)

Pacific Gas and Electric sure knows how to rub salt in the wounds of communities who are already dealing with loss and catastrophe.  The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported last week that PG&E installed ‘smart’ meters on a number of homes and businesses damaged in the recent floods, violating the City of Capitola’s ordinance banning ‘smart’ meters, and raising the hackles of residents and business owners who- in the midst of having to recover from a disaster, now have to worry about the health impacts and violation of privacy that the meters bring.  According to Toni Castro, head of the Capitola- Soquel chamber of commerce:

“That’s really disheartening because everybody was so against those SmartMeters because of the safety issues,” she said. “There should have been some communication on PG&E’s part. They are taking advantage of a disaster that we had.”

More great PR points for our Northern California utility.  All we can say is that they’re lucky they have a monopoly.  Don’t count on that sweet cash flow nectar lasting for very long the way you are treating your customers, PG&E.

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