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Many people have been asking- what do we do next?  We have utilities that are out of control, predating on the public who are being left high and dry by the regulatory agencies and elected officials who are supposed to protect us.  People being driven from their homes by unbearable headaches, sleeplessness, tinnitus and other symptoms from the powerful bursts of wireless radiation that the FCC and CPUC insist are safe but that increasing firsthand evidence (not  to mention peer-reviewed science) says otherwise.  PG&E engaging in extortion, requiring that people pay through the nose for false, half-baked solutions when we didn’t ask for the problem meters in the first place.

An industry in overdrive pushing everything wireless, its head in the sand refusing to acknowledge the mounting health crisis that they are responsible for- while looking nervously at California, Maine and other states where people are rising up and saying enough is enough.  What can we individually do to solve our smart meter problem?  Well, if you live in California, there are a number of upcoming events that provide an opportunity to voice your support for an immediate moratorium, state hearings, and the right to retain your analog meter, or to have it replaced if you are unfortunate enough to have a wireless meter already.

Many of us are not waiting around for self-interested utilities and governments to solve the problem for us- we’re going out and doing it ourselves.   From people organizing ‘smart’ meter free zones, neighborhood teach-ins, building locking devices around their analog meters, installing shielding to reduce the radiation from their meters, to people organizing refugee camps for those made homeless by the radiation and blockades to stop installation, the solutions are out there.  It’s time to take responsibility for our communities and Do It Yourself, not wait around for useless institutions that caused this problem in the first place.

Check out our new calendar containing upcoming ‘smart’ meter related events, listed under the “How YOU can stop ‘smart’ meters” tab.  If we’re missing anything, please drop us a line.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Hi, I live in an apartment in Pleasanton. There are all the Smart Meters ( I believe 6 or 8) outside of my apartment, for the whole building. They are on the other side of my bedroom wall, next to my head. Will this hurt me? Do I need to be concerned? If so, who do I call to come out and investigate this? Thank you.

    • Hi Shannon, Yes you should be concerned about the current and future health impacts. Read the Sage Associates report for more details on the health risks. http://sagereports.com You should demand that removal of your meters and NOT take no for an answer. Although the government should be doing their job to protect public safety, they are failing to do so. That means you must hire an independent EMF specialist to come out and do measurements if you want to get an idea of how much radiation you are being exposed to. I would strongly suggest putting as much distance between yourself and the meters as possible. People have also installed faraday cages around the meters, or used other shielding techniques. Remember that the meters are approx 100x the strength of a cell phone and are radiating constantly 24/7. You can contact the following to do EMF assessments: Dan Mattson — handyman@sfo.com or Rob States — rstates@mail.com.

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