Public Opinion Turning Against SmartMeters

Judging from these series of interviews with random people carried out by the Mountain View Voice in the heart of Silicon Valley, public opinion is swinging against the ‘smart’ meter and demanding that independent studies be undertaken on health effects of the wireless technology.  The question is- will strengthening public opinion against the meters translate into government policy?

How strong is our democracy when corporate interests are at stake?

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4 Responses to Public Opinion Turning Against SmartMeters

  1. EMF mama says:

    the enemy is among us. they have snuck in under the radar while we were not looking. we should turn our (battle) attentions to them right here at home!

  2. Veronica says:

    I have developed electromagnetic sensitivity after moving into my new home four months ago. I have two meters –one ARM for electric and one transmitting meter wired to my water meter. I have now been unable to stay in my home. I have burning on my skin so severe, my eyes hurt, headaches, tingling throughout my entire body that feels like electric shocks and a general feeling of unwellness. I am living in my father-in-laws spare room because I cannot tolerate being in my own home. I have measured the electric meter and it pulses about every 28-35 seconds. The NIPSCO rep said it only pulses once per week. She lied!!!! The pulse is very high –I measured it using a meter. I also have sky high dirty electric all through out my home. My dream home is just a nightmare. I am suffering and can’t seem to get help anywhere. Can’t find a professional who does EMF evaluation and remediation, can’t find an attorney to help me get the meters removed. Can shield if the meters are in the house. Is there anyone else in Indiana with problems related to the meters??? Please post back so we can unite and fight this unholy nightmare. It can’t be accomplished if we are not united. Let’s get together and fight this thing.

  3. E says:

    Is this page still active? I am in Northern CO and just received notice that they plan to switch to smart meters with no option to keep the analog, and it feels like no one else is concerned or aware. Looking for some like minded people and solutions.

    • Josh Hart says:

      I would advise following the refusal instructions in the FAQ, remember whether or not there is an “opt out” policy, the utility cannot legally do anything on your property that is not included in the utility easement. Get a copy of that from the city/county planning dept. or a title co. and if they are present on your property doing anything not mentioned in the easement (eg. installing a transmitting or surveillance device) tell them “you need to leave my property now” If they do not, call the police. If the police fail to trespass them from your property, video record all interactions, and file a formal action against the police. You have a legal right to be safe in your own home!

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