Santa Barbara “Smart” Meter Forum Video

We’re excited to be able to bring you video of the major ‘smart’ meter forum held on April 28th at Fess Parker’s Resort in Santa Barbara, organized by the Santa Barbara Tea Party and other community groups.  Thank you to Ecological Options Network (the all-seeing eye of this movement) for your excellent coverage.   Stop Smart Meters! Director Joshua Hart was honored to be a panelist, and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to report on the damage that PG&E’s meters have caused to date and to warn Southern Californians.

Over 300 people attended this hugely successful event, which has sparked a burgeoning movement against ‘smart’ meters in Southern California.   So much so that Southern California Edison has now started calling their ‘smart’ meters “automatic electronic devices”  to try and avoid the public relations disaster that PG&E finds itself in up north.  Hey SCE- you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day- it’s still a pig.  (No offense to pigs, who are actually quite lovely intelligent animals.)

Thank you so much to the organizers of this event and for all those people working to build grassroots public awareness of this threat, in spite of the best efforts of the utility and telecom industries, bought off “scientists,” and (for the most part) a complicit mainstream media.

It’s become pretty clear.  This thing ain’t going away anytime soon.

Below is a letter from Santa Barbara resident Diana Hull PhD- high praise indeed.

Letters: Smart meter event enlightening

Diana Hull, Santa Barbara

In my 40-odd years of attending professional meetings where presentations are made by a panel of experts, the recent event sponsored by the local tea party and Culpepper Society on the smart meter problem was a special and outstanding example of what a community meeting should ideally be like.

First, the large audience was completely engaged. That was because each speaker had not only wide knowledge and a firm understanding of his or her special contribution to this topic, but were lucid, superbly prepared and articulate. This is unusual because even brilliant academics often are unable to convey their knowledge with anything like the acumen of this group.

The problem discussed is of utmost importance not only due to its economic impact on electricity users, but because it raises the likelihood of important and adverse effects on health. In my opinion, the possible health risks posed by so-called smart meters require the kind of informed consent that’s legally required before we permit any intrusive medical procedures, even when the possibility of harm is almost non- existent. Therefore, the scientific literature on this issue will require continuing scrutiny.

The problem of intrusiveness by public utilities with the help of the Public Utility Commission also is a challenge to privacy and private-property rights, and illustrates well the kind of over-reach by big government and quasi-governmental agencies that is causing the current rebellion against the nanny-state mentality.

Front page coverage in the Santa Barbara News Press the day after the forum

Remember, Stop Smart Meters! is a grassroots funded project.  We depend on your contributions- both large and small to keep the fires burning.  Whereas mainstream environmental and consumer rights organizations are (generally) just as deep in denial as the industry and governments, we are small and nimble and not beholden to anyone except for you!  If you can afford it, please send us a check today.  It makes a big difference.  See our donate page for more details.  Thank you!

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10 Responses to Santa Barbara “Smart” Meter Forum Video

  1. diana thorn says:

    Thank you so much for coming to this event. I learned a lot.


  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Excellent report, thank you Santa Barbara.
    My comments:
    When people talk about “dynamic pricing” or TOU rates, they mention people that are disabled, stay at home moms, and retired. But every area is different, in the area where I live, (Marin County), we have the highest percentage of people who work from home in the western United States, and I for one does that and also works near home.
    So all these people that choose to earn a living during the day must run power tools, HVAC, office equipment, lighting, electronics, media, and related processing equipment must use our electricity during the day. We have no choice, unless we become “tweekers” . But that won’t work, because here there are very strict rules about running power tools and making noise after 5:00 pm in residential areas.
    I won’t have a new radio meter, or any other appliance or device that can be externally controlled by anyone. Nobody has the authority to dictate to free agents when or what to operate on their own private property, except for excessive noise after hours, which I respect.
    Finally, one speaker mentioned the UN Agenda 21.
    Agenda 21 has been happening in the more urban areas for quite some time, it is very obvious when we look around and see all these cameras on the streets, low quality shared thin wall high density housing built in noisy downtown areas next to pipe dreamed Sonoma commute trains and freeways, no smoking in the open air or in private cars and condos. It’s all about control.
    The UN Agenda 21 wants to lower our quality of life to “equalize” us with the rest of the world . They want to lower wages, take away personal transportation, have every body living down in the flat lands in cramped communes next to noisy trains. They don’t want people living up in the hills or along the coast, they need them down in the flats where they can be closely monitored and controlled.

  3. We just busted a Texas utility company posting a negative comment on They gave a fake email address, but their IP address gave them away. I promise that the trolls that comment on this website are the same situation.

  4. Robert Mejia says:

    It’s really simple, PG&E has declared EMF War on the People of California. It’s just a matter of time before the People realize this. What PG&E is doing to their customers and forcefully and deceptively install meters that have exploded, over-charge and emit large amounts of harmful EMF radiation. In the bowels of PG&E is a cabal working with the UN, IMF, and Global Govt to destroy the world as we know it and rebuild a Govt of Tyranny where you have no rights and they feed on your poverty, misery. Look at what Globalist utilities did in South America, the Govt made it illegal to COLLECT RAINWATER. This is absurd but the reach of tyranny likes to desolate. The new Paradigm is this: If you cannot imagine/will not believe what your adversary/enemy is doing or is willing to do-then they will do it and get away with it since your incredulity and lack of imagination is your undoing! Look at Aspartame increasing heart attack/stroke risk by like 40% (source This is Genocide by Globalist Corporations.

  5. bob lou says:

    What I want to know why aren’t people complaining about Wireless Internet? All my neighbors have it so what about the radiation from those Wireless Internets?
    And many of us use Cell Phones every day, we hold these phones close to our bodies and they are Wireless Devices too. From what I could find on the net these smart meters put out about 1 watt of power and they transmit about 6 times a day.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Some new electric radio meters put out more than 1 watt of RF, and they do it more than six times a day. Perhaps you are confused, and talking about the gas meters that are battery powered. The gas meters are not connected to the power grid, they are battery powered and transmit only, no repeating and no receiving at around 450 MHz about 6 times per day. Why the power companies say that the gas meters have to transmit 6 times a day is beyond me. The gas meters only need to report once a month. The gas meters do not detect outages or leaks, are not on any kind of time of use schedule, and are not interactive devices. The gas rates are flat rates only.
      The new electric radio revenue meters are a completely different animal.
      The meters are connected to the power grid by PG&E owned overhead service
      drops and underground feeds.
      These utility service conductors feeding the customers are completely unprotected from overcurrent. The electrical potential is infinite.
      The new meters are just that, new, untested and unproven. The old electro -mechanical meters are tried and true, and built to last for decades of unprotected revenue recording. The new meters are a huge risk and liability for the power companies, and the shit has barely begun to hit the fan as far as fires and property damage claims.
      This global corporate zeal to eliminate meter readers and gouge customers more for electricity has been a failure so far, and no doubt will get much worse.
      And don’t worry about your neighbors funky wireless addictions, just keep them out of your house if you don’t want them.
      I have no wireless devices in my house, but I have friends who are totally into the new technology. They have kids who are loving all that garbage, and are being spoiled rotten in more ways than one.
      You can take control of your life, the most important thing is to refuse a new wireless meter, move out of crowded suburban and urban areas, grow your own organic produce and buy locally produced meat and dairy, learn to tread lightly, drive less, exercise more, and learn to live and love the good life.

    • Robert Mejia says:

      I am electro-sensitive, which for me means that I am a canary in the coal mine. Have you had the perception and memory to notice the decreasing quality of thinking, language and behavior of people? Think wireless/smart meter radiation. I got DOUBLE ear infections and extreme weakness in both elbows within days and months of sleeping next to 6 smart meters in my 6 unit apartment. Years before I would get sharp pain in my head when riding an internet equipped BUS. Regardless of your ability to observe, believe, understand EMF harm, Aspartame harm, it’s important to practice CAUTION and be open-minded because prevention and avoidance happens best with discernment and , every time I am near wireless routers, I get a general uneasiness which then starts out as a dull pain on he left side of my head then if I do not leave soon, it turns into a sharp pain in the top left rear area of my head. The point being is that all people are not invincible/unaffected to EMF radiation. People make the mistake of only believing something when they or someone they know experiences that event/phenomena. Our ability to perceive is limited by observation, imagination, and lack of reason. Nothing about smart meters makes sense. They say it is cheaper, better for energy saving but you can never trust govt because they always mess everything up but fail forward towards MORE control, more power over your life at the expense of your health, wealth, and peace of mind. Either way, due diligence and wisdom or apathy and ignorance are all personal rights and options. And remember, you are more likely to be lacking information, analysis, watch all the videos, google EMF radiation, wireless radiation harm/danger etc. You will find many points of view but many are based on sheer ignorance, blind denial, people that hope instead of reason. Compare that to someone that has a battery of knowledge and that is why some cannot withstand a clear and calm exchange of information, instead they will throw insults, ad-hominems etc and try to derail the enlightenment. A friend of mine and her family I have known for many years, her and her family’s health has decreased tremendously. Think zombie-like and I notice other people doing and saying really stupid things because their bodies and brains cannot think clearly when the EMF bombardment is so unhealthy.

  6. Ann Ostrowsky says:

    This information is long overdue and there are so many ways to MONITOR all of us. I have found for instance that our newer SAMSUNG TV has a sensor in it. Have tried to block it by covering the little red litght with Alum Foil and every time I have TURNED it OFF iT It will TURN ITSELF ON. A protest of being blocked! Finally just Unplugged it an then it IS OFF.

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