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Santa Barbara Packs Hearing; Stands Up to Grinch Utilities

This just in from Zavier, our Ojai reporter back from the Santa Barbara hearing- Great work SB!: “Just wanted to give a brief report on today’s hearings. It was standing room only and the standees ringed the walls from right … Continue reading

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CPUC: “You can go back to the analog meter.”

In a remarkable about-face this morning at a public meeting, the president of the CPUC, Michael Peevey, told a man made ill by his “smart” meter, “[PG&E] will provide that you can go back to the analog meter, if that’s … Continue reading

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Lompoc Woman Defies PG&E, Puts on Gloves and Removes “Smart” Meter (from EMF Safety Network) Susan Beckman, a children’s TV show producer (above is her latest production) who lives near Lompoc in Santa Barbara County, has removed a Smart Meter from her home and replaced it with an analog meter … Continue reading

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The Green Sheen Wearing Thin- How Corporate Environmental Organizations are Providing Cover for the Mounting Ecological Catastrophe of the “Smart Grid”

By Joshua Hart MSc We send out a lot of press releases here at Stop Smart Meters!  Some of them get picked up by the mainstream media.   Most undoubtedly get relegated to the trash bins of reporters.   But it is … Continue reading

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Santa Barbara County Takes Action After “Heavy Protest”

As reports of ongoing installations (using unmarked trucks) come in from the City of Santa Cruz, things are really heating up down South.  At a major hearing on Tuesday, attended by over 100 Santa Barbara County residents, the county government … Continue reading

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