Santa Barbara Packs Hearing; Stands Up to Grinch Utilities

This just in from Zavier, our Ojai reporter back from the Santa Barbara hearing- Great work SB!:

“Just wanted to give a brief report on today’s hearings. It was standing room only and the standees ringed the walls from right to left. 86 speakers signed up and the approximately 60 I heard before I had to leave were all heartfelt and terrific. Each put his or her own spin on the topic. Some were scientific, others indignant. Some spoke of the illnesses they personally experienced. There were many eloquent seniors. Heather Bryden and her Santa Barbara group handed out “No Smart Meter” buttons that many of us wore and a few of them made great, strong speeches.

Most of the speakers cut to the core of the opt-out issue, stating in no uncertain terms that it’s those who want smart meters who should be paying, not those who are being punitively forced to pay for something we DON”T want. There were about 6 of us from Ojai who attended and in addition two other Ojai people spoke that were not even part of our group. Also we met a group from Ventura acting independently who were not even aware of us or the larger California Coalition. I did note with some dismay, however, that after one person spoke rather boisterously and accusatorially, a reporter pulled that person over for an interview, apparently, I assume, to put a “crazy” face on the opposition. In any event, The Santa Barbara hearings would have to be termed a huge success! It’s hard to imagine how the CPUC could turn its back on such an outcry!  -Zavier, Ojai

Santa Barbara Noozhawk reports on a speaker at the SB Hearings: “I would smash every single f****ing one of (the smart meters)”


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3 Responses to Santa Barbara Packs Hearing; Stands Up to Grinch Utilities

  1. tina juarez says:

    That’s not enough people! CPUC is Utilities weighted… Citizens in San Bruno are even asking for impeachment! Write your own letters, not boiler plates..they have a program that discounts the response by measuring quoted material! Attend and WRITE!

  2. Wendy Westley says:

    I live on the mesa in Santa Barbara. I was an “opt out” customer, I paid my opt out fee. I made it very clear that I did not want a smart meter, I posted a sign in English and Spanish on my analog meter. The SCE people even put a opt out sticker on my analog meter.
    Then today, 9/6/14 I am seeing that a smart meter was put on my house 4 feet from my head where I sleep, and the SCE took off my analog meter. But they still put an OPT OUT sticker on the meter.
    I called SCE and they told me it wasn’t a smart meter but it was an ERT meter. Well, that’s the same thing. Its a digital meter that is transmitting radiation and spying on my every movement.
    Help. Trying to find someone locally who cares.

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