Canada Fights Back Against Forced Stupid Meters

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  1. Mia Nony says:

    Ideas from Canada – which, of course, NO law abiding citizen would ever even THINK of trying at home.

    The release field pattern of microwave emissions is comparable to the light emitting from a light bulb which releases radiation in a large globe like area which spreads out into an field considerably larger than the size of the device, at very least a few feet in all directions (including inside YOUR home).

    If you are fortunate enough to have a single family home, you are entitled to make certain that you first create an effective large correct choice of metal EMF shield inside your home.
    A coated on one side mylar space blanket has pretty a low rating, for example, whereas copper, nickel, and possibly lead have a higher rating for nullifying EMF radiation.
    Then ground the entire shield to a water pipe or other such ground with a fine copper or other type of wire.
    Whatever shield you choose must be placed snugly and without leak areas directly against the wall where this device is already located outside on the other side of that same wall.
    Then place a second microwave absorptive fabric on the living side of the home to catch any “leaks”. This is the way in which you can and are entitled to protect your living space, preferably by screening from floor to ceiling if possible.

    One: (Note: this one is only good on an island or in another difficult to get to location where it is predictable when the utility repair person would arrive):

    Then go outside to the location of the device.
    Enclose or encase the Fukufraken digital device with the appropriate effectively rated deflecting metal, be it solid or fabric such as silver threaded microwave deflection fabric – and even better another layer of microwave absorption fabric- or, according to budget considerations, a large aluminium turkey plate can be placed over and wrapped around the device and then Christmas wrapped all around the edges with heavy duty aluminium foil and duct tape. And/or set up or place a MUCH larger sheet of lead or other metal plate to surrounding the device (types of metals vary greatly in their ability to block signal)

    Do this every night to prevent two way radio transmission and reception, (while also putting in place a permanent even larger deflection metal wall on the inside of that wall to prevent the device from deflecting the harmful radiation inside the house)

    Do so daily, just as soon as the last ferry (or whatever) sails, then remove the enclosure surrounding the device just before the first ferry each morning is about to arrive with the “repair” guy on board.

    Fight fire with a larger fire:
    As with fire fighting, a controlled burn around a fire makes a fire break. This is effective because it creates an absence of fuel around the device.

    Create something bigger which broadcasts as loud as or even louder then this device, something which has the potential to overpower the transmission capacity of the first device.

    Jam the transmission.
    First determine the radio frequency of the device.
    Then get hold of a transmitter that is on the same radio frequency.
    Then broadcast a second device which is just as loud or louder. This is effectively jams the transmission.

    If possible find out the actual broadcast frequency that this device is licensed to broadcast on, presumably information obtainable from the subcontract company which serves as the device installer.
    Be prepared to possibly not be told the answer, since even if you say you only want to know so that you can be sure that the device will not interfere with your own personal frequency equipment, it is likely they may refuse to tell you.
    In this case, find out the frequency of this device from a savvy ham radio operator or other knowledgeable contact, since you will need to know just exactly what frequency the device runs on.
    Get hold of a transmitter that is on the same frequency. Then broadcast just as loud. This effectively jams the transmission of the first device.

    Demand to be told by the subcontractor what frequency they are broadcasting on since the “owner” of such a device has to have been issued the compulsory license to broadcast this or any radio frequency. In Canada, the CRTC or Canadian and Radio and Television Commission issues that license.

    The law also states on all devices that every device must comply with Federal standards, including UL, and that no such device can be permitted to interfere with any other broadcast device, even were it licensed by the CRTC or by any American equivalent agency.

    Demand that the device be rendered non wireless. These devices can be rewired by using the copper wire in the phone lines and by adding a “line-sharing” device called a STICK which can be installed

    The utility companies could easily have installed these devices on their own poles but they will not. A meter can be introduced into the lines at any point in the transmission. It just costs a bit more. In any rural setting get the wireless device placed by the utility or by an electrician. YOu can do so only if the pole is yours not one the utility has on your land with an easement. If it has no metal plate on it it is a private pole. Have the meter installed on your own private interim utility pole if you have one, preferably located as far from your home and neighbours as possible (if on acreage). However, this does means the roads/streets will be where most of the frequency field occurs.

    Remember, this device is this “powerful” precisely because it has an unlimited power supply from your house. It is using YOUR power to run itself and the utility are charging you for the power to run it.

    Conversely, in any situation where a property owner can lock their own gate and where a person would have to use a buzzer to warn you if you are at home, find out the ETA for installation and lock the gate. Be advised that they may have an easement right of access.

    • Gertrude Sherwood says:

      There are some good ideas here, but one really IMPORTANT error is the fact that you do NOT, no SHOULD NOT ground a Faraday cage. A strong enough EMF or pulse can literally modulate the ground as well, especially in the case of a 10kT airborne nuke blast, or an X-class solar flare. Best to create a “bubble” of shielding around yourself…the energy simply passes around the Faraday bubble. Those mylar emergency blankets are ok if you pay attention to assuring the metallized surfaces are touching each other. Granted, they are aluminized, and nickel or silver are much better, BUT harder to come by and MUCH more expensive. One relatively cheap way to do this process to a small room is to wallpaper with the mylar blankets, and then buy some spray-on conductive coating ($34.95 a can for nickel) and spray all the seams where the mylar pieces meet.
      About smart meters – please realize they are receiver/transmitters – and just as you can make your house wiring carry high frequency signals to audio speakers with plug-in demodulators anywhere in the house, the “Powers that be” can turn that system into an open microphone…your walls vibrate with speech or any ambient noise, and small piezoceramic units transduce the energy into electronic signals that are fed back via the high frequency network that is now present thanks to your smart meter.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Gertrude, I read an article that the SmartMeters can also turn any light bulb into an infared camera and microphone, and can spy on people in the dark in their bedrooms.
        Also, the author wrote that the meters have smoke detector/analyzers in them and can tell if you are smoking crack, mariwanna, haysh, ice (smokeable meth), opium and persian pebbles (smokeable heroin) .
        The meters are linked to a network of intelligence gathering agencies like: the national medical insurance corporation records database, DHS, Facebook, FBI, Google, DEA, CIA and the FBI.
        There are reports that some kingpin crank cookers in Texas got popped by the DEA using information gleened from SmartMeters. Lookout.

  2. Linda says:

    Good post, thank you Canada. Since CA INC.’S current starts off from Canada, then thru Washington & Oregon – ya gotta wonder WTF are we paying for? Do not rivers flow on their own, just as our bodies do-without a generator? Does not all current, labeled electricity return to its’ source, thus completing its’ circuit? PG&E is incapable of ‘creating’ energy. No one can create or destroy energy. So what’s happening in the so-called generators? The destruction of one of the dipoles! If this wasn’t happening, the energy would continue to circuit perpetually. No $ in that. Doesn’t it just make you sick in the stomach? PG&E – the greediest, life threatening bastards – right in there sleeping with the vatican/queenie and Soetoro -Obama’s real name.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      The way things have been set up, with centralized generation and power grids across the continents is great for corporate interests, but is in no way the most efficient system.
      What we need to work on is decentralized power grids. More local generation.
      That would eliminate a lot of big corporate profits, but it would make using electricity much more affordable, less environmental damage due to the construction of long transmission lines in sensitive areas that many people are opposed to, more reliability, since our grids are very old and the control networks (SCADA) are outdated (and the new automated billing meters won’t do a thing to change that), reliability issues do to problems in another state or country (unplanned blackouts), and security threats that are real and have happened in other parts of the world to power grids.
      Germany has got it right, shut down the nuclear plants and central control. Think micro-grids and individual generation too, like solar, wind, geothermal and micro hydro .
      As long as we let the corporatists run the government and tell the government to dictate to the citizens what we must do, we will never get out of this quagmire. What we need is real change, not just more of the same old corporatist crap coming out of the presidents mouth.

  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    A heads up if people are seeing PG&E electric department crews and sub-contractors working in Marin. I talked to a PG&E employee today and a PAR contractor last week, asking them what is going on with this flurry of activity in the area.
    The PG&E people said that they have been mandated to replace all the split bolt (kernies) splice connectors with newer crimped connectors. The PAR sub employee explained that their task is to replace the old cutout fuses that sparked when a fault occurred.
    This is mandated by I don’t know who, but probably the investors and their insurance companies. It is called the wildland fire prevention project, due to numerous fires and lawsuits and fines that PG&E ratepayers have had to pay to settle because of wildland fires.
    It is very important to note that while this is an important improvement to the power grid, it has nothing at all to do with the automated billing meter project being deployed. Also it has nothing to do with making our power grid more efficient, saving energy, improving communications between the nodes, preventing power outages or reducing customer rates. It is more of a CYA project to benefit everyone by helping to reduce fires caused by grid problems.
    Also, I did notice the 2 shiney new bucket trucks that the PG&E had today. Nice trucks, I’m glad our money is actually going to pay for something nice. I wish that I could afford one of those trucks !

  4. Mia Nony says:

    I gather that PG&E is using the 900 Mhz radio bandwith, to broadcast the signals from these meters. Not sure what B.C. Hydro is using here in Canada. Last time I checked, at least here in Canada, the Federal CRTC (FCC in the US?) had created communication laws which disallow any broadcast source to create interference, or dominate or overpower any other radio source or device. Everything you buy has this written right on it.
    So how are utility corporations exempt?
    The odd thing is that I also gather PG&E has purchased no radio license to broadcast this signal.
    How do they get away with that? Isn’t that challengeable? Might that be because these devices fail to comply with UL approval?
    Food for thought and action?

  5. george says:

    This is good to get together. However i find that people are afraid of the Gov,t and that is what they want.They have put in place something and people dont share what they need to share .People are afraid. I have tried to discuss his problem with others and people back away.IF THERE IS ANYONE IN THE SARNIA AREA PLEASE CONTACT ME. If you do contact me please do not be a tire-kiker. We are looking for for people who really care- -I like what i see and read. We want people who want to help people who cannot do it for themselves. We have the elderly who in their own rights cant do anything and others who just dont know what is going on. We need to make people awar and that is hard to do when you talk one on one. Thanks –

  6. Pat says:

    I like the idea of getting together. you got the idea. People will not talk because they are afraid of the system. This crazy in a free country or supposed to be free. HYDRO says they dont have to tell me anything. -are putting these in .What they tell you is absurb. What can you do when you have Mayors and councilmen and Hydro say it is ok. The Larger Cities are a place where they dont even entertain the thought of telling you and it is creeping into the smaller areas.Scary.I like the idea of sharing an address- People are afraid of doing that also on a forum such as this. We need to unite. The real crazy thing is that you can read here and you dont know your neighbour is thinking the same thing and wont say a word to you over the fence. WHY? Because we have and are being conditioned to not share. You can reach me at– Im in the Forest area. These METERS have to stop.HYDRO is and can walk all over you if you let them.Im not a radical on anything.and if you speak this way people think you are-NO -Im just as worried as you. Just a person who has a life and family as you. Your right —-It is food for thought-

  7. Pssst says:

    If you’re going to use metalized mylar as anti-microwave wallpaper, the simplest way to assure that all sheets are in conductive contact is to identify the coated surface on each sheet, apply them in alternate manner with the first sheet conductive side inward (facing you) and sheets overlapping it with conductive sides out. Continue working outward from the center, alternating each row.

    Often overlooked – any opening in this pseudo-Faraday cage will permit entry of microwave-frequency energy, and if it isn’t grounded, the “cage” will act as a reflector for energy that enters. Window glazing must be covered by metal screening, with the screens electrically bonded to the shielded walls. Exterior doors should be steel construction with grounding straps installed at the hinges, and drop sweeps. If you have a chimney, it should have a metallic liner and bird/pest screening connected to a good ground.

    If this seems like a lot of work – it is. The radiation levels described by the author of the original piece are cumulatively lower than what the average person will experience from the sun while outside.

  8. James Hamilton says:
    This is a winner!!

    Electrical consultant calls 22,000 meter installations ‘compromised’ and dangerous –
    with an official letter to the CITY OF KELOWNA.

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