Nine Year Old Santa Cruz Girl to PG&E: “I’m Not Afraid of Juvy”

****PG&E Customers Call 877 743 7378 – sign up for the “delay list”****

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4 Responses to Nine Year Old Santa Cruz Girl to PG&E: “I’m Not Afraid of Juvy”

  1. SOS Florida says:

    In my opinion, Smart Meters are really a form of TYRANNY! Also remember, one of the largest manufacturors of the meter is GE. This company has been a supplier of infrastructure equipment (meant to kill and mame our soldiers) to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism. There is so much more to this story than I can write here. This is no secret, it’s out in the open. We must connect the dots. Boycott GE! Protest GE!

    I still believe in our nation but my hopes are fading. What will be left to our children?

  2. rhonda c says:

    Since the rollout of the SmartMeters in Santa Cruz County the hum in our house has increased at night to the point that I have had to move my bed out into the hallway. Never have I experienced such a disturbing noise to my sleep. Nothing I could do could block it. I tried a wave sound I have never used before but I could still hear the noise that was both inside and outside my head. At one point my entire body felt like it was inserted into a socket. Being unable to sleep is a form of hell. We all have the right to a refreshing night of sleep to revive us.

  3. Artress Cornmesser says:

    My husband and I are slowly dying here and no one cares. He blames it on his blood pressure but I know it’s the smartmeter and all that extra surging that this group is doing to us every day. The humming is driving me mad. We use to be a happy loving mixed married couple, now we snap at each other and our faces are flushed as our heart beats skip around and our voices change to sound like frogs croaking at each other. This thing has come between us after being married 48 happy years. What to do? Die I guess………….

  4. Mia Nony says:

    REmember this is a tiny vulnerable little piece of nerdy Made In China junk electronics, too clever by half on the inside and totally defenceless on the outside.
    Use this fact to defeat electronics, it is NOT hard to do. Stop all transmission in its tracks NOW.
    The answer is so so simple.
    Interrupt the TRANSMISSION.
    Get those who live around you to do so as well.
    Smart meters are illegal under all international safety code laws for EMFs.
    Wrap the meter and then box it in so the utility will not box you out.
    These meters cook you slowly.
    It is universally recognized and is called the thermal heat effect.
    Not all that different than your microwave oven except way way stronger.
    All EMF safety laws in all “civilized” countries recognize that this is what happens. Curtis Bennett of Thermografix is part of a lawsuit to establish the harm, taking place in Portland Oregon right now. The damage which conflicting frequencies do is dangerous. Protect yourselves now.

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