Gov. Brown, You Have a Serious Problem on Your Hands


Nina Beety- an activist from Monterey County who we profiled in March after she took out a full page ad in the Monterey Herald, has struck again.  The ad above appeared in the Bakersfield Californian, the city where the grassroots backlash against the stupid meters first began in 2009.  Nina, who is on disability, paid for these ads with her own credit card, and she is going into debt to warn the public about these dangerous meters.

The ad cost her $1000.  If you can help her cover these costs, please send a check made out to Nina Beety and send to Stop Smart Meters! PO Box 66165 Scotts Valley CA 95067.  It is extraordinary acts like these that are bypassing the mainstream media and spreading the word about our campaign.  Go Nina!

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