‘Smart’ Meter Salt Rubbed in Iraq War Veterans Wounds

If you’ve been reading the comments on this site, then you are aware of the flood of accounts from people who are suffering from “smart” meter radiation.  And of course these are just a small fraction of the health complaints submitted to Public Utilities Commissions and of course to the utilities themselves.  Sometimes a comment comes along that we can’t just allow to slip by without highlighting it for our readers:

Sent July 9th 2011:

“I have seven smart meters right outside my bathroom window. I have been living in my studio apartment for 1 week and headaches have already begun and it’s the kind of headaches I and others would get when we were in Iraq. You see, on LAV 25’s, humvees etc… Electronic counter measures put on vehicles to prevent radio controlled IED’s from blowing us up,,,,at the expense of our health though. These ECM’s emitted the same microwaves that smart meters do and I feel it! I now have to move,,,:(“

It is hard to fathom the brutality of a government and military who would inflict the nightmare of electro-hyper-sensitivity on its troops, and then deny the existence of this damage, forcing veterans to deal not only with PTSD but to be forced to run from the nightmare of ‘smart’ meters on their homes when they return from the battlefield.

Apparently this “collateral damage”  is an acceptable cost of implementing the “smart” grid.

There really are no words.

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11 Responses to ‘Smart’ Meter Salt Rubbed in Iraq War Veterans Wounds

  1. RobertWilliams says:

    Hey, the soldiers suffer for the protection of the U.S.A.

    So if everyone else has to suffer for the smart grid, just get used to it and suck it up.

    Whatever the U.S.A. does is always for our good – Never question it. Be a patriot. That is the American way.

    • JOHN T says:

      Bravo Robert Williams… Smart meters are being forced in us here in Canada too..Ontario already.. Now 2 million in British Columbia were I live.. We all gotta fight for our rights or die. Our Govts. obviously don’t care about our health.We shouldn’t have to partiton to keep our families safe in our homes.On our streets.

  2. Satia says:

    I hope Robert Williams is being sarcastic! Otherwise, yuk.

  3. Jen says:

    I think it’s safe to say he’s being sarcastic.

    I really feel for anyone who has a bunch of these meters blasting them at close range. I hope this veteran finds a much more comfortable living situation.

  4. Windy2 says:

    Just add this to agent orange,atomic bomb testing radiation,vaccines that sickened them,etc,etc.Then they are lied to about their illness. The people do care about our soldiers. The goverment – they care about themselves.

  5. Cat says:

    Maybe Robert should go suffer the brutality that our men and women overseas face everyday. Then he might change his tune.

  6. Mia Nony says:

    Will someone PLEASE tell this soldier he may not have to move if he can contact the company in Germany that makes a surface agent called CarboShield and to send to Germany for Carboshield and use it to suppress, extinguish and neutralize radiation?

    This stuff may well be the answer for walls, outside and inside, for so many of us that otherwise would become guinea pigs in this giant illegal global human experiment? Otherwise we might as well all rewrite our wills and make them out to Big Pharma.

    In CarboShield FutureCarbon has succeeded in developing a coating for application to surfaces that will effectively guard rooms/spaces or technical installations against electromagnetic radiation. Unlike conventional shielding materials that reflect, CarboShield absorbs electromagnetic radiation, i.e. the radiation enters into the material and not backscattered and is consequently extinguished. Just a very thin, singular coating of CarboShield is highly effective over a very wide frequency range. The attenuation or extinction properties called for can be set quite arbitrarily through the layer structure. CarboShield is consequently suitable for all applications in which electromagnetic radiation needs to be effectively suppressed, ensuring the reliability and functionality of sensitive technical devices for example, safeguarding humans and animals against exposure to radiation, or even maintaining information security by preventing electromagnetic espionage.

    CarboGran is a redispersing and dustfree granulate of carbon nanoparticles, typically used as an additive to create specific electric conductivity in materials. Unlike pure CNTs, CarboGran can be worked by the simplest means, by standard industrial processes into different matrix systems such as solvents or binding agents, polymers, thermoplastics, etc. Because of its free flowing, CarboGran is easily dosed, and electric material properties are very easily matched to the particular requirements. Added to varnishes, resinous systems, adhesives, mortar and the like or as a coating, CarboGran serves for ATEX-conformant electrostatic discharge.

    In Carbo e-Therm FutureCarbon presents a high-efficiency, electrically heated coating for low voltage, suitable for use in the automobile industry, aerospace, the construction industry, mechanical and plant engineering. The heated coating can be applied to very different surfaces and materials like plastics, metals, building materials, etc. Carbo e-Therm is used to implement innovative heating systems in automobiles for example, to generate the necessary process heat for industrial foodstuff production, to install wall and floor heating in buildings, or to prevent the formation of condensation in electric installations.

    FutureCarbon specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement to create what are called carbon supercomposites, primary products for further industrial processing. Carbon supercomposites are combinations of materials that unfold the special characteristics of carbon nanomaterials in the macroscopic world of real applications. All of our materials are manufactured on an industrial scale.


  7. valeri says:

    Josh- thanks again for great information. We need to continue to demand and sue for opt-out zones. I hope that someone will provide info on current lawsuits so that people can join in. As people become empowered by the example we set and as people continue to become ill, there will be pressure in neighboring communities to have the same rights. In Marin, the realtors have decided that having a Smart Meter must be included in the disclosure to home buyers- ‘Smart Meters’ are now seen as a DETRIMENT- check out the slew of new ads touting SM’s- do you think that would be necessary to do, given that the CPUC has given PG$E the right to continue to install- pathetic! Please join the cause, support those who are becoming sick and disabled in our communities, and stop PG$E international corporation from perpetrating this, the natural gas pipeline disasters, and their continued idiotic pushing of nuclear power!

  8. sue says:

    These poor young men and women have been used for so many unpatriotic purposes many of which they only realise after the get deployed. They have been programmed before hand to see the enemy as even little children. They are told they are fighting terrorists that are trying to destroy ours and others way of life. They are not told the truth, ” these people are in our way as we plan to grab power, natural resources, real estate, and have total control here. Decreasing numbers is part of the global plan as well. Kids too!”
    Now that it has been proved that depleted uranium is not safe in any capacity the military has decided to drop all protection for its troops and just ignore the amount of exposure they recieve. Those guys who handle alot of it come back and start dying immediately and the VA has all kinds of ways to deny care. Helps dcrease the numbers anyway.

  9. Victor says:

    Thank you guy’s for your support. I have taken Mia Nony’s advice and wrote to carbo-shield in Germany and am waiting for a reply. I now use the studio apartment mainly as an office but I still want to insulate the bathroom wall from the poisonous smart meters outside my window. Have a good day everyone.

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