“Smart” Meters Exposed


If you witness a smart meter installation occurring in unincorporated Santa Cruz County, or any of the dozen other local jurisdictions who have criminalized ‘smart’ meters, call the local police or sheriff and file a written complaint.  (Santa Cruz County Sheriff is at 831 471 1121)

The following panel discussion (divided into 4 parts) was videotaped on May 6th 2011 in Seaside CA.   Thanks to Monterey County Green Party for hosting the event and to Hebard Olsen for videotaping and editing.





The Sierra Club Bay Area chapter staff has requested that we clarify their position on “smart” meters.   They are not “opposed” to the new meters, but they are urging San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass an ordinance that would make their installation illegal.  You can download their letter here if you want to read the exact language and decide for yourself (pdf): SierraClubLetter

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10 Responses to “Smart” Meters Exposed

  1. Mia Nony says:

    It feels as if there is a less covert by the day war unfolding against the populace overseen by corporations and politicians in collusion. It bears much resemblance to the involuntary vaccination program, except this one uses the existing limits of an old electrical system to spread high powered dirty pollution and to do harm. For thinking that the MO is similar I may be seen by many as “paranoid”

    I have now researched every possible way I can find to block, suppress, shield, deflect, reflect, minimize and counteract radiation.
    Individual refusal of a meter does not protect the individual. Each meter can radiate for up to one quarter mile. Each meter may well also co-opt house wiring as an antenna. In rural settings there are relay signal antennas on the utility poles which further boost this all pervasive drift net system.

    At this point? People everywhere who don not want to live under corporate rule nd indifferent government’s own lethal mandates are either going to be aware tat they must form total solidarity and become part of the resistance movement – or become part of the problem and a victim of the outcome.
    The reason this is even more so than with other forms of pollution is that we are all dependent on the necessity for everyone, not some but ALL to say NO to this surveillance device drift net mesh system’s individual meter point on every one of their properties or homes.
    If one single meter can use the system to harm up everyone else for up to one quarter mile around it, e must resist en masse or succumb.
    So either we all resist together or we will by definition be easy to pick off one at a a time, via invisible radiation drift netting and surveillance. Jerry Day is so right. To accept this is to accept the chains of one’s own destruction.

    Having reversed and conquered cancer by avoiding all forms of EMFs as much as possible and by eating right, imagine my surprise to find that radiation was now going to be personally delivered by my utility corporation to my home and would turn it into an lethal high powered cat scan machine 24/7.
    When I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, I reversed the problem on my own. I found out what damages the immune system and what alters DNA and I set about restoring mine with DNA repair foods.

    While I do not recommend that others wait until these meters have caused cancer before they decide to fight back, I will say this:
    The entire filed of nuclear medicine damages the immune system irrevocably. I refused all such methods of diagnosis & allowed absolutely nothing except accurate blood sample genetic testing (flow cytometry).

    I just said NO to anything which enables the spread cancer. That means NO biopsies, NO cat scans. NO bone marrow extractions, NO lymph node biopsies, NO surgeries, NO to any invasive forms of anything.

    I did not ever believe I was going to die. Apparently this helped me to solve the problem, by boosting my immune system for which cancer was a symptom.

    At that point I stocked up long term on all DNA repair ingredients which I had already used successfully which boost my immune system.
    Such simple and natural items are being outlawed almost everywhere, in the name of various consumer safety legislation in Europe, England, Australia, New Zealand and North America.
    I strongly suggest that others do likewise. Stock up on every simple sea vegetable ingredient which they have scientifically proved saved the lives of people who went through Hiroshima and never developed any cancers, even one mile from the blast zone.

  2. Mia Nony says:

    Please pardon my spelling on the post above, I have a very old hard wired keyboard and the letters have worn off!

  3. terri says:

    ware can i get involed to get the smart meters removed from my home ,and how can i make a clam on dameges pleace if you have any info that can help me feel free to email me

  4. Mia Nony says:

    Maybe this post from http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=710 might inspire a person or two down there where people actually have a constitution, albeit in tatters, and still remember they have a right to live free of harm but only if the fight back hard and steady.
    Here is how I am trying to wake up sleeping Canadians:

    We are not talking about the future.
    Meters are already installed all over the place.
    Victoria wireless Itron Openway meter deployment is well underway here.
    Vancouver is already nearly done.
    Where are people’s instincts for survival? .
    We are talking about a mass wireless meter assault which is
    already very advanced!
    They have not one iota of proof that this does no harm.
    Even that lumbering anachronism the World Health Organization is warning us.
    How can we Canadians be so timid & naive as to politely “ask” this corporation to reconsider?
    When did we become so docile as to speak to a corporation as if they are our government with the sole power to decide our fate?
    It is well past time to find out how to issue a province wide stop order.
    B,.C. Hydro is busy getting rid of what works and filling our land fills with your perfectly working analog meter and mine, as we speak.
    What makes anyone think that B.C. Hydro will listen and act unless it has
    any LEGAL obligation to listen to citizens, politicians, or lawyers?
    Every day countless smart meters (and even more signal relay boosters in rural settings) are being installed in Victoria, each one
    capable of transmitting for up to one quarter mile in all directions. .
    Meanwhile polite Canadians quietly “ask” a corporation
    if they will “allow” us to have our right to be free from harm?
    Enough is enough.
    Why bother with token halfway measures of trying to appease B.C. Hydro to hold off on the biggest human experimental technological roll out in history? Why ask them to to “refrain” from a “deployment” (their word for this) which is already well underway?
    While those we elect to represent us may prefer to remain terminally civil & “request” to have repeat meetings & open house chats, why aren’t they aggressively challenging the legitimacy of the Liberal’s legislation?
    Why aren’t those we elect fighting the inauthenticity of a bill which has
    effectively created a moratorium on pubic inquiry?
    Why aren’t Liberals pushing back against the corruption of their own
    party which has wilfully exempted B.C. Hydro from all scrutiny, liability
    and answerability? Meanwhile B.C. Hydro is flaunting its right to ignore everyone & is busy installing thousands of these diabolical
    devices at top speed.
    And whatever you do? Do NOT fall for the “wired” smart meter compromise, since the SMPS or
    SWITCHING MODE POWER SUPPLY is a MUCH worse problem!
    Instead, why not sic the insurance corporations on this
    utility corporation?
    Smart meters are UNINSURABLE.
    Just ask an informed insurance agent if you can take out an extended medical benefits policy or a house insurance policy with a specific clause in it to protect you from harm issuing from smart meters, be it caused by fire, disease risk, uninsurable for anything) wireless smart meters 100X stronger than any cell phone, every day, everywhere in Victoria, and elsewhere, without any scientific proof of safety.
    Hydro’s American subcontractor corporation have been installing smart meters in Victoria since winter. They are pretending to listen while buying time & I can guarantee they will covertly ignore any moratorium. To sit around and try to negotiate whether or not they have the right to install a dangerous surveillance device on the side of your house is to waste valuable time.
    They can “play along” with the public & chat with concerned
    citizens at exactly the same time they unfold this stealth plan
    to blanket the city with EMFs & signal relay mater boosters on
    utility poles since they are not bound by any law to refrain from deployment – quite the opposite in fact.
    The B.C. Hydro Corporation has the blessing of the Liberal party to conduct involuntary EMF experiments on every person in the province to determine just how long it will take to shift EMF induced diseases with a long latency period into activity.
    Get your letters of trespass warning written now and send them to the head of B.C. Hydro warning them officially regarding ANY installation of a surveillance device on your private property.
    Get the wording legally correct warning David Cobb & make certain your letters are registered for double signature and sent off now, people.
    This is a war against your future and mine.

  5. Burt Lancaster says:

    So, I assume you guys probably signed the petition to ban “di-hydrogen oxide” too, right? Better go ahead and ban TVs, stereos, telephones, cell phones, electricity, the sun, microwaves, anything to do with the internet and computers, etc. Go ahead and go back to the stone ages if you wish. I suggest an education in physics to know why you are pretty much all a bunch of morons. “Radiation” does NOT mean nuclear radiation. Look up the definition of radiation. The radiation we are talking about is “non-ionizing” radiation. This includes the radio spectrum which the air is absolutely full of. This does not and cannot cause cancer. If it could your AM radio that your grandparents listened to would have been banned years ago. Smart meters transmit at a power level that is a fraction of microwave ovens, police/fire/other radios, WiFi (computers), bluetooth (computers), etc. I assume this comment will promptly be deleted since it is hard to propagate all these falsehoods if people are pointing out when you are wrong. Oh, I have some land in North Dakota you guys might be interested in. No smart meters there! Why is it that stupid people have to go and screw everything good up for the rest of us?

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  7. Mia Nony says:

    The smart war is a frequency blitzkrieg war. Collateral damage goes with it. Note how pathological elements of corporations are trying to outrace our daily increased consciousness of what they are doing. They are trying to make certain the smart grid is in place before we stop them while all using the same oxymoronic corporate defined climate pretext. Meanwhile nothing violates sustainability laws more than does a radiation blast zone.
    To try to deconstruct the process we are witnessing:
    For any property owner to allow installation of any smart grid node on their own structures is to allow that structure to be devalued to zero.
    First of all: Smart frequencies were NEVER legal. They are outside many laws. They are not mandatory. Yet bullying, intimidation and threats as well as the use of the buzz word “modernization” all seems to work.
    Somehow people’s eyes glaze over when they are shown how many ways this is illegal, as if it all seems to not matter, as if corporations are now fully exempt or as if we are not holding them to full enough account. . It is almost as if laws have ceased to matter not only to rapacious corporateers but to those for whom laws were created,… which makes its own sense since in war there are no rules.
    Blood smart grids run on coltane.
    Whatever happened to our own individual willingness to back our own ethical awareness that our dangerously “convenient” devices are the direct result of countless
    murders, often mass murder of children.
    Out of sight out of mind?
    Whether intentionally or by default, these frequencies are a very effective slow motion demolition tool.
    Frequencies from ALL smart grid nodes cause gradual electrical failure for all biological creatures, not just humans,and do so by radiating ecosystems using blanket coverage. No communication dead zones means no biological live zones.
    How much easier to understand does it have to get?
    These frequencies violate all building, electrical and safety codes, and by means of frequency vibration loosened contacts, compromised firewall separations, harmonics induced metal corrosion, they are able to render privately owned houses uninsurable and therefore worthless.
    Remember New Orleans, developers rubbing their hands with glee even before the end of the chaos because they already knew land had now become literally dirt cheap to snap up?
    Remember after the big tsunami, developers drooling over devalued waterfront property? There there were, on the beaches assessing profit right in the midst of the aftermath?
    Smart grid cumulative frequencies render property worthless. This should matter, except for one fact: The banks own the insurance corporations which are raking in premiums. Then insurance corporations are refusing to pay for damages. Ultimately once demolition becomes obvious we will see insurance corporations frequency deconstructed structures. This is about property devaluation, slow demolition and then and acquisition.
    Banks own insurance companies. Illegal frequencies make it all that much easier for banks to take back worthless houses at pennies on the dollar or even for nothing. in order to acquire land.

    • Paul H says:

      The banks are the problem? I strongly disagree. I don’t know of a banker trying to push “sustainable growth” or “global warming” lies. How about taking a serious look at U.N. Agenda 21. This is about big land grabs and then stack’em and pack’em…then radiate them.

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