Smart Meter Free Zone?

July 18th, 2011 Santa Cruz County, CA, USA  Photo: K Nevis

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  1. Mia Nony says:

    If everyone were to do this at the same time, do they have enough people to deploy to every household at the same time?

    As I understand it from an electrical geek friend, what you are doing when you thoroughly and without leaving a single pinhole through which to transmit wrap the meter with a turkey plate aluminium foil and duct tape is you are fighting fire with fire.
    According to him, if you turn on a cell phone and then wrap it in aluminium foil he assures me that the cell phone ends up frying itself with its own energy. So he plans to do the same thing, with the one advantage of living on an island off an island off an island so they cannot show up as quickly.
    However, if the meter is soon unwrapped again the meters simply make up for lost time and you will only have delayed the transmission of the surveillance data info .
    He says that the reason the Utcorps respond quickly is this:
    If the health damaging frequencies cannot transmit, and if they are suppressed for long enough, the frequencies convert to heat just as such frequencies do with any microwave oven.
    When the frequencies convert to heat if there is no pinhole for the transmission to exit through they will fry the works – given long enough.
    However, he suggested that people consider this as well: Before wrapping the meter, MAKE CERTAIN to first shield the wall behind the meter with an effective EMF defection form of metal and do so from floor to ceiling and over an extensive width as well from side to side to prevent sending the radiation into the home instead.

  2. Don Banjo says:

    I live in San Bernardino County, CA. The SCE smart meter installer today told me the sheriff will come out with him and make me let him install the smart meter.

    Is that legal. I did not refuse him access to the existing analog meter only refused to have the smart meter installed.

    • That is absolutely illegal! You grant your utility a right to read your meter but you have no obligation to allow them to install a radiating device on your home. Utilities threaten a lot of things including service disconnection. They are hoping you don’t know the law. File a complaint with the CPUC and contact your elected officials!

  3. Roberto says:

    The report quotes:
    – occupational exposures to radar and to microwaves;
    – environmental exposures associated with transmission of signals for radio, television and wireless telecommunication; and  
    – personal exposures associated with the use of wireless telephones

    I didn’t see Smart Meters in the report.

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