Occupy YOUR HOME: Hazardous ‘Smart’ Meter Removal

Anonymous patriot gives thumbs up as the dangerous, “bio-hazard” smart meters are pulled down on 11/11/11 at 11AM from Southern California units.

Industry tested and time proven “safe” analog meters were reinstalled to protect the residents from further harm.  Anonymous builds steel cages to prevent vandalism and keep intruders and thieves (such as the utility and their hired hacks) out.

Refuse and remove ‘smart’ meters and “OCCUPY” your homes to defend your health, safety and privacy!

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17 Responses to Occupy YOUR HOME: Hazardous ‘Smart’ Meter Removal

  1. Monise Sheehan says:

    I recently had Direct TV come out and replace this black box that was installed when we first got satellite TV. A friend had come out to my house to assess the emf’s and the rf’s that have been causing me terrible symptoms. He noticed a very off the chart hot spot right where my satellite wiring came into the house. I had the technician come and he took the box out and did a direct wiring. He also replaced some of the satellites components. He shared with me that they are getting many of these calls weekly. Every time a smart meter is installed it fries their(Direct TV’s) equipment. How many of you out there are having this experience? I think that it is very important information and should get out there. I am not hearing about it in the news so I wonder if PG&E is silently paying for damages to the satellite company so that they keep quiet. I sure hope not. That sounds like conspiracy stuff to me. If anyone has any information on this please share. The more that is revealed the quicker the solution will come. I still say that they need to shut down this crazy not going to work smart grid thing because PG&E used the cheapest parts they could get and the cheapest way to send out its’ signal. I believe that they are using a frequency that the FCC gives out for free so that researchers can do science. How did they get away with that I would like to know? How easy is that frequency to hack? What are they subjecting us to!! Still waiting for the rooms in my house to stop ringing. I miss my bed and my bed misses me. The cats don’t know what to do either.

    • Liberty Eagle says:

      “Every time a smart meter is installed it fries their(Direct TV’s) equipment. How many of you out there are having this experience? ” There are and have been many articles about SMART METER frying electrical equipment in the home. The MURDER METER plan is to fry all of our appliances so that we will have to buy new “wi-fi” appliances that will talk to the SMART (Murder) METER, a component of the of the SMART GRID information mining technology.

  2. Redi Kilowatt says:

    The new appliances being marketed are not wi-fi, they are are ZigBee, a different communications platform that is not compatible with any other existing automation system, communications system, life safety system or security system. And here in PG&E territory, there are no ZigBee trancievers used in the new meters. There will be no information from peoples HAN systems shared with the utility (PG&E), and there is no possible way that any of these simple new meters could EVER discern what appliances are using, even with a Home Area Network of ZigBee appliances. It is a “Home ” area network and is just that, it has nothing to do with the operations and billing of the utility. The meters are not the power grid, and our power grid is not yet smart., and can’t be hacked until it is upgraded to being “smart”. Many real scientists and engineers claim that are present, archaic power grid is much safer now since it is not smart. Some say that in the U.S., we really don’t have a national power grid, just a bunch of regional power grids barely tacked together by 40 year old SCADA controls that do not communicate between nodes very well, if at all.
    About the new SmartMeters frying appliances and other electronic gear, I don’t doubt that one bit, the shit has barely begun to hit the fan.
    The sad thing is, this present roll out of radio meters is already obsolete, the meters are very simple billing devices, and the radio networks can barely handle the billing, nothing else. The utilities were in “such a heavy hurry” to ram these funky, dangerous, simple, pieces of dung on the ratepayers. If they ever want to get any more functions out of the deployment of electric meters, this present batch will ALL have to be tossed. We might as well insist that they be tossed now, the meters are “tossers”.

    • Jim says:

      > And here in PG&E territory, there are no ZigBee trancievers used in the new meters.

      From the document below, page 3:

      “PG&E’s electric SmartMeters™ have two radios installed”

      REPEAT: “two radios installed”

      “PG&E’s electric SmartMeters™ have two radios installed: 1) a radio that utilizes the licensed 902-928 megahertz (MHz) band for connection to the PG&E back office, and 2) a 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) radio to transmit to devices in the customer premises. The transmissions measured and addressed in this Response relate to the 900 MHz radio. Currently, PG&E does not have any SmartMeters™ utilizing the 2.4 GHz radio.”


      2.4 Ghz is for the ZigBee network “HAN”.

      The transceiver is there inside the meter and just because they aren’t using it now doesn’t mean they can’t start anytime they want.

      Someone technical who has one of these PG&E meters needs to do some testing and let us know if it’s actually turned on or not. I still think they are on anyway, but PG&E is just not ready to support it via their phone bank, meaning they don’t want to spend the money and time to support it. I see no reason for them to turn it off since it is a feature they will be offering in the near future.

      > there is no possible way that any of these simple new meters could EVER discern what appliances are using

      It’s been proven that even a 15 minute reporting period can allow someone to discern a lot of appliance’s power signatures.

      Do you at least agree that a water heater run for a shower could be discerned?

      How about washing the dishes? Washing clothes? Making coffee? TV? Computer?

      Someone could certainly tell if you were home or not using that kind of data.

      Someone could also get daily usage figures for those power spikes and tell when the water heater is running it’s normal upkeep or if that was just a shower.

      Someone could also tell if at night you were watching TV or were out, even though you park your car in the garage.

      Home activity would be easy to tell.

      And someone could do all that from MILES away thanks to the 2.5W transmitter BROADCASTING your personal usage information to any 16 year old with a simple hobby receiver. Or even farther if you just let the mesh network bring the data to you.

      Picking up the ZigBee signal would require someone to be a little closer and maybe use a high gain antenna, but those are available everywhere now because they are the same as the ones for wi-fi.

      So some smart kid is going to put up a web page that shows a map of all the homes he’s monitoring and if people are home or not.

      At that point will people do something about this? TOO LATE!

      Then the law will get involved, but the lawyers will say there’s nothing illegal about picking up this BROADCAST signal.

      Then they will make a law saying it’s illegal to receive the information, but then only crooks will be doing it and that will really fix the problem, yea right.

      Meanwhile your house gets robbed because it was easy to tell if you were home or not. You lose everything and there’s nothing you can do while PG&E execs laugh all the way to the bank.

      These privacy concerns are real and should be included in any complaint about these meters to any PUC. These meters will violate any privacy policy that the utilities have now. They cannot say they will be able to protect people’s privacy while at the same time broadcasting the personal power usage over RF frequencies.

  3. RobertWilliams says:

    It simply is not worth spending 45 minutes or more registering and logging onto the utility web sight after work to try to analyze smart meter graphs and charts of yesterdays electric usage to ATTEMPT to save 23 cents on tomorrow’s electric usage.

    Smart meters are a UTILITY COMPANY MONEY-MAKING PROGRAM FOR UTILITY COMPANIES and their suppliers at the expense of customers.

    Must-See 4-minute youtube video on Smart meters

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Robert, I don’t know where you live, but here in PG&E territory, a person cannot log on to PG&E’s website and view their previous days electrical usage.
      I called PG&E last week and they told me that that service is “something that we are working on”. The rep explained that once all the new meters are installed and connected to the utilities radio network and are being remotely read (at this point that will be EXTREMELY unlikely), then if 80 % of the customers in an area request that previous days usage online service, then they will try and make it happen. Until then, it is just more false advertising that they are showing on TV.
      That feature doesn’t exist and probably never will at all.
      The PG&E rep also told me that the ONLY way for any PG&E customers to view their current electrical usage in real time is to go and read the meter, that’s it.
      Also, the only pricing information from PG&E will come from telephone or internet accounts, no pricing information will be sent over the radio networks to the meters. The new meters DO NOT COMMUNICATE TO ANY DEVICE OR APPLIANCE downline from the meters, and NO APPLIANCE OR DEVICE COMMUNICATES with the utility company through using the meters as an interface/repeater. The reason is , is that there are no ZigBee tranceivers used in the PG&E meters. The HAN systems are completely separate from the utility meters and the systems are entirely paid for by the customers, and NOT interactive with the utility. Although there some appliances being manufactured with ZigBee transmitters in them for monitoring usage, but sales of these new appliances are way down, and Whirlpool recently laid off 5000 workers because of dismal sales of large “chipped appliances”. My electrical supply house does not sell any ZigBee systems, they are not developed yet.

      • RobertWilliams says:


        Thanks for the clarification.

        My comment was to indicate smart meters are even a disaster within the best utility company jurisdictions.

        PG$E in California is having Hitler in charge of Humanity.

  4. Mr. Widemouth says:

    Smart Meters – something to be afraid of? http://www.squidoo.com/beware-of-smart-meters

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  7. Josette Vettel says:

    Wy can’t we lean more towards Harmonic Sounding to cut through all of this situation
    Let me explain if you go to HUMAN HARMONIC SOUNDING CENTERS ON SMART METER.com
    Peaceful sounding ralley is more effective then shaking our fist and demanding the change. But if we gather up groups of people and collective come together with all the discrenment of the world we could fill up Doger Statium and sound for a period of time with a crowed of thousands and shift the planet. Remember the harmonic sounding took down the walls of Jericho and if you take out time to research the harmonic sounding web sites there is proof that we can do this. Did you know that one high pitch sound travels 750 miles an hour just one….can you imagian thousands dioing this excercise at one time. If you recall when there is a sport attraction in the statium
    the raw coming from the crowed can make that game move into a miricle of actions like three secounds until the quarter is finished and here comes the pass that the receiver cathces and make a tourch down
    (Sorry for the misspelling I just had work done on my eyes and still l am writing with one eye..hahaha
    please look into this instead of getting yourselfs and your family and friends upset
    Yes this a dangrous killing monster, but we can slay the dragon it if we take time to cut into the radiation and grids Get to Oji located near you and connect with those who beleive in AMAM (The hugging saint of India) and the sprituality of harmonicizing of the people who are known to gather there.
    In Tibet the practice of the tibeting horn is sounded at the break of day and closing of the night to bring peace into the temple of the Dilama.and more shall be seen in time
    Nothing is cruel if you keep your promise so if they don’t hear our words then let them hear out sounding.
    The last thing is- I had thirty seven treatments of radiation two years ago not one blister appeared while on the table. The installed the smart meter on the outside of my bedroom . I awoke with radiation burns on parts of my body. If it happed to me then think of the little children that are taking op and come home to a smart meter that is placed in there home without choice and the dose they are injesting what about it.

    Countin The minutes..thank you for reading…

  8. Josette Vettel says:

    I want every one who reading these comment about smart meters pleae read what I have to say
    If we get groups together we can fill up Doger Statium there are fifty five thousand seats to fill and this killing monster is all over the world
    just look on World wide fighting smart meters
    if we can get this started then we will get some resuslts
    I have an idea that will help us all fight this killing monster
    pleae come to me and we can start to gather groups and do this thing peacefully
    I am goin on the face book with this idea
    Please For God sake lets stop this insanitiy

  9. We can fight this monster meter and wipe out the smart meter system
    through Harmonic Sounding.
    How would you like to fill up Dodger Statium with all the people in the world who are fighting the SMART METERS
    PLEASE COMPLY WITH ME AND GO TO HARMONIC SOUNDING FIGHTS SMART METERS IN THE WORLD. AND ABOUT DODGER STATIUM I AM ON THE PHONE WITH THEM AND THEY SAID OK TO A COST THAT WE CAN GET COLLECT. they remarked that maybe they could not accomidate more then fifty five thouseand seating. I say next is the parking lot. and if we have to do it agian we will gather a scound or thired display what ever it takes
    A large number of people who do harmonic sounding in groups can shift the planet so what about shifting the smart meter system. Harmonic Sounding i cleaner then the dirty samrt meters




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