Happy Holidays from Stop Smart Meters! “Smart” Meter Stress Reducing Music from Steven Halpern

We wish everyone out there a happy and healthy holiday season.   Though the fight against ‘smart’ meters this year has been stressful and scary at times, the scale of the grassroots resistance that has come together in the face of utility and government corruption has been truly inspirational.  Our community stands strong against this violation and we bear witness to the damage being done with our own taxes and utility bills.  Our movement is getting stronger by the day as more people wake up to the truth about this dangerous program.

We want to send a special thought out to those people who are suffering effects from their ‘smart’ meters this holiday season, but who have not put the pieces together and identified the cause- we know there must be millions out there.  Also, to those who have connected the dots but are ignored by their utility and government- particularly those in multi-unit dwellings and those on low income.  Stay strong, and we will fight and win together.

Steven Halpern

In the spirit of the holidays, Steven Halpern- the world renowned musician living in Fairfax CA (whose town council was one of the first to outlaw the devices) has released a special free album: Smart Meter Stress Reducing Music specifically designed to counteract the effects of EMF’s from ‘smart’ meters and other sources.   We were skeptical at first about the power of music to mitigate EMF damage, but we’ve heard from a lot of people that listening to Steven’s album is very helpful.  So thank you to Steven for his support for the community.

Rest up everyone and we’ll be back in 2012 ready to fight the false solutions and mealy mouthed corruption that led to this debacle in the first place.  And not to worry, we’ve gotten word that Santa’s sleigh has now been equipped with an anti-smart- meter interference device (the meters were playing havoc with the deer’s navigational equipment!).

Warm holiday wishes to everyone out there- even the Grinch!

If you can donate– even a little- to keep Stop Smart Meters! going strong into the new year, we sure would appreciate it.

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7 Responses to Happy Holidays from Stop Smart Meters! “Smart” Meter Stress Reducing Music from Steven Halpern

  1. Sandi Aders says:

    Merry Christmas Josh!

    May you be richly blessed in 2012 for all the hard work and dedication you have performed on the behalf of mankind in the betterment for responsible technology choices and awareness among us all. You are a brave – innovative leader in consumer advocacy which will be remembered by many…for years to come.

    Happy New Year,


  2. Amy O'Hair says:

    This music has my personal endorsement, and I a) don’t usually listen to music while working on the computer b) have never liked any other music called ‘new-age’ or ambient. It has removed my unmovable headaches three times, in about an hour. Something in the vibrations, perhaps.

    Happy Holidays, and may the label “smart” never darken your door.

  3. DawnieRotten says:

    Hello. I live in CT an over this past year our electric provider (CL&P) switched us over from our analog meters to the AMR meters. Can anyone tell if/what the difference is between our AMR meters and the “SmartMeters” being installed in Cali. Thank you.

  4. Shane Gregory says:

    Thank you, Josh, for all that you are doing to right this terrible wrong.

    My Christmas wish: Let us restore our homes, restore our planet and let us once again occupy those places, those spaces, which are our birth right, our human right, our civil right. Let sanity and truth prevail. May the mesh and the meters come tumbling down! May we all be empowered to do whatever is necessary to reclaim our health, our homes, our cities, and our world. I ask for the wisdom, the strength, the courage, and the vision to make this so.

    With gratitude,


  5. soula culver says:

    Thank you Josh! For making the antismartmeter movement a real force. I hope you can enjoy some relief from all the pressures soon, and thank you Amy for participating in all the ways you do. –Soula

  6. John says:

    Josh, Thanks for your excellent and tireless work at exposing plus banishing the A21 grid.
    Will spread the word about the gracious offer form Steven Halpern.
    Happy New Year,

  7. Joan affatato says:

    God Bless you for publicizing this. This is all part of AGENDA 21. Our country is in grave trouble. Our Freedom is being compromised by the united nations and our senators and assemblyman and women are for Agenda 21. I personally feel they have no clue as to what they are voting for or against in congress. The same goes for our county commissioners whom are being brain washed by the facilitators trained by the federal government to tell them how to enforce Agenda 21 in our communities. Get with it folks, it is almost too late.

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