At What Point Do We Realize: We Must All Fight

Jerry Day has come out with a new video about the smart grid and electromagnetic pollution.  Weaving in relationships between corporate- government collusion, loss of privacy rights, and biological impacts of EMF’s, this short video asks the timely and pertinent question: At what point do we realize that we must all fight?

What would a successful public battle against wireless proliferation even look like?  What are you willing to do to make it happen?  Is it time to push the boundaries of your comfort zone?

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29 Responses to At What Point Do We Realize: We Must All Fight

  1. Redi Kilowatt says:

    I’m sorry, but after that last video that Jerry Day made, I will not waste my time or be included on the list of hits visiting that site.
    All it takes is for someone who doesn’t have any idea what they are talking about to produce propaganda one time to turn me off to viewing any more.
    I watched about a minute of his last video “the Dark Side of Smart Meters” and had to bail.
    Unfortunately, that video ruined any credibility of these know nothing science fiction writers about the SmartMeters for me.
    It is videos like what Jerry produced before, that really are a dis-service to our fight against the program, and make some of us look super stupid.
    Having not viewed this new video, I could be wrong about it, but I won’t risk viewing it and being counted as a viewer.
    Perhaps Jerry has learned a lot since then, and maybe he wishes that he could delete the last video, but the damage was done.
    Could someone please outline the facts or fiction about Jerry’s new video and post about it on this site ?

    • I think you’re confused. Dark Side of Smart Meters is by a different guy. I appreciate your posts, because you certainly know your stuff when it comes to electrical, but as they say, united we stand, divided we fall.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Smarter Meters,
        I apologize if Dark Side of SmartMeters was done by a different guy. I thought is was produced by the L.A. TV producer Jerry Day, and that he was the one talking on the video.
        Thank you for the kind words, and did you see this latest video ?
        I am wondering about it, and I wonder if Jerry knows the difference between the electrical power grid and the radio revenue collection network that the corporations call the smart grid ?

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        Smarter Meters,
        Part of an effective campaign against the SmartMeters is being honest about the problems with the program.
        I will not unite myself with a few people who distort facts and use false information to get their agenda across.
        There are plenty of legitimate gripes against the SmartMeter program, and there is no need to make up science fiction to add to the fight. Using science fiction actually is detrimental to our fight, so I refuse to align myself with them.
        Science fiction aside, I think we have come a long way in our fight,(in PG&E territory), but the rest of the nation still has a long road ahead. California leads the nation , let’s no be accused of misleading the nation with science fiction.

    • Josette Vettel says:

      please do this wih peaceful mesures
      Please study the reacton of harmonic sounding center rates smart meters”
      we can do this in groups. gather your friends and neightors
      and create a march while sounding some will feel embarest
      but talk them into just tring it and see if they get a inner reaction make it fun and see what happens

  2. He doesn’t have all the answers, and his delivery may rub some people the wrong way, like any activist is bound to do, but I think Jerry knows the difference between an upgrade and a mistake.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, and a host of lesser symptoms. Electromagnetic radiation dismantles you from the inside out. In the years just ahead of us, we are about to see a whole lot more of those diseases, injuries, and symptoms. That is inevitable because we have already seen a whole lot more electromagnetic pollution of our living spaces. Billions of dollars are being made by corporations and governments by wirelessly wiring your world.”

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      That sounds good.
      But one thing to remember, all these corporations pushing all this wireless junk don’t use wireless.
      The data centers, server rooms, manufacturing plants, mobile phone networks, television networks, social network servers, high speed broadband networks, land line voice networks and just about any other automated systems all exclusively use cable and wire to function. That includes, power cables, coaxial cable, fiber optic cables , data cables and voice cables.
      The world is still wired, and always will be. Wireless communications are only pushed to consumers who buy all of this cheaply made foreign junk.
      And Tesla’s plan to transmit electrical energy in the air never flew.

      • Soapbox Jill says:

        RKW, I beg to differ about wireless. You say, “The world is wire and always will be.”
        The FCC has made a move to move funding for wired phone lines to wireless, choking off the old system. And wireless applications is being exploded into medical devices which was discussed in August 2010 when the FCC was salivating over offering more spectrum to medical use.
        A recent article said state emergency systems are encouraged to use cell towers, as are smart meters. It is NOT only consumers but the gov-industry complex using and promoting and even FORCING it upon us.
        Maybe you know some people in businesses using wired, but I can’t believe that is the trend!

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          All systems are wired, even the mobile phone towers are connected together with land lines, and are connected to power wires.
          What you heard about the land lines is not true, what is true is that the government is phasing out the rural telephone subsidies that were once the main driver of getting land lines into rural areas. The infrastructure is complete now, and has been for years. There are very few areas in the U.S. where there are no land lines.
          Now , the big push is for the government to start giving our tax dollars to the multi-national communications companies to help them expand their mobile phone networks even more. They will never be able to phase out telephone land lines.
          The FCC is always salivating about getting more of the spectrum and selling it to the highest bidder, that is the purpose of the FCC, and is nothing new.
          The FCC is controlled by the communications corporations, and if the corporations want to expand, the FCC is at their disposal, for a hefty fee of course.
          The medical industry is no different than any other profiteering corporation, and yes , they are expanding the use of wireless too, but that will not eliminate most of their existing equipment that is wired.For security, computers, life safety, electrical power generation and distribution, wire and cable is here to stay. Anyone who tells you different doesn’t know what they are talking about.

          • Soapbox Jill says:

            I’ve read plenty about loss of maintaining copper phone network in favor of broadband, mainly wireless, to rural, or maybe satellite radiofrequency delivery. Here is one article of many:

            Just because copper/cable are laid does not mean their function will be maintained. Plain old wired phone will become prohibitively expensive once wireless systems/broadband are subsidized instead. At least that’s how it appears.

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            Jill, I don’t think you understand. There will be no loss at all of the twisted pair telephone network, just an expansion of mobile broadband into more areas. There are still many areas of this country that do not have mobile phone communications now that everyone switched over to the low powered digital mobile phone networks.
            The old RMTS (Rural Mobile Telephone Service ) has been pretty much done away with now in the U.S.
            They used 30 watt full duplex radiophones that put out about 30 watts @155 MHz VHF, those units really got out !, but they are gone now.
            The twisted pair phone plant is not going anywhere, and the electrical power grid consisting of wires is not going away, nor are all the high speed broadband networks that now use fiber optic cable and coaxial cable, all those things are the backbone of modern technology.
            This wireless fluff is just an extension of it all, and can easily be done away with with no problems at all.
            Satellite phones are not going to replace twisted pair phone lines. Satellite phones are very expensive, bulky, and don’t work in many rural areas, especially areas where there are hills and trees blocking the signal.
            Satellite phones are good for oil company CEOs working up in Alaska, and Halliburton officials out in the desert and also in the Amazon, but they will never the be mainstay for regular folks.
            Jill, you should do some research into things that you write about before writing, you might change your mind.
            About the twisted pair phone network, there have been many improvements over the years, like with T1 and T3 digital trunk lines. These are the lines that are connected to your mobile phone towers.
            When someone uses a mobile phone , the signals go to the radio transceiver, and then on land lines to your emergency 911 call center or anyone else that you call, even other mobile phone towers to other mobile phones.
            So, how do you suppose that we can do away with wired communications ? Next question is, how much money are you willing to invest in doing away with wire and cables ?

          • Soapbox Jill says:

            Well, you talk fancy about technology, but the fact is that in Wisconsin and elsewhere legislation is aimed at de-regulating phone offerings so landlines no longer must be maintained and may become very expensive, esp. in rural areas. See this article please:
            and this one from Ohio:

    • Josette Vettel says:

      I am a cancer survivor two years ago I had thirty seven treatmenets of radiation. A month or so they installed a Smart Meter on the outside wall of my bedroom . I went to bed one night shourtly after the inswtallation and woke up with radiation burns on parts of my body I called SCE and they directed me to Utility commission and they told me the gig of the OPT
      three months to a year befor they view my request
      anyway now my dogs are gettng sick I don’t use my bedroom until some of my friends who don’t have terminal cancer come to install
      alumium foyle on the wall where the meter is facing
      we need five sheets layered of the thickest foyle and pin it up agianst the wass where the meter is facing. So you see my cancer is now holding tight but my life is still in the hangs of the things I am fighting with gathering a group of people and do a PEACEFUL SOUNDING which means using harmonic sounding that will vibrate the wirless meters and shift them into some sort of freeze the wall of Jericho fell because of harmonic sounding it is peacful and clean and they cannot pepper spry us or throw us int the clinker
      because the sounding will bring such peace surrounding us they cannot succeed

      • Maureen says:

        File a lawsuit in Small Claims court asap just like the lady from Irvine did. See the court documents on the front page of our website

        Perhaps if you contact the attorneys that litigated it for SCE they may come and replace the meter. Do they really want another lawsuit like this?

  3. Redi Kilowatt says:

    What I mean is,
    All this wireless stuff is marketed to the masses as something that is essential to do business or communicate with friends. It’s not necessary at all, most of it is bling and fluff that is cheaply made in foreign sweat shops by multi-national corporations to make huge profits.
    Take the case of wireless utility revenue meters (SmartMeters). More advanced electric meters have been in use for years that transmit total cumulative usage data on analog phone lines, digital subscriber lines (DSL), coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, ethernet cable (CAT 5,6,7,8 and now 9e, RS-232, power line carrier and RS-485 computer cables.
    These advanced (AMI) meters are at least 10 times as expensive as the simple AMR SmartMeters, but they have more advanced functions like bi-directional flow monitoring for solar systems and monitoring the power condition and quality of the grid power that is being fed into the meter. No utility meter, either AMI or AMR can monitor individual appliances or devices down line from the meter. So, the current deployment of SmartMeters is not necessary at all for saving energy, the sole purpose is to automate meter reading and eliminate good paying union jobs .
    But one thing that I will admit, being a small business owner who has to perform services out in the field, using a simple mobile phone for voice only sure makes my job easier.
    What has happened is that mobile phones are now being marketed heavily to everyone, even kids. In the old days, mobile phones were 3 watts, only people that actually needed them had them, and their were far less mobile phone towers.
    Now that the governments have welcomed the mobile phone networks and have encouraged sales to billions of kids, tens of thousands of more towers must be built and installed everywhere.
    What started out as a great service for important people to use for communications has mushroomed into a proliferation of toys , gadgets and SmartMeters that really are not necessary, just a way to make huge dollars for the exploitive multi-national corporations when the rest of the world’s economy is tanking.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I did read that first link about Gov. Scott Walkers plans for Wisconsin.
      His plan is similar to what Obama wants to do, which is eliminate subsidy to rural land line telephone service.
      Walker claims that it will create 50 thousand new jobs by shifting subsidy to expanding wired high speed broadband networks and mobile phone networks, but opponents dispute that. That study was done by a telecommunications agency, and what will the quality of these new jobs be.
      Even if the expansion and development of new broadband cable and mobile phone networks adds new jobs, in Wisconsin you have Scott Walker calling the shots.
      If these new jobs created are new age- low wage non union jobs, each new job created will pay about one third of the wages that a union job pays now, and benefits will be much less too.
      I saw Obama speak about a year ago talking about how he wants us taxpayers to subsidize the expansion of broadband cable internet to everyone in the United States. A lofty goal to subsidize the coax cable (coax is made of copper) and fiber optic cable infrastructure so everyone can be connected to high speed broadband service. Obama did not mention one thing about pulling the subsidies to rural telephone lines, but I read about it in a trade publication.
      I suppose our subsidizing broadband cable to everyone could be looked at as a good thing for the economy, but not everyone can afford to purchase the computers and other devices that use the broadband cable systems.
      Next, we will be asked to subsidize the furnishing of computers and flat screen TV to all the poor folks in the United States who otherwise would not use this new expanded broadband cable network.
      Again, this would be good for the corporate manufacturers economy with all this taxpayer stimulus money subsidizing the idea, but how is this going to help the economy of the people that need to work for a living if all the new jobs are low wage non union jobs ?
      No, wire and cable is not going away at all, the industry is growing with all the new data lines (ethernet cable), voice lines, coaxial cable lines and firer optic cable lines being added every day.
      Most of the wire and cable that we use here in the United States is made here, but here is the catch. The prison industries of America make most of it with slave labor in giant extruding plants in major prisons. That is not a well known fact to most people, but common knowledge to those who use it like myself.
      Billions of miles of copper wire and cables of all types and sizes are made by prison industries each year, this is a sweetheart deal made with the corporations and the governments that they control.
      Belden Cable is one such large corporation, they are allowed to build their factories in the prisons, get cheap labor to do so, and then sell their wire products at market rate. Of course the corporations have to invest in lobbyists and pay kickbacks to government officials, but they still make bucup dollars.
      The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), which builds private prisons and factories, have very powerful lobbyists in Washington DC to promote more immigration and drug laws so they have more slaves to ride herd on. This is big business at work my friends.

      • Redi Kilowatt says:

        News flash.
        I just saw a short segment on KTVU channel 2 news at 5:25.
        It was about the wiring of America.
        They explained that since 2009, the Obama administration has benevolently donated $9 BILLION of our tax money the the telecom giants for a project to “Wire up America”.
        So far, they said 95 percent of America has been wired up with broadband cable systems since then. I find it hard to believe, because I know of many areas in northern California that have no broadband wires yet, and hence, no mobile phone service without the wires.
        Perhaps they were talking about the urban areas, not the rural areas.
        The article went on to say that even if they wire up these areas, many people cannot afford the computers and TVs to use these wires. Like I said, next, Obama will create a new program to provide the poor people with computers and TVs “so they can get the benefit of the broadband cable systems”.
        They stated a fact about Contra Costa county, that even though the county is 95 percent wired, only 60 percent of the people can afford the monthly cable service (and the devices to use it), so that leaves 40 percent of Contra Costa counties residents are too poor or don’t want high speed broadband cable.
        Concast charges about $60 per month for broadband internet, and then the different TV packages range from $30 per month on up to the sky is the limit, and now they are pushing cable phone services to businesses and residential customers, and wireless TV decoders. If one bought all the services offered by the giant cable companies, their monthly bills could be anywhere from $90 per month for limited basic up to 3 or $400 per month for premium channels, sports events $150 each viewing EXTRA !
        So, Obama donates out tax dollars to wire up America so the giant telecommunications corporations can wring America dry of any extra money that they might have.
        More tax payer subsidies must be in the works.

      • Josette Vettel says:

        please do this wih peaceful mesures
        Please study the reacton of harmonic sounding center rates smart meters”
        we can do this in groups. gather your friends and neightors
        and create a march while sounding some will feel embarest
        but talk them into just tring it and see if they get a inner reaction make it fun and see what happens.

  4. Brendan says:

    What alchemy transforms a CEO of SCE into El Presidente of the Ducal CPUC realm?
    What alchemy allows the CPUC, created to regulate such SCE CEO’s who are perhaps known to be visionaries with marvelous megalomaniac perhaps schemes for the aggrandizement of him and his and the stomping down on the peopn ratepayer complainers into DNA mush.
    I peeon this giant of remorseless ambition, and wonder what alchemy brought this El Presidente, to be lord over me? I peeon Sir Peevey, for hi power and pelf which are beyond measure, but I worry about his decree that we peon minions must sacrifice our DNA, our cherished Blood Brian Barriers and more! for Sir Peevey to actualize his DREAMS.
    Sir Peevey, I peeon you, and I say not that you be a megalomaniac, but a man of too vast a vision; but is the CPUC the correct place for you? The CPUC is supposed to protect the wee peons FROM people like you, by which I mean a Captain of Executive Suites’ Magnificence; of private monopoly utilities!
    Are you not misplaced in that peon protection government regulatory agency, silly?
    I peeon the silly Sir Peeve; yet though, he has made many millions wary and peevish
    themselves,, and wondering how someone might think they would sacrifice their very DNA and Blood Brain Barriers to be able to see what electricity amount they used the day before so they can adjust their usage to suit the putative needs of such industry that has not yet been shipped to Communist China?
    What think you, Sir Peevey, are the peons loony; how can they be so blind to the glory of your vision; and so selfish?
    I peeon Sir Peevey, El Presidente, for his parlaying his, how shall I say?… marvelous lack of conscience and remorse or genius of “can-do”, who does whatever it takes to get the job done; for his parlaying his CEO of SCE into a an El Presidente role of nominal Protector of the Public Interest, the Public Safety! in his vast realm of
    utility captive ratepayer peons!
    Who could not appreciate this alchemical genius as their DNA is slowly destroyed
    and their Blood Brain Barriers, little treasures one scarcely ever thought of, are stolen from them!! Irony incarnate!
    You know it, don’t you, Sir Peevey; these captive ratepayer little people, scurrying about with all their frantic pleas, their petitions, their Expert opinions! will never appreciate your genius though they will each have attached at least one of your devil devices, [which gives them such amusing terror], to their dwellings!
    All they see is their DNA and Blood Brain Barriers, not the genius of El Presidente, or
    of his Commission, charged with their Safety and to Protect Them From Him, and his brethren!!!
    Is this a comedy, you old rogue, Sir Peevey, whom I peeon here? What fun!, what alchemy!, what genius! what an El Presidente!
    Petition from here to eternity little people, if you will; whine and complain until you turn blue!!
    Alchemical Peevey, whom I peeon [sometimes spelled paeon] here, surely the Grand Dragon of all utility executives, cannot hear you and does not care. Get you to the Potemkin Villege CPUC public hearings and rant away-but only for one minute each, please. Pay your bills and taxes; marvel each day that you can look at what electricity etc. you used yesterday [but don’t get too near the meter devices or your end may come yet sooner] and relax!!
    You wont actually feel anything for Heaven’s sake as your DNA is slowly–remember it is slow–destroyed, and so too your Blood Brain Barrier. You wont notice it until perhaps some critical mass of harm changes everything for you forever; Then you will appreciate what you once had; life’s eternal lesson.
    But let’s not think about that.
    Let’s have fun! while we can! Please stop the piteous complaining to those who could not care less about what you think or want.
    Sing along with me please!! Join me in a sing along!!

    Don’t it al-ways seem to go,
    That you don’t know what you’ve got.
    Till it’s gone,
    They take down safe-ish meters,
    And put up death- ma-chines!

  5. Electra says:

    Thank you,, for being in the forefront, protecting people around the country and around the world from the scourge that is “smart” meters! I’ll be distributing this great video far and wide. (-;

  6. Mr. Bubbles says:

    Hey Electra, now that the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard has published a study linking the pesticide imidacloprid to the honey bee colony collapse, can you stop blaming smart meters for that, too?

    • Bubbles:

      Hopefully you understand that multiple harmful agents are worse than one and that EMR/RF has the ability to prevent animals from detoxifying. Colony collapse disorder started before widespread rollout of Smart Meters, so I don’t think anyone has blamed bee deaths on SMs singularly. What is striking is the timing of 3G infrastructure buildout and device proliferation as it relates to the relatively sudden bee disappearances. I’m sure the practice of feeding bees imidacloprid-laden high fructose corn syrup is not helping their immunities one bit, but the chances that this is the only factor are slim. When people or bees eat foods we evolved eating, we will have fewer health problems, allergies, and adverse reactions to harmful and novel agents, like RF pulses from Smart Meters.

      • Mr. Bubbles says:

        If you’re going to claim that “EMR/RF has the ability to prevent animals from detoxifying” in the frequencies used by smart meters and with the power they use (900MHz range) then you’d better back that up. Just “EMFs” in general is not enough. The Earth and the Sun both emit EMFs, and of course electrical wiring does too.

        If bees were being hurt by EMF, you’d see more healthy bee colonies in the Radio Quiet Zone of Virginia. I’d expect bee colony collapse has been seen there, too.

  7. Brendan says:

    Mr. Bubbles, I agree that Harvard should embark on comparable scientific research into the effects of EMF wih it’s many ramifications with ever increasing devices;
    and especially since it is so poorly understood what consequences will result from the strangely ambitious experiment of the smart grid, in the absence of sensible prior research. We may find every bee in the nation disappears, and the failure to research
    effects on bees should not be construed to offer comfort that bees must therefore be
    marvelously safe therefrom.
    I, too, long for bee safety and health, as for human safety and health. But delusion,
    or imagined safety based on ignorance is not a suitable foundation for reassurance
    that wifi smart meters are not culprits in harm.
    As you implied, the researchers from Harvard failed to include any attempt to
    measure influences on their target bees from the Worcester, MA area wifi smart meters, or any other EMF pollution.
    Unfortunately, it is too premature for us to make such a request of Electra, as,
    to presume the bees are unaffected by the ever increasing pollution of the air with all manner of EMF trash never experienced on Earth before is and would be unreasonable pending much more high quality research into this matter.

  8. Brendan says:

    I propose that someone, who has the interest and knowhow, set up a
    Madame DeFarge [sp] website to commence to knit a tapestry of the names
    of people who actively serve as agents of the psychopathic wifi smart meter/
    smart grid plan to slowly harm, and firmly control, YOU.
    A California tapestry, to hang in the world wide web.

  9. Jim says:

    They are being hacked already — TOLD YOU SO!!!

    Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread

    Is there an incentive for people to hack these?
    “former employees of the meter manufacturer and employees of the utility were altering the meters in exchange for cash and training others to do so.”

    “connected to a laptop that allows the smart meter to communicate with the computer. After making that connection, the thieves changed the settings for recording power consumption using software that can be downloaded from the Internet.”

    “This method does not require removal, alteration, or disassembly of the meter, and leaves the meter physically intact.”

    “have developed a prototype of a tool and software program that lets anyone access the memory of a vulnerable smart meter device and intercept the credentials used to administer it. ”


  10. Redi Kilowatt says:

    Hey Jim,
    I don’t believe one word of what you just wrote.
    The simple SmartMeters being deployed have no ports to connect a laptop to, no ethernet, serial bus, coax, RS232, RS-485(building automation cable) or RJ 11 (analog telephone) connnectors on any of these simple SmartMeters.
    The SmartMeters communicate total cumulative electrical use to the utility on a 900 MHz UHF radio frequency, and are not connected to the internet in any way.
    Perhaps you are confused by some of these other internet programs where the customer can sign up for a special internet account, give them their account number and view previous electrical usage online and now on a mobile broadband network if the customer has a smart phone with the “green button” application loaded and a data plan. Regular mobile phones won’t work with green button.
    Of course, this could be hacked, by a customer volunteering to activate such a service, all kinds of personal information will be transmitted over the internet cable and mobile broadband networks. That would include an customers name, building address, account number, telephone number, computer address number and an electrical consumption history starting with the previous 24 hours going back 14 months.
    No, this will not enable burglars to find out if you are home in real time, but if someone has used large amounts of electricity in the last 14 months, a hacker could possibly find out about it. But so what ? There are many residential customers in my area that use extremely large amounts of electricity to power large houses and properties, and they are not doing anything wrong. It is not illegal to use electricity around here, so who cares if a hacker could possibly find out using the internet (if the customer volunteers for such a program). And the data pulses from the SmartMeters sent once every 4 hours on the radio network only contain a meter number and total cumulative reading.
    It is just a compressed burst of data that lasts a few seconds, and sounds like noise on a radio scanner. This data sent from the SmartMeter goes to utility data centers, and then to the internet if the customer chooses to have it done. It is a strictly voluntary program, and so far only 22,000 out of 10 million customers have “expressed interest” in this service according to a recent report released by PG&E.
    That is not a very high percentage of people wanting to view previous usage, why ?. Because it is a useless function that won’t save any energy at all, it’s just another greenwash government program to give our tax dollars to the utility and telecommunications corporations of the world.

  11. Best Mom says:


  12. letta mego says:

    You’d have to take a course in human physiology to really get how harmful these smart meters are. I guess our lack of knowledge is what the utility company and government is counting on. The harm starts at the membrane that surrounds the living cell. That alone is reason enough to ban smart meters. Smart meters have 2 antennae. One beams radiation into the home and the other beams radiation outward. In the smart meter is an operating system (computer) and software that can definitely be hacked. There is nothing good about smart meters. They are just something dreamed ($$$) up by the telecommunication industry and the utility companies by people who don’t know a thing about biology or or health…… Or don’t care…because we don’t immediately drop dead …and they know they’ll have their money and be long gone before we wise up. It’s pretty mysterious how the world population is against smart meters but smart meters are still being forced on us. How did that happen?

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