The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same



What is considered acceptable and normal now- doctors encouraging the use of wireless devices to keep track of your health info- may be viewed as preposterous and reckless in future years as the health costs of wireless addiction start adding up.  Indications are that cell phone use is not only a psychological- but actually a physical addiction, much like smoking.  Don’t believe that?  The US National Institutes of Health found that brain glucose levels are boosted when exposed to normal levels of cell phone radiation.

The warning signs are everywhere if you open your eyes.  Sheryl Crow has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and wonders aloud whether her cell phone is responsible. We urge you to protect yourself, your family, and friends not only from smart meters, but from an entire wireless industry that is actively and knowingly inflicting harm. “Smart” phones in particular emit high levels of radiation- even when they are switched off.

Social norms may seem unchanging and concrete, but in reality they are elastic and subject to occasionally rapid shifts.  It’s important to do your part to question the blind assumption that limitless use of wireless technology is not harmful.  Speak up and ask others to switch off or put away their phones if you do not want to be exposed in a public place. Wireless radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization(pdf).  You have a right to avoid exposure.

If wireless makes you feel ill, talk about it!  Silence- particularly around a subject like this- kills. You’ll be surprised how many people are being affected, and how receptive some people are to unbiased, truthful information on the topic.

For a good summary of the scientific evidence in support of brain tumors and cell phones, read Devra Davis’ book Disconnect.

“Let me be very clear.  The Industry has NOT said once, ONCE, that cell phones are safe.”

-Dane Snowden, vice president and representative of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) at a safety legislation hearing in California

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  1. Paul H says:

    Next they will have even the President selling the smart meter….oops! that’s already happened….

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      One thing that doesn’t change on this site is how clueless many posters about SmartMeters are.
      They do not understand that SmartMeters do not work with local decentralized generation and distribution systems, SmartMeters do not measure the bi-directional flow of current for a reason. The reason is that the corporations want to continue their status quo of centralized power generation and distribution in far off dirty, inefficient power plants, and construct thousands of miles more of lossy transmission lines, harming the environment and degrading the country. Then, they are planning on creating a national power grid at the cost of $300 billion dollars to connect all the aging regional power grids together. This is so corporations can manipulate the markets (remember Enron) and have everybody dependent on the existing energy business model. So, the SmartMeters have nothing at all to do with the electrical power grid, they are strictly for revenue collection purposes , automate meter reading, eliminate jobs and help stave off the development of decentralized local generation systems.
      Instead of focusing on the truth, many of these so called activists and pseudo-scientists cook up propaganda about microwave addiction, meters talk to appliances, control vibrators and spy on people in the bathroom and on and on about other falsehoods.
      Many of you people have been successfully brainwashed into thinking that the current corporate energy business model is great, but the radio transmitting meters are not great, without understanding what is really going on.

      • Paul H. says:

        Nobody has brainwashed me, I have experienced the problems first hand. It almost killed me. I suffered 10 months of this torture the day it was installed and it finally stopped when the meter was removed.
        We don’t come to this site because we have a lot in common. We do however have knowledge of the harm these devices are bringing to our community.

      • Richard says:

        >>>”One thing that doesn’t change on this site is how clueless many posters about SmartMeters are…SmartMeters do not measure the bi-directional flow of current…”

        Yeah, I’d have to agree with you on that, Redi…Oh, wait…Well, at least on the first part 🙂

        But, you’ll probably say that this is false information, as well, eh? Maybe all of this really is a conspiracy against humanity…


        • Paul H. says:

          Yes Richard, it is a true conspiracy against humanity. Evidence is shown at this site.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          Richard, the SmartMeters now do not measure bi-directional flow of current, but thanks for the link saying that a new program to do so is set to start in 2012, but it hasn’t started yet, so what I posted is true now.
          Why doesn’t PG&E make this information public in the media about their intentions ? It sure would be nice if they did, then their customers could be better informed about future plans.
          I have seen other links, about how PG&E has been offering digital non transmitting TOU meters for about 20 years that also have the arrows, but the initial charge is $250, and they still need to be read monthly by a person.
          You should read the wording very carefully on that link, they never did say that the existing SmartMeters are capable of net metering, so is PG&E talking about existing non transmitting digital meters that will have the word SmartMeter printed on it ?, or are they able to “tweek” this second generation of SmartMeters to have the arrows ?, or is PG&E going to deploy a third generation meter ?.
          Try and find an answer for that, and then you will have some credibility, and good luck, because PG&E is not the best at communicating with the public.
          By the way, I talked to my meter reader a few weeks ago. I told him that he had my permission to enter my property to read my meter, because I normally set the card and leave it on the fence. He said that he had a seal to put on the meter that says OPT OUT on it., and also that has to physically go to the meter to read it once every 6 months.
          I asked him about reports in other utility areas that some analog meters are transmitting, and can be read by a handheld receiver, and also if the digital E6 TOU meters have a transmitter that can be read with a handheld receiver, the answer was no. And the device that they carry that looks like some sort of radio does not read anything, it is for entering observed meter reads only. That may have confused some people.
          Another interesting thing, after he left my address, I saw him go to the neighbors house to stop and read the meters, I know that they have SmartMeters, but are the meters transmissions being received by the radio smartgrid ? If I ever see him again, that will be my next question, “why do you still need to read the SmartMeters even though they were installed over a year ago, do they really work as advertised, or were we sold a defective or inadequate system ?”. A system we all paid for but I do not need or use.
          So Richard, thanks for the PG&E link, now it’s time to find out the truth in marketing about what is really going on.

          • Redi Kilowatt says:

            One thing that I forgot Richard,
            PG&E did say in that that theri new meter that is capable of net metering is a completely separate meter.
            That means that your existing SmartMeter will stay, and the net metering meter (whether it is actually smart or not) will be a second meter.
            No doubt that the new meter will have to be an advanced meter, because the present SmartMeters are not advanced meters.
            And, PG&E did not say that these new net meters are capable of transmitting the bi-directional data on the Silver Springs radio smartgrid. That would take quite a bit of engineering work if to be possible, but maybe these new net SmartMeters require the customer to pay for a broadband cable connection to actually work. More costs to the customer.
            It would be the best possible choice for someone who is back feeding power back to the power grid to keep their analog meter, the only dis-advantage is that they will not be credited at higher rate during the peak hours for the return load, but they will not be charged the higher rate for energy used either during their peak hours.
            It depends on whether the customer uses their place of residence during the day, has a family, and has help working at the house, or if someone is gone all day and lives alone while their solar system is generating power, then the E6 TOU might work better for energy savings.

          • Richard says:

            >>>”…so what I posted is true…”

            Well, not exactly… I was referring more to your repeated claim that SmartMeters do not use microwave radiation. But that’s another tale…

            I’ll just refer anyone interested to the comments in the following thread and leave it at that 🙂


          • Richard says:

            Hopefully doctors become more informed about the affects of wireless radiation.

          • Richard says:

            >>>”Hopefully doctors become more informed about the affects of wireless radiation.”

            But which Richard posted this? HINT: The Richard writing *this* hopes that all doctors would first understand the difference between effect and affect. Whether one is posting an opinion or assessing the potential health effects of wireless radiation, education is the key 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    >>> “Wireless radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen according to the World Health Organization(pdf).”

    To be fair, the statement above should read: “The World Health Organization recently classified Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (e.g., the type used in cell phones) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B)…with reference to the same PDF.

    As written, your statement misrepresents the work of the WHO and their careful evaluation of the work that has been done to assess the carcinogenicity of various agents. They did not classify it as a carcinogen; They classified it as “possibly carcionogenic to humans” and placed all such agents into their Group 2B. I realize that I harp on this point, but these definitions are important for science and society.

    Here’s a nice summary poster assembled by the IARC for anyone interested in the data used in their classification of REFs:

    Of course, it’s your blog, and you can post what you want–but let’s be fair to the readers…Need I quote from the disclaimer at the bottom of this page? 🙂

    • soapbox jill says:

      so richard, daily exposure to a “potential carcinogen” forced upon us in our homes is okay?

      • Paul H says:

        Just like lead paint is ok. It’s in the same class.

        • Richard says:

          That’s right…Lead *is* in the list of Group 2B agents…and as such is “possibly carcinogenic to humans”…Don’t confuse the issue by saying: just like lead paint is ok.

          You’re either playing to people’s justifiable fear and knowledge of lead poisoning, or you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Lead paint is NOT okay, and the well-known chemical toxicity of lead has nothing to do with cancer. Learn about cancer and learn about the toxicity of lead in cognitive development before you start spouting off!

          • While people are definitely getting tumors from excessive RF/EMR exposure, the only reason those agents have yet to receive higher than a 2B classification by IARC is because there isn’t yet a consensus about the mechanism that creates the abnormal cell growth.

            Like lead, the cognitive deficiencies caused by RF will almost always appear before cancer. Often, these ailments are misdiagnosed as a psychiatric illness, learning disability, or some form of dementia.

          • Paul H says:

            I believe that the smart meter is much more dangerous than lead paint. I have witnessed the before and after affects not only with myself but with seven other households. Everyone that has a smart meter is affected. They just don’t know where the symptoms are coming from.

          • soapbox jill says:

            @Richard: the cover-up of harm is nothing new:


            Microwave News Undercovers 1993 FDA Biologists Conclusion about Microwave Radiation

            Thanks to a Microwave News request under the Freedom of Information Act, Microwave News unearthed an internal agency memo from the Food and Drug Administration in 1993. In the memo, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) biologists stated that the available data “strongly suggest” that microwave radiation can “accelerate the development of malignant tumors.”

          • Richard says:

            Thanks, Jill. I just love page 4 of your referenced link. I would encourage others, as well as yourself, to read it and form your own opinion 🙂

            And…you do realize (?) that something that accelerates cancer is quite different than something that causes or promotes cancer.

          • Paul H. says:

            If cancer were a fungus, then weakening the cell’s ability to defend might be the answer to the problem?

    • Paul H says:

      Wow! A hospital in Toronto now recognizes that chronic exposure to wireless radiation is creating health problems.

  3. Josh says:

    Love it.

    Has anyone reading this blog tried politely asking others you’re sharing a public space with to turn off their phones? What kind of response did you get?

    Personally, I just move as far away as possible from wireless users. I also am compelled to avoid using public transit, even though I have no love for my car.

    • Paul H says:

      I ask people to shut their wifi and location services off quite often. Then again I also carry an analyser with me in a briefcase. Most everyone is shocked at what they are being exposed too….no pun intended. Some make fun and one calls it a ghostbuster machine. I guess they have been trained well from all the movies they have seen. Something about a guy with a tinfoil hat on? I don’t know since movies don’t interest me much. It’s sad as I watch their health deteriorate and then blame it on food. For the most part lots of questions are asked and answered, but since the media won’t expose their best clients it is a bit of an uphill battle.
      I find the term “weighted evidence” and “we just don’t know yet” as terms of
      confusion, just like they did with cigarettes.
      If you had common sense you wouldn’t smoke and not rely on the media to make guidelines for your life. I have neighbors on 3 sides of me that have strong wifi. I have told them about the dangers and have given them proof of the problems, but it’s like telling a smoker that the smoke is bothering you. They are addicted and just don’t care about anyone, even themselves.

    • Sorina says:

      No , I don’t drive a car, I do not have a cell phone or any other gimmick.. Down the road, I will dis- continue to use my micro wave, electric kettle and a few other things, which are only luxuries that I can do without. To tell the truth I find it to be quite challenging. There is so much we can do our self to improve life. Walking down the streets and stop to smell the roses, is something that many other people miss in life. As for my T.V. well since it is controlled by the corporations the real news we don’t get any way. Did any one in the past months hear anything about the risks of the smart meters? Of course not! There is money involved. Must be interesting for those in the media who would love to share the real news with the public, but find to have their hands tied. We now have a world controlled not by politicians, but by corporations. I like to see their house of cards crumble.

  4. Richard: The WHO classification was made for all types of non-ionizing radio-frequency radiation- Dr. Jonathan Samet, UC California, was a member of the IARC working group. In a press conference following the IARC announcement that radio-frequency electromagnetic fields is a 2b carcinogen he states, ” The designation for group 2b is radio frequency electromagnetic fields that is unspecified as to source, so the group 2b classification would have broad applicability to sources with this type of emissions.”

    Starts at 2:44-3:30

    That would include smart meters. Wireless is a “class 2b carcinogen” There is evidence that the categorization would have been a ‘probable carcinogen’ based on strong evidence of cell phone use associated with brain tumors, if it weren’t for industry meddling. Check out this interview with Dr. Annie Sasco , MD, MPH, MS, Dr. PH, Harvard Doctorate and ex-head of the IARC on cancer research. She says in this interview (other IARC researchers have said the same thing) that there was enough evidence that the WHO classification of RF electromagnetic radiation could easily have been classified as “2A” probable carcinogenic–not just possible. See:

    • Richard says:

      I don’t question the source of the radiation–cell phones/towers, smart meters, wireless routers, whatever–that’s not the issue.

      The issue I have is with the misuse of IARCs rigorous classification to label things as carcinogenic when the classification speaks only to the *possibility* or, as you raise, the *probability* of the agent being carcinogenic. Both of those terms express the uncertainty of our knowledge. If people want to read more into that, then that’s a choice…On the science of risk, I have heard that people tend to under-value high probabilities and over-value low probabilities, which may be at play here. But I think **it is misleading to reference the IARCs work and further proclaim that the low-power radiation from SmartMeters is a carcinogen.**

      I’m not going to quote from the PDF you referenced…But I would encourage anyone to read that (and the linked ‘preamble’) if they want to understand the true meaning of the 2B classification.

      That’s all. 🙂

      • Paul H says:

        My brother had a smart meter that was able to send a pulse, above 200 microwatts per square meter, throughout his home. I suspect that it was using the energized copper wiring as a super highway. The smart meter was located at the edge of his property with a distance of 100 feet away from the main house.
        To say that the signal is “low power” when it has a 240 volt source and could possibly transmit at 3 watts at any pulse rate that could be programmed by anyone with the code, anywhere in the world is a little extreme.
        Here is what we know of the unit itself.

        • Richard says:

          Ah, the immutable laws of physics…Yes, the transmission is still detectable many 10s of feet away. No surprise.

          Okay… So according to your reference doc, the transmission spikes are very short lived and chirped out according to the duty cycle, thus not continuous, which is also widely understood.

          Then consider your reported value of 200 uW/m^2 (which is 0.020 uW/cm^2) and compare that to your referenced Appendix B (values given in nW/cm^2)… For comparison, your stated value of 200 equates to a value of 20 in Appendix B.

          I would encourage others to view Appendix B (along with the rest of the doc) and judge for themselves whether a value of 20, chirped throughout the day, is something that concerns you.

          Something else to consider… Let’s change the source to one emitting another type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation: visible light. Could you see a 3W light bulb or LED from 100 feet away? Of course you could, if you were looking for it. Would that concern you?… What if the light were off most of the time, and only blinked on/off every 30 seconds throughout the day? Would that concern you?…

          • Paul H says:

            If I were in a dark room trying to develop pictures and I had a 3 watt bulb with a white light flashing every 30 seconds? Yes, I do believe our cells see it as similar irritation. I hope you see the analogy, as they too are trying to do their delicate work.
            I don’t know if I have referenced this site yet.

          • Physics tells us that a pulsing force has the ability to do more damage than a constant force. FCC guidelines are useless because they are based on average power density over time.

            Biology tells us that a constantly changing environment isn’t good for most living organisms. While SMs are being hailed as greenhouse gas savers, they are, in fact, changing the microclimate at each house in a way that’s a thousand times worse than a couple degree shift in our climate.

            Flashing lights are known to induce seizures in people who are prone.

            Smart Meters are known to induce microwave illness in people with previously compromised immunity/defenses.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          I checked out that link, it was a sales propaganda piece put out by a dreaming manufacturer. Most of it was false information, more like wishful thinking on their part, especially about the HAN’s.

          • Paul H says:

            I have had conversations with Peter and see his 20 years of experience measuring electromagnetic fields helpful to the cause. I didn’t feel that he is trying to sell anything as he knew my interest would be for future referrals. Maybe I missed that part? I know that all smart meters do not have identical behavior which makes things ever so complicated.

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          This is the link that I was referring to, the one from Sierk SmartMeter resources, I’m sorry that I didn’t make that clear.
          When you say “this is what we know of the unit itself”, that is scary. This an outdated marketing piece, and if this is what you know, then I’m sorry, that explains everything that is false that WAS being put out by the manufacturers a few years ago. It’s hard to believe that after all the utility corporations have debunked the falsehoods, that anyone will still repeat it.

    • Don’t forget magnetic fields! Those in the ELF range, including 50/60 Hz AC, are on the 2B list as well… So it’s not just the pulsed RF that’s a (potential) problem, but the constant magnetic fields created by all live wiring.

      The average home has a magnetic field of 0.6 milliguass. Above 2.0 mG is not safe for people, and probably most mammals. For some people who are already EM injured, it may be necessary to limit exposure to no more than 0.1 mG.

      Not surprisingly, RF exposure is compounded by AC magnetic field exposure.

      • I can attest to the magnetic field problem and have just had to decline renting what seemed to be a great apartment because of readings that hovered around 2.0 mG. Seems low, but my first experience with electrosensitivity occurred in an environment with very low RF (before Smart Meters) but electromagnetic fields of 2.0 to 5.0 with the power turned OFF! The readings on the street outside the building were in excess of 15 mG so something was going on.

        I’d also like to underscore the importance of talking in a non-threatening way to potential landlords. I feel nervous every time I take my meters into a potential rental but for the most part I have been met with curiosity and a willingness to let me test out the environment. I tell them that I have a condition that more and more people are beginning to experience, given the sea of wireless technology that we are now being exposed to. It’s being an interesting experience.

        One rental agent said, “Oh, you’re one of those EMF people! My daughter is, too.” I was amazed.

        Keep spreading the word.

  5. Redi Kilowatt says:

    That promotion about using wireless devices to view your medical records is just another sham.
    It was created by the same group of corporations and government officials who created the SmartMeter program.
    The goal is to sell a whole lot of cheap wireless junk under the guises of helping people stay healthy or save energy.
    The use of wireless devices is exploding now, with no end in sight. The promoters even want to place RFID chips in humans (like they do dogs) to transmit your national medical records number to anyone with a receiver.
    That one number will give access to your complete life records history, from birth until death. That will include criminal records, employment records, driving records, immigration status, financial records and school records. That is what is being planned right now. Big brother to the max.

  6. Josh- If someone comes and sits down next to me with their cell phone on a train or a bus or in a restaurant, I will politely ask them to turn it off or move elsewhere. Most people are reasonable and will comply. Some are eager to discuss the emerging health issues and curious to learn more. Others are more stubborn. With these people, I tend to start talking about the many studies showing harmful effects from wireless and not shut up until they go away. It usually achieves the goal, and maybe they learn something new at the same time. I am not afraid of making a scene in public. Challenging unjust social norms loudly and publicly is how change happens!

  7. Amy O'Hair says:

    Devra Davis’s book The Secret History of the War on Cancer puts tobacco in the context of this long, long history of environmental toxins, and how the joint efforts of government and business prevent real science from guiding both public policies and private choices. It is an excellent education on the matter.

    Conventional medicine has rarely moved against environmental influences of disease: even now neurosurgeons who acknowledge that patients’ brain tumors are caused by their cellphone use (as many have) have little incentive to make any efforts to educate the public: Why would they wish to lessen theirs and their colleagues’ future sources of income, their prominence and prestige as heroes of the field, even the progress of ever-improving treatment modalities. They just don’t have reason to do anything but shut up, save hapless cellphone-users’ lives, and make money.

    Fighting environmental sources of disease always means fighting the businesses that make money from selling or using the toxins in question. And currently that also means fighting a government bending over backwards (forwards?) to serve business interests.

    Even those few toxin battles that have been fought can be skewed to serve business: the current super-fastidious attention to minute amounts of second-hand smoke is a fabulous smoke-screen for the wireless industry. Politicos can outlaw smoking in parks, sidewalks, whole towns or cities—and look like they care about something about environmental health, while ignoring the huge uptick in RF saturation that is currently happening.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Right on Amy !
      Very well said, and that is the reason that I voted no on Prop. 29.
      Cancer is caused by many things, but they use tobacco as the scapegoat to take the heat off of all the other things that really cause cancer, the list is extremely long.
      Did you know that many kids are hooked on pharmaceutical drugs ? This drugging up the kids costs each parent $2,000 per month per child!
      And the big pharmaceutical corporations are hoping to keep these people hooked for life, they joke about it and call them “lifers”. What the next generation will be is a bunch of Zombies, and who knows what these drugs and all the wireless crappola will do to them ? More cancers, more private health care insurance sold and cancer research centers that are a multi- billion dollar per year industry.

  8. soapbox jill says:

    It is hard to tell people about EHS for fear of being thought mentally ill. Anyone else have to deal with this? Plus family that does not believe it is anything more than how you are thinking about smart meters/cell phones and your “fear” of these things.

    Having to try to avoid exposures makes you look strange to others. Sometimes you are just too tired to try to “sell” the truth.

    • Yes, this is no doubt the largest hurdle when trying to defend your health re: rf/emr. Even though the WHO, in a way, validated many of our concerns last year with their reclassification/upgrade of RF to a “group 2B carcinogen,” they have yet to edit this outdated and insulting statement from their website:

      “There are also some indications that these symptoms may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about EMF health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself.”

      Here’s the rewrite:

      There are some indications that microwave addiction and electromagnetically caused ailments are an exploding public health emergency. Rather than address the actual problem, many “professional” (ie: 6 figure) “health providers” maintain that those with electromagnetic injuries are delusional, because they refuse treatment (ie: be prescribed expensive painkillers, anti-depressants, or other potentially harmful, unnecessary pharmaceuticals). Those with an aversion to elevated EMR are not necessarily afraid of this kind of harmful radiation, but are likely to be fearful that their future will be increasingly isolated from society as the electrosmog in public places continues to ramp up.

  9. Ronny Rat says:

    Didn’t they already begin the microchip implants in new-borns & Swine Flu
    vaccinations since the ‘passing’ of the Health Care bill?

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      I don’t know if they have already began the RFID implants, but in a trade publication that I read called “Electrical Contractor”, there was a long article on the future pipe dreams of wireless and they described the RFID chip implants in humans for medical record numbers. They also described many other things that the corporations are dreaming of marketing in the distant future if allowed to.
      I don’t think the passing of the affordable health care act has much of anything to do with the passing of the National Medical Records Database.
      That was a separate deal promoted by Obama to implement a digital medical records system to be used by all the private insurance companies to keep track of people who have pre-existing medical conditions. That program cost us taxpayers $19 billion in 2009, with most of the money going to the corporations to develop and implement the program, I know someone who works on that project, and she makes very good money at it.
      There is public information about the National Medical Records Database available on the internet, but unfortunately it did not get any airtime on the mainstream media.
      As for the swine flue scare, that did not pan out at all for the large pharmaceutical corporations. The project was a total failure, and they were stuck with 10’s of millions of unneeded and unsold vaccines, but they still did make a profit, thanks to the World Health Organization for using government money to promote the pandemic that didn’t pan out. That is the reason that I don’t trust the WHO, because they are in bed with big pharma.

      • Paul H says:

        The ultimate goal will be a cashless society, meaning you won’t be able to buy or sell without the “mark”. There is already readers for your smart phone and an RFID tattoo called SOMARK. Looks like the mark of the beast is ready to roll. anyone who takes it will be “stung” and there will be sores involved. Researching and experiencing first hand the affects it all now makes clear sense to me.

        The story goes like this. There is a trap set for the Christians but they dissapear. There will be chaos but someone will have the answer and will be able to perform miracles. Everyone will think he is God and you will have to accept his mark or the next 7 years will be very uncomfortable. You will have to go the whole 7 without the mark or you will be beheaded. The only culture that still practices beheading is the Islamic faith.

        This will be the Mahdi.

        I’m sure I’ll be hated for telling the story but I couldn’t help myself after reading the comment.

      • Ronny Rat says:

        Thanks for the Re. Somewhere around 2010 I was one of the active posters w/MSN ‘Market Talk’ message board & a LOT of talk was going on about taking a gamble investing in the pharma endeavors you speak of as was HOT news it may EXPLODE to extraordinary levels which I only saw as a total disaster in every concievable direction & had no desire to ‘fund’ something going against the American people esp when talk was also being made about using supercomputers for monitoring & controlling anyone containing these outrageous ‘chips’ & causing any kind of reaction or disturbance they wish on them. Right, “Big Brother to the MAX”! In fact, a provision of the ‘bill’ states that in 2014
        EVERY American will be forced to be vaccunated for H1N1 in which will contain ‘chips’.

        Somehow I believe you & I have a mutual ‘past’ history at COM & that you most likely remember our dear ol’ comedian instructor Bob Peterson in the science bldg (just LOVED that guy … GOOD man). Had taken his physics class (1986), was shown a VERY lengthy (4 hr) documentary on ‘population explosion’ & what to expect in the next 20 yrs if we didn’t ‘campaign’ for more accidents, natural disasters & illness. This was also the time AIDS was in full swing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Did you get to see it? Really seems to be the very reason (besides PROFIT) we’re now seeing all these life threatening tactics (including, of course, Monsanto) & government turning a DEAF ear to it all. Really SICK!

        • Redi Kilowatt says:

          I did go to COM, only for electronics, graphic arts and computer classes, but that was back in the early eighties. Jay Stryker was the instructor.
          I do wonder about what you say about RFID chips in H1N1 vaccines. I thought that those chips had to be surgically installed.
          About 4 years ago, I stumbled upon an article about how some corporations wanted to install RFID chips in their employees, but the California state legislature squelched their plans.
          One of the concerns was that the employees could be harmed by being subjected multiple scanner doses during each day.

    • Paul H says:

      Getting ready for the mark of the beast. SOMARK

      • Ronny Rat says:

        Thanks for the ‘post’ Paul, however, is Snopes always factful
        on their statements? I, for one, have little experience to their attestments.

        • Paul H says:

          I don’t doubt that they will use RFID to keep track of us. They are getting ready to make “cash money” obsolete. So, I am with you on the aspect of chipping everyone. Snopes was to give some “weight.” They already have tested our ideas on chipping. I guess that it would be a complete failure.
          I haven’t met anyone that will take a chip or something foreign like this into their body, but I am sure there are some out there that would. I have on the other hand have seen a huge influx in tattos. The technology is there and the acceptance of tattoos is widely received. The rfid tattoo is read using 10GHz and at a distance of 5 feet. This is why I believe they will use the SOMARK.

          My other post is “awaiting moderation”. It probably won’t be posted…

  10. Ronny Rat says:

    Paul & Redi:

    Just a little more ref on ‘syringable chips’ (Aug of ’09) …
    Or Google this for more: microchip vaccine

  11. Genachowski Remarks on Unleashing Spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks

    FCC Chief Asks to Open Phone Radiation Review

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