Smart Meter Disrupts Man’s Heart- Then His Pacemaker

Above, Jerry Day of FreedomTaker.Com interviews Louis Donovan from Carson, CA about the interference- both mechanical and biological- from a smart meter that put him in the hospital and nearly took his life.   Louis suffered heart problems following installation of a smart meter on his home in Southern California.   These heart problems required that a pacemaker be implanted.   Then- Louis suspects- the smart meter caused interference with the pacemaker putting him back in the hospital!  How crazy is this?  Smart Meter mayhem.

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14 Responses to Smart Meter Disrupts Man’s Heart- Then His Pacemaker

  1. Janet Borders says:

    Wow how did they invent these things ? Are they
    Another form of sensor ship ?

  2. Rose Dart says:

    The power company came 3 days ago and put in a smart meter and did not tell us we had the right to refuse.A friend who is living in our home has a pacemaker/defibrilator and has been having problems with chest pain every since, What do I do?

    • 1. Get that person (and every person!) as far away from a smart meter as possible. Distance matters!
      2. If there are ongoing symptoms see a doctor- give them this document if they are leery of smart meter health issues: Have them write you a letter to provide your utility
      3. See a lawyer
      4. Communicate with your utility in writing. Let them know you refuse permission for the smart meter to be sited on your home.
      5. If they refuse, you have the option of hiring an electrician to remove the “smart” meter and replace it with an analog meter- this is something hundreds of people have done. This sometimes results in fines or power disconnection by the utility.
      6. Go to the media with your story- make the utility look awful if they make your life hell!
      7. It’s a messy fight but the utility industry started it!

    • Paul H says:

      Place heavy duty aluminum foil on the wall behind the meter and turn off all breakers except for necessities. Use a battery operated AM radio tuned to the lowest (530) setting to detect high frequency on the wiring. Understand that the smart meter’s microwave pulses are carried on energized wiring. I would keep the power energized to the refrigerator and ventilation only. Also remember that metal amplifies microwaves by 20db, a metal bed with metal springs will act like an ariel.

  3. sally says:

    I have been dealing with health issues w/ my older family members. 6 of them have been having heart rhythm problems. 2 have had to get ICD’s implanted & strong meds to keep their rhythm regular. The only commonality between them is the Smart Meters! ALL of their problems have started shortly after having these meters installed! I am trying to do research about this but I am having a hard time finding any info about this.
    Has anyone else had problems w/ these meters?
    If anyone has any data or info I would love to have them send it to me. After getting the info together, I plan to go speak at our city council meetings and anywhere else that may be able to help.

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  10. L.A.Nichols says:

    A pacemaker had been in my friend’s son since birth at 21 he died after a smart meter was installed at their house and this was something they had told the company not to do but they did it anyway they informed him about his condition but they put the power meter in there and did not regard his health conditions he died soon after what can we do it was 7 years ago now and I’m just finding out all the facts

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