Smart Meter Neighborhood Warnings Posted

Neighborhoods have become industrial zones requiring cancer warnings, thanks to the smart grid and the stupid utilities- the tomatoes in this photo seem to be digging the "opt out" however

David Botton from Sonoma, CA sent us this photo of the side of his home.   People aren’t waiting for regulators to post warnings in neighborhoods with smart meters- many are posting homemade warnings themselves.  This is unfortunately what it looks like when state and federal governments shirk their responsibility and ignore growing evidence and reports that a product is hazardous.   Warnings are great- and do lead to awareness, but what we need more than anything is an immediate product recall.

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  1. Ray says:

    I found an episode of Ask This Old House which shows in great detail how to change your electric meter. If you decide to buy an analog meter and replace the smart meter yourself, I don’t think you could ask for a better tutorial.

    Of course, the segment isn’t about changing a smart meter–it’s about upgrading the wiring in the house, but it shows everything you need to know about changing a smart meter.,,20561322,00.html

  2. Ray says:

    I don’t know if the link on my last comment (to the Ask This Old House episode) worked right, so here’s a shortened version.

    • Ron says:

      The link goes to the right page, but the video does not appear.

      • Ray says:

        If the video doesn’t appear, you might have javascript or cookies turned off on your browser. I have a lot of security on my browser (Firefox) which means javascript and cookies stay turned off.

        I successfully played this video on a browser called QTWeb with javascript and everything turned on.

  3. Richard is going to love the wording on that sign!

  4. Jim says:

    Now we know what they want to do:

    “HELEN BURT, Pacific Gas & Electric: Well, a smart meter is really a basic building block of a smarter grid. And a smart grid is being built all over the United States to connect solar power and other pieces of intermittent renewable power into the electric system.”

    Wind and Solar power at BIG CORPORATION OWNED MULTI ACRE PLANTS will now be able to cash in because they are more expensive types of power and “intermittent” so therefore you have to pay more (meaning BIG PROFITS). You pay more because they can charge you more AT THE EXACT TIMES THE POWER IS BEING PRODUCED BY THESE MORE EXPENSIVE “GREEN” SOURCES (green in the CEO’s pocket).

    Think about it.

    You really don’t need a Smart Meters or a “smart grid” in order to use Solar Power, just turn down the natural gas generators in the daytime and let solar take over. Same with wind, Natural Gas generation stations are variable demand types.

    The CEOs are in for a surprise, anyone can now buy solar for $1 a watt and it’s going down further! Anyone can hook up solar panels, it’s two wires to a $200 grid tie inverter anyone can buy off ebay. If you need help, ask online, I am sure there are a lot of people that would love to help you for a cool glass of ice tea and a nice conversation. Everything isn’t greed based, get a clue you lame CEOs.

    We can do it ourselves and say screw the power company!

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