80 Year Old Woman Threatened with Water Disconnect

It appears that utility companies are not above bullying 80 year old great grandmothers, threatening to disconnect their water supply simply for refusing a smart meter on their property.  Audrey, a great- grandmother in Baraboo, Wisconsin has stood up to her water utility and they have threatened to disconnect her unless she allows a wireless smart meter on her home.  More on this story and what you can do here.

Meanwhile, Sarah– whose electricity was illegally disconnected by armed Nevada Energy Agents on August 6th, is not letting her lack of electricity get her down- she is doing what she did when presented with challenges providing clean water to villages in the developing world.  She is becoming self-sufficient and defying her utility at the same time.  She reports:

“Today..I am getting batteries for solar- at a great price..and panels….I am moving forward without a utility company..moving forward with a home to be energy self sufficient.. thank you everyone for donating- you have made this all possible and made me feel so supported.”

Please continue donating to our Safe Power Fund and spreading the word about these outrageous cases.  Keeping the light of public attention focused on these utility abuses will help keep the lights on- safely- for those who are bravely resisting the smart grid onslaught.  The utilities are taking a gamble that people will be intimidated and back down in the face of these threats.  Don’t back down!  As Sarah’s determination to keep a smart meter off her house shows, we don’t need these bullies to provide critical services- we can do it ourselves! By refusing to give people the choice, the utilities are showing that we don’t really need them anyway.  Anyone up for digging a well in Wisconsin?

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  1. Char Zehfus says:

    The Wisconsin Public Service Commission had recently denied a group of 33 Madison petitioners who wanted opt out procedures clarified and applied statewide. To read their “typical” reasons for denying this WI group, see here: http://stopsmartmeterswisconsin.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/madison-water-meter-update-wi-public-service-commission-formal-decision-posted/

    I have been trying to get 2 transmitting meters off, one for gas and the electric, for over 2 years. My doctor wrote a letter for me because I have RF Sickness, but the PSC still refuses to accomodate me or anyone else. This is not new, and we need more WI residents to wake up. Thank you to Audrey and others for standing up to this outrage.

  2. Bath Salt Zombie says:

    How does one tell if they have a smart meter? Also how can it be safely removed?

  3. Granny says:

    The electric company here in Anderson County, TX would not allow me to opt out of having one of the smart electric meters either. I am going to write Governor Perry and let him know that Texans should be allowed to opt out of these Smart Meters without penalty.

  4. Paul H. says:

    Make sure to investigate the EMF produced by solar panels and the inverter. This could be actually worse than a smart meter. Chronic pulsed electromagnetic fields cause inflammation. I have witnessed people become ill within a day or two after becoming exposed. It is used for brief periods of time to inhibit bone healing but like everything too much of anything is not good for you.

    Here is the late Dr. Ted Litovitz giving a presentation to Congressional members in Washington, D.C..

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