Arizona Smart Grid “Collector Cactus” Killing Plant Life

More evidence that smart meters and their infrastructure are harming living things. This smart grid collector- disguised as a saguaro cactus- is emitting high levels of microwave radiation that appear to be harming the oleander bush and other plants directly adjacent.

There’s something sickly perverse about a fake tree or cactus with an antenna embedded being used to broadcast radiation that is killing real plants.   Rather than being disguised, wireless transmitters should be required to be painted fluorescent pink to warn people to stay away.

There’s a point at which efforts to reduce aesthetic impacts from wireless infrastructure cross the line and become intentional deception and concealment.  It appears we’ve already crossed that line.  If you want to get a sense of the extent of this problem, click here.

The ‘smart’ grid is the dystopian future happening right now.   Communities organizing and refusing to tolerate these monstrosities in their neighborhoods- by whatever means necessary- is what is going to stop this.  Polite (or even impolite) letters to President Obama will not.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

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12 Responses to Arizona Smart Grid “Collector Cactus” Killing Plant Life

  1. Richard says:

    Is there any evidence that the saguaro itself is fake, and that it conceals an antenna of any sort…or is it real and just obscuring the view of the brown unit that houses the transmitting meter…These 5-foot tall installations (brown in this instance) are found in many communities where the power lines are underground. BTW, I don’t deny that the cactus *may* be a fake–or that there are plenty of “cell trees” out there–but the unsubstantiated hype and has got to stop….UGH.

    • Cynthia says:

      Where’s the hype? Whether it’s the cactus or something behind it, it doesn’t matter.
      I’d be curious to know whether anyone besides myself suspects that long term houseplants are dying because of their smart meter?

      • Richard says:

        “Where’s the hype? “… The report is pure speculation. It’s hype. Cries of “the plants are dying”…I’m aware of a few of the stories of bats, bees, and frogs, being absent…But there are SO many variables in living systems (climate change, pesticides, etc.) that I cannot simply jump on the “wireless radiation is bad” bandwagon as the cause.

        There’s no evidence of anything “embedded” in the cactus (fake or real) or of “concealment” of an antenna. Where is the evidence of the plant’s health prior to this installation? The physical installation and necessary connections probably disturbed the roots nearby. There’s also a blight that affects oleander…Maybe the installation crew brushed up against an affected bush before visiting the bushes in this video…

        To be clear, I do understand the arguments about EHS and I don’t deny that this wireless world likely has some effect on living things, but **if it’s real then it should be testable**…There must be hundreds of academics out there that would just love to make a name for themselves and this topic seems ripe for picking/testing. But, again, there are too many variables to eliminate or control…Or are there?…Anyone? Are the academics within the public health arena oblivious to the cries…Or do they know something we don’t.

        I’d just like to see an end to the hype…Just a robust, controlled, and statistically sound study of the effects…And then–whatever the results–I’ll stop referring to it as hype.

        But I do like the author’s idea of painting all wireless transmitters fluorescent pink 🙂

        • Very few “academics” are willing to touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. It is much more rewarding and safe to study “emerging” issues, not ones that were brushed under the rug by our government/military decades ago.

          It’s fine if you want 100% certainty in life before making any decision. No one is forcing you to take precautionary measures or be concerned about this or any other global issue. But, surely you’ve been hanging around this webpage long enough to know that the experiment is happening as we speak and we are all the test subjects.

          Why are the results still inconclusive (to most people)?

          1. Enormous disinformation campaigns have been going on for decades regarding the actual documented health effects from RF and ELF electromagnetic radiation. Apparently, if you are an electric utility you can make up your own “facts.”

          2. RF radiation itself has the unique ability to confuse the biological systems within an organism, which means when we are being exposed we are LEAST ABLE to comprehend what is happening to us. Many who are convinced of the harm usually have had an opportunity to measure RF in their environment and can go some place with an ambient background level to know what it is like to feel “normal.” Without information and reference points, many behave like moths near a streetlight, flocking to EMF like it’s the fountain of youth.

          3. Individually and as a society, we are very good at telling ourselves that which makes us feel better. Your posts are always good examples of this.

        • GiveMeLiberty says:

          OK Richard…when they are looking for a spot for the next tower in your neighborhood, I want to see your hand waving high as a volunteer. That way you can have your very own test on your expensive landscaping job. Oh, AND the test on your body and health too. These things aren’t even UL approved and DON’T meet building code standards.

    • Ronny Rat says:

      Depends on how you LOOK at it Richard.

      • Paul H says:

        It seems that Richards point is that since the cell does not behave like a chemical with a predictable outcome then the peer reviewed science may not agree. Henry Lai was one of the first to show single and double DNA strand breakage.

        If someone were to armchair quarterback this topic then I could understand their ignorance on the matter. Someone that read all the complaints that people are posting and just simply ignored them would either have financial interests or just have no sympathy for his fellow human. This lack of care is able to be justified due to their own thinking that what they are doing is for the greater goal of good, like saving the planet. Hitler used this tactic and look at all the good people he had help him.

        The cell is not just a simple chemical but really a whole city performing many different duties. Microwaves with data packets disturb this function.

        Here is a link explaining what’s happening inside a cell

        You probably know everything I’ve posted but thought I would get it off my chest. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, friend. With all the uninformed naysayers out there our country will lose this attack.

  2. My personal favorite are the radar units that tell you how fast you’re going. One town I know of has 5 or 6 of them, all with their own Elster REX2 like this one pulsing away, just like the radar pointed at you. Since they are all located on the outskirts of town, they handily double as relays for Green Mountain Power’s mesh network that may not actually work with all those darn trees and mountains in the way.

  3. Paul H says:

    Unsubstantiated? Oh my! Relying on the 75 percent of industry funded studies that claim there are no biological affects and ignoring all the independent studies that show there are, is not unsubstantiated, right?

    99 percent of the people I survey are waking up at around 3 to 4 am (the time when the smart meters seem to transmit the bulk of data). Autism, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes are all skyrocketing and no cure in sight, unless you try what Magda Havas is doing. It’s about time the wireless lie is exposed for all the havoc it is creating on our health.

    Here are some facts I have learned.

    Microwaves (300mhz-300ghz) are man made and do not exist naturally.

    There are changes in the state of water induced by radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.

    Microwaves or radiofrequency electromagnetic fields consist of both electric and magnetic field components.

    A living cell is manipulated by electricity and magnets.

    The cell wall is gated by voltage.

    Microwaves are absorbed by water.

    Major organs absorb microwave radiation.

    Weight and size contributes to absorption.

    All life is composed of water.

    Metal absorbs microwaves and then releases them 20db higher than the original power.

    Wisdom cannot be taught

    You can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink.

  4. GK says:

    Hello, 20 plus years ago I read a lot about EMF and childhood cancer. At that time we were all walking around with a gouze meter strapped around our belts. I worked all my life around 500,000 volts power lines and I was afraid.. it turned out to be a bunk. False alarm. Our death rate was the same as the general population. Now it is the Smart Meter. I do not know who to believe.

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