Health Damaged by a ‘Smart’ Meter? Take the Survey

Have you been injured by smart meter radiation?  Unexplained symptoms start after a new meter was installed by your utility?  Take this new survey and help to document the circumstances around such injuries, and protect others.  Thanks to and the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters for spearheading this project. Their announcement:

Brand new SMART METER HEALTH EFFECTS SURVEY:  If you feel your health has been affected  by smart meters, we request your immediate help in studying these effects.  Follow the link below for more information and to participate in our 15 minute confidential survey on this subject.  If you submit your survey by January 15th 2013, we will be able to use your data in the precedent-setting Maine, USA investigation into the safety of smart meters.  (Note deadline has been moved back) Later submissions may be useful in other legal and regulatory proceedings.  We welcome responses from all over the world.

Link to get to survey:

Meanwhile, according to the results of another study from a university in Chile, 76% of students surveyed reported experiencing health symptoms after a powerful Wi-Fi system was installed.  After experiencing intolerable symptoms, a language professor undertook a survey of his students, who also reported effects from the radiation.

One of the students surveyed says:

“If taking away the router is the reason why a good teacher is staying or leaving, I would prefer the router to be removed.”

We couldn’t say it better ourselves.   Hopefully the administration will wake up and protect their staff and students rather than injurious and inappropriate technology.  Download pdf of the report here.

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22 Responses to Health Damaged by a ‘Smart’ Meter? Take the Survey

  1. Richard says:

    With regard to the Chilean “study”…If you want to establish a link between two things, then one sure way is to pose a question that leads the respondents to consider the link before responding. And their written responses are even better…They read like they’d all been prep’d before their testimony. A good follow up (since WiFi was already brought up) would have been to ask the students to somehow rate how strongly they believe that their maladies are most certainly related to the WiFi system. Anyhow, the results are certainly interesting, but any conclusion relating to the WiFi system would be spurious.

  2. Mia Nony says:

    “If you want to establish a link between two things, then one sure way is to pose a question that leads the respondents to consider the link before responding”
    The mainstream level of “disconnect” and the cognitive dissonance and urge to deny the law, not to mention the science tossed out in favour of scient”ism”, in this case around the subject of wireless radiation, can be mind boggling at times.
    Wifi is a rebranded name for an old military technology.
    The only oddity is that it is considered “normal” to disguise the origins and alter the name when using it for civilian application – on children.
    Instead of offering respondents subjective surveys the results of which can be dismissed as such, why not use education and science to inform the students where wifi originated, as weapons intended to harm and kill?
    All any teacher need do is to provide the student respondents with objective military data from files readily available from their own well documented decades of medical studies of the proven harm resulting from ultra low frequencies and their deleterious impact on soldiers exposed to weaponized frequencies used as assault frequencies of mass destruction.
    Then get the students to ask their parents why they pay taxes to radiate their own children. used by the the same (illegal) frequencies used by the military, including the entire RF and microwave spectrum
    What is relatively new is how blase more and more of society has become about the singular lack of curiosity risk/benefit ratio of cumulation exposure to radiation without any form of protection at all.
    The complacency out there about corporations doing an end run around the laws that forbid harming people for profit is staggering at times.
    Anyone who objects and speaks out is systematically marginalized.
    Fewer and fewer even blink an eye when radiation of entire domestic populations including children, by their own governments, is being carried out at our expense in tax funded institution after institution. Many parents are even acting almost in (hopefully) unthinking collusion with the corporatization of every waking and sleeping minute of their own and their children’s lives – from long before birth.
    It is as if natural protective instincts are dying off while cognitive impairment rises.
    Schools are not held to account.
    Taxes are used to allow those to whom children are entrusted to abuse power and remain indifferent to risk, harm, even slow sterilization of children from weaponized radiation frequencies.
    Yet the target in question here is not the identified “enemy” – AS Pogo said, we are our own enemy now.
    Long before wifi (DECT, smart grid, cell tower, wireless of any kind) went mainstream and before ultra weak ultra low frequencies were ever rebranded as “wifi”, the entire spectrum of such artificially developed frequencies were first developed as weaponized frequencies for military application.
    Nothing’s new here except the sheer global scale of mainstreamed radiation, in impact no different in its cellular and DNA shredding than that from a Fukushima reactor – save the speed at which the damage occurs.
    Those in the army used brick sized cell phones long before they were reinvented as trendy and indispensable consumer products for the ill informed.
    Men in the navy used to think it clever to use on board radar exposure as a form of birth control prior to going on leave.
    The microwave beams aimed at the US embassy in Moscow were no different than the beams radiation from most portable and DECT phones in any home, far worse than a cell phone and readily measured with a radiation monitor from twenty or thirty feet away.
    Microwave ovens continue to be considered “normal” even though they not only destroy all nutritional value but turn food into harmful carcinogenic non food, while daily leaking microwaves into millions if not billions of homes.
    The only thing mystifying about any of this is that anyone would assume that harm and worse is a matter of opinion instead of what it really is, an irrefutable military medical fact.

    • Richard says:

      You lost me back at scient”ism”… Anyway, what does any of this diatribe have to do with either my comment or the root article?

  3. Paul H says:

    Very true, Nina! It seems that people have been programmed to react negatively towards anyone speaking out about these findings. I for one carry my analyzer in a case and sometimes monitor briefly to see what I am exposed to (it’s a lot easier to do this instead of dealing with a migraine). The most common reaction I get is “Ghostbusters!” and “tinfoil hat”, both terms coming from the movie industry.

    I have many relatives, most are children, getting MRI’s to try to find why they get migraines everyday. It’s a real head scratcher for the doctors as they find nothing. To wait for peer reviewed science to give them their answer, when there was tons of evidence readily available, is idiotic. These people that thrash the findings of success have never experienced the misery of a wireless allergy. I was fortunate to find this website that had so many others finding the cause of their migraines, heart palpitations, tinnitus and nightmares. Yes, the smart meter will cause you to dream and wake up scared. It’s affect on the central nervous system is powerful. How do I know? Because I used scientific methods of introduction and removal to correlate. Not only myself but family members not living with me were showing the same findings. The smart meter likes to send out a 90 second blast at 4 watts right around 3am. It’s difficult to find anyone that doesn’t wake up at this time in a dense smart meter neighborhood.

    So, people can listen to the naysayers and rely on some drug as a bandaid or they can remove themselves from the source. The problem is finding an area that isn’t being bombarded by wireless. I like the mountains where towers are absent and trees are plentiful. Spending just one day wireless free will prove everything we are telling you is 100 percent accurate. I foresee people running to the hills as they find wireless the cause of all “mystery” ailments.

  4. Regarding the Chilean study, if I was a student being asked to fill out a questionnaire, there is no way I would say that the wi-fi was affecting my heath if I did not truly believe that to be the case. The question is, why do some people choose to ignore the overwhelming independent science? I would say that a study of psychological denial would be more apropos than any emf study.

    • Richard says:

      More on the Chilean study…Here’s an interesting read about the survey’s author…I wonder if he (oops!) carried his anti-EMF agenda into the classroom and (oops!) shared it with his students before conducting the survey. Maybe he should stick to professing within his area of expertise.

      • Don’t worry, Richard!

        Teachers like Paul who sincerely care about the wellbeing of their students, encouraging them to pause for a moment to ask themselves, “how am I feeling today?” are few and far between. The fluorescent lights and wifi are doing their job and 99% are caught like deer in headlights, terrified that if they question “progress” they’ll soon be out of a job.

        • Richard says:

          Are you a teacher? I’d be surprised given your “few and far between” comment. I’m not offended by Paul’s teaching (I’ve never sat in his class), but I am offended by the apparent bias in his survey. He’s got an agenda; that is apparent in his survey, and that (to me) invalidates the results. That’s all.

          (There is another problem, however…which is that the anti-EMF movement latches onto such “studies” as more evidence of harm, when the data is essentially worthless.)

          • Paul H says:

            Deem them worthless and ignore the studies to better your health? Wow! That’s real faith. You must be in excellent health. I have used the studies to cure friends and family. All I had to do was measure for this pollution you defend so well.
            Hypothermia was cured by removing a WiFi router. This idea came from Barrie Trower’s explanation of the affect on the glands.

            Type 2 diabetes high blood pressure cured after 20+ years of exposure to a cordless phone base station propagating from the neighbor’s house. This idea came from numerous papers from the Defense Intelligence Agency; Naval Medical Research Institute, NASA, and a study from Magda Havas .


            There many more not including myself.

            Migraines so intense that a prescription for an MRI was given. Smart Meter was removed and the migraines vanished.

            I guess my point is that if your perfectly healthy and you sleep 8 hours a night nonstop then this information will have no personal use to you. If you have any problems at all try eliminating all exposure to wireless, using an analyzer to measure, especially around your bed. If you would like to feel what others are going through just relocate your WiFi router to a place under your bed. Sleeping with your cell phone on under your pillow will also create the desired affect. A bed with metal springs will amplify the microwaves so placing more metal in the room will also help.

          • Paul H says:

            Here is a link to a peer reviewed study on how microwave radiation affects the heart

          • Paul H says:

            I got the idea to eliminate wireless to help fight diabetes through a link on If I had just ignored the article I would have missed information that proved to help save lives.

          • Richard, I hesitate to share personal details online just because SSM!’s #1 troll is curious about my profession.

            With that said, I have chosen to leave a number of teaching positions because of technology upgrades that were affecting my health and ability to teach. It was very obvious to me that other teachers were having problems too as there was a spike in migraines and other health problems accompanying these upgrades. Where transmitters (phones and routers) were installed, students who sat closest to the sources of radiation were having more difficulty learning, sitting still and following rules.

            It absolutely breaks my heart to know that millions of children are being set up for a lifetime of EHS for the sake of “technology immersion.” To be clear, I am no luddite. Technology and media have their place in schools. That place is a computer lab with wired computers set up to keep EMF exposure as low as possible. Wifi or DECT phones in every classroom that are used a fraction of the time, yet cause constant exposure to teachers and students are a recipe for disaster.

            To sidestep the whole health debate, because I know where you stand (firmly superglued to the fence), the main problem I see is that so many people now get their internet access via microwave/wifi that they do not even realize that there are alternatives that accomplish the exact same goal. It should go without saying that smart grid proponents exhibit the same failure of imagination when it comes to power conservation and grid management. We have the wireless industry to thank for perpetuating the myth that wired networks are too expensive to build or maintain.

            The number one responsibility of a teacher is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for their students. For a shop teacher, that means requiring safety goggles, dust control, and proper instruction about using power tools. For an art teacher, that means making sure materials with VOCs are used as carefully as possible. For a chemistry teacher, that means using chemicals with caution and imparting a respect for the potentially dangerous substances. For nearly every teacher nowadays, it would be prudent if they understood not only how to use technology in a classroom, but how that technology measurably changes their classroom and how that can affect their students’ ability to learn. I don’t doubt that most teachers sincerely believe they are helping their students prepare for the future, but the good ones know that screen time does not foster creativity, open-mindedness or social skills.

            Lastly, I think a key issue here that of language. You can refer to people as “anti-EMF” all you want, but I think if you were to ask, most of us would consider ourselves to be precautionary, pro-health, pro-life, pro-truth, pro-wired, pro-nature, etc. You’re free to think and say that people like Mr. Doyon have an “agenda” even if it all it does is magnify your own.

          • Richard says:

            “…just because SSM!’s #1 troll is curious about my profession”

            Yeah, it was rhetorical…I figured that you couldn’t be a teacher, given your comment.

            As for the “troll” comment…I am not trying to raise anyone’s hackles; I’m just trying to promote some awareness of the what does NOT constitute science, and what should be viewed with skepticism, and why. Why? So people can make truly informed decisions, instead of running in fear with misinformation found online. Studies with n=2 participants; studies with enormous standard deviations; and “studies” conducted by visiting professors in the humanities with obvious bias SHOULD be viewed critically instead of promoted as the latest evidence of “injurious and inappropriate technology”. UGH.

            Science can help your cause. Stories will not.

          • Saul says:

            Normal blood pressure is coeerdnisd to be 120/80. Yours falls in the healthy range of normal (just a hair low from the average). This should be good for the insurance companies.Your pulse rate of 92 is at the high end of average for a resting pulse rate (for reference a resting pulse rate should be 60-100 BPM). However there are many factors that can cause your heart rate to be slightly elevated such as activity before you sat down, or even just the stress of having a medical examination. Coupled with your good blood pressure the insurance companies should put you in a preferred rate unless you have other medical history or family risk factors you didn’t mention (though each insurance company can differ).

        • Paul H. says:

          Here is a link to recent (2009-2012) studies showing that we are on the right path. SSM’s #1 troll has prodded my research skills. Maybe you have seen these studies already? It wouldn’t hurt to save them, you never know when they may disappear.

          • Richard says:

            “Here is a link to recent (2009-2012) studies showing that we are on the right path.”

            And here is a link with references showing that “we” may not be on the right path:

            http://www. [ quack watch ] .org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/ems.html

            Had to edit the link since this site would not let me post it directly, as provided 🙁 BTW, my post is just a reference, not any sort of accusation or implication of “quackery”…

          • Paul H says:

            Why post anything from quackery? They are the quacks for relying on drugs to cure them from wireless induced sickness. I hear drug commercials trying to relieve people from smart meter ailments. Anyway, here is a recent well written article about health effects from smart meters

          • Paul H says:

            You probably didn’t look at any of the studies or link because they go farther back then 2009 plus there are so many of them it would take quite a bit to read them all. I’m surprised as you seem to always point out any discrepancies.

  5. Barbara says:

    It is not just the smart meter to blame. Tampering of power lines by the electrical companies and then cranking up the voltage from generators, has been a major cause of elevated high voltage electricity beyond safety levels. The CIA/NSA, military, drug traffickers/addicts, skinheads, and motorcycle gangs, are involved. They have been prospering over the sickness, diseases, mock operations, and deaths attributed to the raising of high voltage electricity and cellular radiation levels. Microchipping the victims only increases the effects on the body. The main area of implants are the temples and either side of bridge of nose. They own the drug companies, and the ambulance and hospitals are all part of it. Prescription drug trafficking has played a big role in all of this.

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