Protests Against City of Naperville Actions Planned for Feb. 5

This just in from Naperville Smart Meter Awareness:

Stand in Solidarity with Naperville
Stand for Responsible Government
Stand for Personal Property Rights
Stand for Freedom of Choice


Stand on February 5 w/ Naperville, 7pm (6:45 arrival), Council Chambers, 400 S Eagle St

Last week, our elected officials approved the use of police force to enter residents’ property against their will, destroy private property, threaten their pets and arrest mothers who were exercising their right to refuse a product without a warrant and who were documenting the events along with CBS news reports.

This may be common place in other parts of the world. In Naperville, Illinois? Not until last week.

Whatever side of the political aisle you sit on, the events of the past week require an immediate response.  Why? Because this blatant misuse of our police force reveals a much deeper problem.  The misuse of power.

On Feb 5, we are asking all NSMA supporters, both in and out of Naperville, to come to the next council meeting to Stand Up for Our Rights as residents, as parents, as property owners, as neighbors, and as voters.

Wear Red to show strength!

Bring signs in support of charges being dropped for Kim and Jen and for a no-cost opt out analog meter option (or stating whatever you feel is appropriate).

Speakers are needed for the public forum.  Please contact Jerry at kcgs101[at]hotmail[dot]com if you would like to speak.

For Residents outside of Naperville:

Continued letters to state and local government officials, news media, and posts on your facebook pages are all contributing to increasing media coverage on this event.  We request that you keep them coming.

Call Governor Quinn: 312-814-2121
Call the ACLU 312-201-9750
Call the State’s Attorney: 630-407-6500 (DuPage Co) or 815-727-8453 (Will Co)

National News:

Local Illinois:
CBS News 312-899-2222 or Breaking news Hotline 1-800-CH2-NEWS
ABC News 312-750-7777 Or Breaking News Hotline (312) 750-7070
Trib Local: mjenco[at]tribune[dot]com
The Patch: maryl[at]patch[dot]com
Naperville Sun: hbeck1997[at]yahoo[dot]com
Daily Herald: jkmitch[at]dailyherald[at]com

Don’t give up your rights.
City of Naperville = CON

Don’t be CONned or bullied into giving up your freedom.

Donate to NSMA Now

NSMA is a grass roots, community-funded organization that relies on donations from supporters like you to continue our mission of educating and advocating for Naperville residents and all of America to have the right to choose to retain their analog meters.

Help us raise $25,000 to support the active federal lawsuit filed in December 2011 and the volunteer efforts to educate the community.

Please donate now.  Email NapervilleSmartMeters[at]yahoo[dot]com to volunteer.

Those unable to attend Naperville’s protest on Tuesday are urged to plan their own protests to defend the rights of Naperville residents- and all of us- to safety, privacy, and health in our own homes.  Contact your local media!  Stand up for our constitution that is under attack!  Send us your pics!

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One Response to Protests Against City of Naperville Actions Planned for Feb. 5

  1. Terri says:

    Sorry to be off-topic, but may I ask you all a favor? Will you please take this link and post it everywhere you know there’s a concern about radiofrequency radiation (RF), such as at other Stop Smart Meter or Smart Meter Awareness sites, on or off Facebook? This proposal might dwarf the extensive networks we have now, and effectively fry any with the slightest sensitivity to RF. Check out these descriptions:

    {SNIP} “The airwaves that FCC officials want to hand over to the public would be much more powerful than existing WiFi networks that have become common in households. They could penetrate thick concrete walls and travel over hills and around trees. {SNIP}

    “The new WiFi networks would also have much farther reach, allowing for a driverless car to communicate with another vehicle a mile away or a patient’s heart monitor to connect to a hospital on the other side of town.” {SNIP}

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