Submit RF Comments to FCC by Wednesday

If you’ve become aware of how serious the issue of wireless/microwave proliferation is, write the Federal Communications Commission!
Deadline to submit comment:
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

From Take Back Your Power:

Why Your Comments Matter:

These proceedings allow the public to inform the FCC why it must update its RF safety guidelines in order to comply with its proposal to amend its rules to ensure that the public is appropriately protected from any potential adverse effects from RF exposure. For example, FCC’s current RF safety guidelines do not take into account published research on the biological effects brought on by the ability of RF signals to communicate with living tissue.

The last time the FCC invited public comment was July 2009. At that time, comments were dominated by industry and corporate interests, discouraging the FCC from further tightening RF radiation guidelines. Americans concerned about health and safety need to be heard on this matter.

What to Do:
Please take a few minutes to document your concerns regarding any aspects of RF radiation you are concerned about (such as needless additional RF radiation and electrosmog from “smart meters” when better technological options are available, or inadequate safety standards for wireless cell phones).

Here’s the information on how to file your official Affidavit of public comment to the FCC.  (As provided by the EMR Policy Institute and Take Back Your Power.)

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One Response to Submit RF Comments to FCC by Wednesday

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I filed my affidavit today with the FCC.

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