Dining by the Glow of PG&E Smart Meter Radiation Pulses

Love your analog- don’t let it be kidnapped by greedy utilities!

Nothing that says romance quite like dining next to ‘Smart’ Digital Utility Meters emitting up to 190,000 pulses of radiation per day.

A recent stroll through the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco brought these appalling examples of forced public exposure at close proximity to PG&E ‘smart’ meter radiation to the attention of SF resident Amy O’Hair (all photos by Amy O’Hair).

Class 2 B carcinogen with your California roll?

At Moki Sushi restaurant (left), lucky diners placed at the front window table get an extra bonus–three smart meters right next to them, pulsing off in the little alcove.





Not so progressive….


The deli workers at Progressive Grounds Cafe (right) are treated to smart meter pulses all day while they make your sandwiches — the RF radiation doubled and tripled by reflection off all the shiny steel surfaces.





Making that goodnight kiss subject to neurological disruption. Thanks PG&E!

This doorway squeezes the residents at 404 Cortland Ave. (left) between two smart meters, should they ever need to go through their front door.

Get yourself fit- then get yourself microwaved in Bernal Heights





This neighborhood service will take your dog for a radiation run up on Bernal Hill, which sports an impressively stacked cell tower, featured prominently in their billboard.

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One Response to Dining by the Glow of PG&E Smart Meter Radiation Pulses

  1. Isis says:

    Since we know that PG&E couldn’t possibly be in violation of any laws, the person living at 404 Cortland must be very, very skinny, and only walks in the front door right through the middle, probably sideways, never stepping to the side, within 7.9 inches of either of the meters (FCC rule is that antennas have to be at least 20 centimeters (= 7.9 inches) from people, see https://stopsmartmeters.org/2011/09/19/smart-meters-violate-fcc-regulations-period/). Assuming the door is about 36 inches wide, the resident should be at most 20 inches wide themselves, and steady on their feet. Ringing the doorbell at this house is probably illegal now.

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