Mass Protest Wednesday in Southern California

Media Advisory:  Smart Meter Surveillance and Cancer Grid Protest,
March 20th (Wed), 11:30-2:30 pm in front of the The Four Seasons Westlake Village, Westlake Village, CA 91364

Contacts:  Julie Levine and Guero Cerda, 310-455-9389; 310-463-3016; Liz Barris 310-455-7530

Why:  There is a major smart meter/smart grid industry gathering on March 20th, 2013:
…and we are planning a major protest against it.

JOIN US on Wed., March 20th, 11:30AM – 2:30PM on sidewalks in front of The FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, for a peaceful protest against the carcinogenic surveillance grid known as “smart grid and smart meters”, where industry executives from Edison, PG&E, SMUD and other major utility corporations responsible for this active assault will be gathered. The demonstration will include a press conference where former DWP workers, engineers, people who have experienced health problems from  smart meters and the smart meter grid, and those with concerns about surveillance will share their stories.

Attendees of the conference will be executives from Edison, PG@E, SDG@E, SMUD, Arizona Public Service and other “smart” players including staff, consultants and others will be gathered to discuss the how to further financially exploit the deadly smart grid

For more info on this action: “Like”  No Smart Meter Coalition  page on Facebook.

Legal observers will be present to help ensure the rights of the demonstrators.  Occupy LA will be sending 2 buses leaving from downtown LA.

If coming from the South, take 101 Freeway North to Lindero Canyon exit (first exit after Kanan Road).  Turn right onto Lindero Cyn Road. Protest will be on sidewalk on left hand side at first intersection with Russell Ranch Road.  Parking will be on right side at parking area for Marriott, Lure Fish House and Custom Built Burgers (shopping center on SW corner of Lindero Canyon Road and Russell Ranch Road).

Thank you so much for your help and support.  Please pass this on to friends, family, neighbors and the media.

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3 Responses to Mass Protest Wednesday in Southern California

  1. Dulcy Wilson says:

    I live in British Columbia, Canada, having moved from California 6 years ago. I am extremely against the ‘Smart’ Grid and ‘Smart Meters’. This system is very dangerous to all living systems, which includes bees, trees, birds, animals and humans. It is unconscionable by the authorities (governments and utilities) that they force this system on the public. These are not meters alone, but radiating transmitters. There is no benefit for the paying public for using a wireless smart grid, although the ‘spin’ tries to convince us to the contrary. We must all keep saying NO and very loudly.

  2. Vera Long says:

    Smart Meters are spreading across Oklahoma. So far they have not taken over in
    Stillwater, OK. but officials are trying to sneak them in the back door! Power to you!!

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