Edison Meters Suspected in Long Beach Throat Cancer Case

The SCE "smart" meter that was originally installed in JN's home

The SCE “smart” meter that was originally installed in JN’s home

StopSmartMeters.Org recently received this account from a man in Long Beach, CA. Detractors say this type of account is “just anecdotal” and does not hold scientific or medical weight.  But how many firsthand accounts need to pile up before action is taken or a proper investigation launched?  The California Department of Public Health has received so many health complaints about smart meters that they have set up a special e-mail address to handle them all.   If you believe you have suffered adverse health effects from “smart” meters, why not tell the CADPH (or the health dept. in your state or country) and ask how they are investigating and responding to this public health threat.

WARNING: the following contains graphic descriptions of the cancer JN is convinced he developed because of his proximity to SCE’s “smart” meter.

Account of “JN” Long Beach, CA

I’m not quite sure of the date when a utility worker from the Corix company came to my house to change my old analog electric meter over to the new smart meter. At the time I knew nothing about smart meters and had never even heard of them. So I agreed and the utility worker quickly installed the new meter and left. The new meter that was put in was located on the inside back porch of the house and at the time I had an old electrical system that still used the old glass fuses.

It was not long after that when I started to notice that I had developed a constant ringing in my ears and was always fatigued along with heart palpitations but I couldn’t figure out why I might be having these issues. I went and had my hearing tested and was diagnosed with tinnitus.

Around the first part of April of 2012 I decided to have the electrical system of the house upgraded. Southern California Edison came by and did a meter drop and wanted the new meter placed on that alley side of the house so that the wires from the utility line would not cross over any structures. The upgrade took a couple of weeks to complete. The new meter panel along with the smart meter now sat right outside one of the bedrooms where I have a music studio.  I spend most of my time there- usually from early morning to late in the evening. The way my computer desk was set up put me directly in front of the smart meter- about 4 feet away from where I would sit most of the time.

In about May of 2012, after about a month of sitting in front of the smart meter, I noticed on the right side of my neck what looked like a burn.  Later my skin looked like it had been cooked. The burn was about 2 inches long by about a half inch wide. Shortly after that I reported it to my doctor at the VA Medical Center and was given Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream to apply. It took close to maybe a month before the burn cleared up but then I started noticing that I was having a problem swallowing pills.

I have an herbal medication that I take that sort of has a gel cap coating to it that would pop right back up after swallowing it. I also noticed that sometimes I would spit up small amounts of blood if I would try to clear my throat too aggressively. I went back to my doctor at the VA with these complaints and he set me up for a barium swallow test.

By this time I was starting to feel like the smart meter had something to do with the way I was feeling. After several complaints to Edison to remove the meter I was getting quite desperate and feeling quite ill. The last night before they removed it I could not even sleep in my bedroom which was on the same side of the house as the smart meter approximately 15 feet or so from my bed. I ended up sleeping on the floor that night in the living room. The next day an Edison utility worked came out and removed the smart meter.

The "trojan horse" analog meter that SCE installed on JN's home.   Beware.

The “trojan horse” analog meter that SCE installed on JN’s home. Beware.

I had been reading and learning about the difference between smart meters and analog meters so when the Edison utility worker showed up I knew that I did not want anything to do with smart meters or any Trojan horse replacement meters made up to look like analog meters. I asked the Edison installer several times if this was a true analog replacement meter that was not set up for transmitting or collecting information and his exact words were “well it might send out a ping”. I told him if that’s the case then it’s not a true analog meter like the original meter I had before Corix installed the smart meter. At any rate he installed the replacement meter which was made up to look like an analog meter and left.

After he left I went on line and did a Google search for the meter the Edison worker had installed and found that it indeed had transmitting and data collecting abilities. Upon discovering that, I was really pissed off that Edison would try to be so deceitful. I went on line and found a place where I could buy my own legal analog meter and purchased one. I gave Edison fair notice and asked them to come out and remove it or I would replace it with the one I purchased. In addition I also purchased an Electrosmog meter so that I could measure the EMF’s coming off all my devices.

A few days after I sent Edison the letter asking them to remove the Trojan meter which goes by the name of “Landis Gyr + MX Family” at around 9:30 in the evening my ears began ringing really loud. Something told me to check the new Edison meter with my Electrosmog meter and I saw that it was registering for about 20 minutes that the Edison meter was transmitting a signal. The next day I removed the Landis Gyr meter and sent it back to Edison and had an electrician install my replacement meter.

Picture 1

After that Edison became very hostile and began to threaten that they would turn off my power. They sent out one of their Revenue Protection agents- a Mr. Anthony Medina who claimed I was stealing electricity because I did not have one of their meters on my house. The new analog meter that I had installed could be easily read and had been calibrated by the factory but I was told it was not acceptable as far as Edison was concerned. Mr. Medina wanted to reinstall the same meter that I had sent back to Edison and I told him that I didn’t want it. He said that he could get an analog meter that would be a non-transmitting meter but that he would have to drive all the way back to his office in Fullerton to get it. He was back in about 30 minutes with the same meter claiming it was different then the first one.  I knew he was lying because there is no way he could drive from my house to Fullerton and back in 30 minutes.

Edison left me alone for a few weeks and then I got two more threatening phone calls from a woman at Edison threatening now to turn off my power immediately and also a fine for $250 for tampering with Edison equipment. Shortly after that Mr. Medina came back out and reinstalled the same Landis Gyr + MX meter on my house that I had returned to them. The $250 fine shortly followed which I paid. I was just tired of fighting with them.

I also wrote a letter complaining to the California Public Utilities Commission about the Trojan meter the Landis Gyr+ MX meter that Edison was forcing me to take and I got a reply back from Ana Montes telling me that Edison was not in the wrong and that the meter was perfectly acceptable as far as the CPUC was concerned.

The basic analog meter that JN obtained from freedomtaker.com  SCE threatened him with disconnection and levied hundreds in fines.

The basic analog meter that JN obtained from freedomtaker.com. SCE threatened him with disconnection and levied hundreds in fines.

Fast forward to about the first of November 2012 I went back to the doctor because I was having real bad heart burn for a couple of weeks and I thought that it might be because of a hernia that I had so my doctor set me up to see about having a hernia repair done. Before the hernia repair I decided to finally go and get the Barium Swallow done that he wanted and I mentioned to him my suspicions and why I did not want to do the Barium Swallow was because I did not want to get bombarded with more X rays because of my suspicions about the smart meter. He told me that he had discussed it with some of his colleagues and that they saw no connection.

So now comes the day of my hernia operation and they roll me into the operating room to do the surgery. When I wake up I don’t feel any pain or scars and a minute or so later a recovery room nurse comes over and tells me that my surgery was cancelled because they couldn’t get a air tube down my throat on the operating table because of a mass in my throat. That was on 11/16/12. Anyway, when I get home later that evening I was drinking a cup of tea when all of a sudden I spit up what looked like a piece of raw hamburger with blood in it about the size of quarter. Since it was on a Friday and late in the evening the only thing I could think of was to quickly put the specimen in a small glass jar and freeze it.

On Tuesday, November 20th I went to the VA Medical Center in Long Beach CA to the ENT department to see a Dr. Ge, where I dropped off the specimen. When I came back for a follow-up visit on 12/12/12 that was when I got the diagnosis that the specimen was cancerous. So the cancer that I have is at the bottom right side of the back of my tongue the same side as the burn on my neck and has to be treated with radiation and chemo because I was told that it’s too much of a high risk for complications to do surgery on.

I have never been a smoker or a drinker. Not a big cell phone or cordless phone user either. I have always been pretty health conscious and about seven or eight months ago switched to more of a vegan type diet.

March 15th Update:

Well they wanted me to do 35 days of radiation treatments along with one session of Chemo a week.  I made it up to day 28 with the radiation before I got sick taking
the pain medication which has given me severe constipation.  So I have missed my last 2 days of radiation.  I will see how I feel next week and try to see if I can complete
the treatment.  It is really indescribably brutal and there have been a few other patients here who just dropped out because they  could not take it.

After they make a plastic mesh type mask of your head neck and shoulders each treatment they bolt the mask down with you inside of it to the table.  The fit is so tight that when they finish you can see the mesh out lines on my face when they are done. They also restrain both of your hands.  The treatments are about 10 to 20 minutes long.

Some other down sides to the radiation treatments that I want to mention is that it totally wiped out my taste buds and the sore throat is unbelievable.  Knowing that could be a problem they inserted a stomach tube in me so that I can take nourishment by tube feedings. The tube feeding are 6 cans of a liquid formula called Jevity which give me serious heart burn even after one 8 oz can.  At first I was taking all my meals by mouth until the third week of radiation when my taste buds just vanished and everything I would try to eat had no taste at all. No matter what I would eat it all tasted the same like eating dry cardboard. It’s not even possible to quench my thirst with a cold glass of water because the water tends to have a chemically, metal after taste to it. It got to the point where I could not even stand the smell of food cooking.

My salivary glands are also all dried out so my mouth is constantly dry except for when this other gland in my mouth kicks in. I found out there is another gland in the mouth that also makes spit except the spit it makes is a real thick kind of mucous which it over produces to the point where I am constantly spitting it out to keep from choking on it.  That routine goes on all day long everyday. Also, not to mention the constant nose bleeds.

Radiation treatments are no walk in the park.


Editor:  And these are the same meters that police in Naperville, IL are forcing on people’s homes, arresting you if you refuse?  What the HELL is going on here?

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12 Responses to Edison Meters Suspected in Long Beach Throat Cancer Case

  1. Ron says:

    No surprise that the utility’s new Trojan horse replacement “analog” meters put out emissions of their own. As for installation safety, it’s wildly hypocritical that the utility has their meters installed by unlicensed trainees/welders who often have to sneak in to slam those meters into their sockets; but they won’t allow customers to hire California certified electrical contractors to install their own analog meters, who might even take the trouble to open the main breaker before going to work.

    The fact that no one we know of has had their power cut off for refusing to pay opt-out fees, should come as no surprise either, considering the explicit language of CPUC Code Section 745 (d) (1):
    “Residential customers have the option to not receive service pursuant to time-variant pricing and incur no additional charges as a result of the exercise of that option. Prohibited charges include, but are not limited to, administrative fees for switching away from time-variant pricing, . . .”

    I have suspected for some time now that this whole opt-out fee trial period has been little more than a ploy for the utility company to buy time during which they can quietly back away from the highly unpopular label of SmartMeters and repackage their wireless digital hardware under the guise of a new generation of no-fee/whoopee! digital “analog” meters with wireless capability initially and temporarily deactivated. This will be their calculated but inadequate response to the extensive groundswell of resistance to their Smart Grid system. They needed time to stock up on anticipated replacement hardware.

    So, don’t celebrate too vigorously when the PUC soon arrives at a “magnanimous” decision to officially forego opt-out fees–or more likely, spread them out amongst the entire base of ratepayers. If they were ever going to comply with their own code, opt-out fees would have forever remained legally unenforceable. But how many of us know that, and how many will pay them anyway in spite of realizing that the PUC are a bunch of outlaws for approving them in the first place?

    This conjecture about the PUC dropping opt-out fees is admittedly pure speculation, but one of the factors leading to it is a recent undocumentable policy reversal from PG$E’s own Chief Customer Officer Helen-of-Troy Burt. A year ago Ms. Burt was quoted in a SF Chronicle article http://www.sfgate.com/business/artic…-1-3518122.php
    talking tough about how the utility will deal with people who refuse to pay opt-out fees. “It is a part of what they owe, and at some time in the future, it’ll be an unpaid bill that’ll be subject to collection and possibly subject to cut off, . . .That is absolutely the last thing we want to do.”
    Fast forward to the recent PUC hearing in San Francisco. At about 31 minutes into EON’s video of the hearing, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMxLSwFEWpA&feature=player_embedded
    Sudi Skull spoke, mostly about Al Gore’s profitable relationship with Silver Springs Network. Her concluding remarks may have dropped a few jaws: “I had a conversation with Helen Burt at PG$E. She stated that she believed there should be a no-fee opt-out.” Ms. Burt has yet to confirm this surprising reversal publicly, much less put it in writing.

    Let’s put this likely development in the context of previous unexpected “concessions”. First, we were told Smart Meters were mandatory, that we had no choice. Following a pronounced groundswell of popular resistance, opt-outs suddenly became available. But they were only the first Trojan horse, since they came accompanied by extortion. Now, after even more resistance, it looks like the second Trojan horse is on the horizon: the odious fees themselves will go by the wayside, and we’ll all be expected to be grateful to the corporate megamaniacs for “responding” to our concerns. But if the utilities and PUC get their way, the bottom line is that the Smart Grid will proceed unabated. Keep in mind the pathetic understatement of the Edison installer when asked if the replacement was a true analog meter that was not set up for transmitting or collecting data: “Well, it might send out a ping.”
    Has anyone seen Pong?

  2. Mia Nony says:

    These thugs assume they are only dealing with an uninformed populace unaware of their common law private rights to not have their properties become an amalgamated third party corporate adjunct to a smart grid industrial surveillance enterprise.
    In some cases, smart meter illiteracy on the part of the public may be true.
    However, the Trojan fake analogue smart meter above appears to be identical to one just swapped by Corix on a return visit just last month, in a rural area of BC, Canada.
    BC, Canada does not have Landis and Gyr analogue meters NOR Landis and Gyr Smart meters.
    Also Accenture, formerly Anderson of Enron infamy, in and out of court all the time, years ago took over all control of key billing and measurement for our “public” utility, BC Hydro.

  3. Pucco says:

    I am so sorry, JN for your suffering. You did everything right (short of moving far away, I guess). It can be irritating to be fighting for the masses when they can’t get their butts out from in front of the TV long enough to be educated about something or stand up against it. But JN, you educated yourself, didn’t wallow in denial about the dangers, bought and installed your own meter, moved your sleeping arrangements, and kept fighting.

    You will be high in my mind as one of the deserving people I’m fighting for. Good luck to you!

  4. Mia Nony says:

    Any chance of more providing additional info on how to spot a Trojan fake and telling us how they spotted this one and identified it as a Trojan meter?

  5. JN says:

    Thanks everyone for you kind words and support. They are very much appreciated.

  6. Alex says:

    I see more of a health hazard from the first picture.. That thing is a fire waiting to happen…

  7. Seems to me you in America have the same CRIMINALS forcing these dammed dangerous seemingly Cancer producing machines as we here in Victoria Australia have. I’ve had my Electric Meter Box padlocked for nigh on three years now and only after padlocking it did I straight way put up the Lawful Canberra Head of the Australian Government 1900-1901 and still effective Anti Trespass Sign for $167,000 dollars against any trespassers. Even after that I got harassed on the phone by Powercor one of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies acting like pack of Leeches to suck ever more money out of our Cash Strapped Pockets. I sent these SCUM a Notice of Fine for ………………wait for it ……$10,000,000, that’s right folks, Ten Million Dollars. They at Powercor had only fourteen 14 days in which to contact me by Registered Mail the same way I sent my Registered Letter and Lawful Notice of Fine to them. If they had not answered my within fourteen 14 days they had according to the Lawful Canberra Notice of Fine fallen into the terms of this Fine and could never bother me again. After three months I still had heard nothing from these Scum Bags so I phoned the top lawyer at the A.C.C.C in Canberra and he said……..” Well done Richard I think you have scared the pants off them. Actually he said it a bit stronger than that. He said, “I think you have frightened them S******s,” Get it !

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