Teach Your Children Well: Keep them Away from Wireless


Wireless non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, smart meters and cell towers can be damaging to adults (pdf), but it can be devastating to children and their developing brains and bodies.   Don’t take a risk with their future.   Keep them away from wireless, and make sure to get them (and you!) out into nature on a regular basis.

Take off your shoes and socks and get grounded again!

We continue to hear horror stories of kids addicted to their iPads and suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder.  It’s not right and it’s time to take a stand- protect our kids and give them the contact with nature and other species that is our birthright.

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  1. Terri says:

    People have a tendency to think that what they can’t see can’t hurt them. But looking at the pictures in the story, you can see that radiofrequency radiation is a threat to you and your family’s health.

    Please take steps to protect yourself and your children from excess radiofrequency radiation – it’s not always easy to do, but it’s worth it! RF can cause cancer, and it’s been linked especially to leukemia in children. And these RF exposures are cumulative – they add up!

    So just say “no” to cell phones for young children, and go to hard-wired instead of wireless for your internet connection. Pitch your microwave and cordless phones (use a recycling program, so they don’t pollute), and keep your cell phone at least three feet away from you when you’re not on it. Say “no” to “smart” meters, and stay as far away from yours if one is on your house already.

    These are some steps we have taken to protect our health and happiness. Avoid the ear cancer, eye cancer, brain cancer, and other maladies that RF can cause. Please take action today!

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