Meet Leah, the Hialeah Meter Maid

When you ask your utility for a safe, analog meter, do they tell you something like “sorry analogs are not made anymore” or “sorry they are not available.”  If you haven’t picked up on the theme by now, assume that everything the utility industry tells you is a lie unless proven otherwise.  Those who believe what the utility tells them at face value continue to be hurt, injured, and swindled.  It’s a hard lesson often learned the hard way.   Don’t get hurt and don’t believe the utility when they tell you:

•  “You have no power”

•  “You must submit”

•  “They are going on everyone’s home”

•  “They are less powerful than a cell phone”

•  “They only transmit for 30 seconds a day”

These are all lies.  You do have the power to refuse as it is your property.  They are not going on everyone’s home as there are ‘opt out’ policies in a number of states and in the UK.  Even if there is not an ‘opt out’ policy in your state, you have a fundamental right to refuse these on your rental or owned property.  Does the utility own your home?  Case closed.

If your utility refuses to remove an unwanted smart meter that is doing harm, the next step is to inform them that you will be taking matters into your own hands and having a safe analog meter installed by a qualified electrician.   After more than a dozen families did this in California, and were forced to live without power for 2 weeks at Christmas time, the CPUC agreed to offer an official “opt out” policy albeit one with an extortionate fee attached (that thousands are still refusing to pay.)  In other words, the pattern has been that you can’t just sit back and expect change if you live in a state with no analog opt out.    Out of crisis and public protest comes visible pressure on the authorities and pressure to act.   But there have to be people who are willing to risk and sacrifice in order to bring it to a head.

“Where do I find an analog meter”you say.  The utility companies have crushed millions of perfectly functional analog meters in a staggering crime of waste and theft of our right to choose.   But they haven’t managed to crush them all.    Enter Leah, the Hialeah Meter Maid, who can bring analog relief to those suffering from the smart meter.   The Hialeah meter company has some of the best prices anywhere on real, non-electronic reliable analog meters.  Plus, they give bulk discounts if you want to team up with your neighbors and get a few boxes.   Don’t give in to pulsed radiation fuelled apathy- if you have a smart meter on your home (and this includes those stupid ‘non-transmitting’ digital meters in places controlled by fascist governments like Naperville IL) get an analog meter and have it safely deployed on your home.  If the utility cuts your power, let us know, go to the media.   They might be able to get away with it on one or two homes if there is no visible protest, but a whole block?  We think not.   You’ve got to be willing to call their bluff.

They will tell you that if you replace the meter on your home, then you could be indicted on state or federal tampering charges.  However, most states (check your local laws) define tampering only if it includes the “intent to defraud” the utility.  In other words only if you have the intention to steal power.   If you are taking reasonable necessary steps to protect your family’s health and safety, you are careful to document this fact, and you return the unwanted equipment to the utility (ideally in a very public, coordinated fashion) then you are very unlikely to be prosecuted.   Again, do your own research and consult a good lawyer.   This is not legal advice and we are not lawyers, just regular people standing up for our safety and health.

So, go ahead and give Leah a call today and tell her Stop Smart Meters! sent you.  Unfortunately, the company sells “smart” meters also so make sure you tell them that you want only a “non-electronic purely electromechanical” meter with no ability to be ‘wireless ready’.

Don’t buy the utility hype.  Talk to Leah, and get the equipment you need to keep your family safe.

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3 Responses to Meet Leah, the Hialeah Meter Maid

  1. sj says:

    thanks for info. what if you can’t deal with jail or fines and that is what comes from replacing?

  2. Cyd says:

    I am trying to find information on what ‘meter’ you should have once you have the the Opt Out program in place (Colorado Springs Utililies) I paid $109 for ‘activation’, and $20 every quarter to have Utilities come out and read the meter.

    My problem, the fees of course, but upon initiating the opt out, I was told they had to check their ‘inventory’ for the meter and then would contact me to to set up the plan..change the meter and activate?

    I still have the SAME meter on my home, the ‘digital’ Tron meter, with a piece of tape that says ‘ AMR Module Off’, as in Automated Meter Reading is off.
    I called them and they said the ‘wireless is off and not sending signals’, I asked ‘How do I know?”, it is still the same meter. I thought I was paying for an analog meter.
    I got ‘gestapo’ type reply and no answers.

    I would appreciate any information on this. Is there anyone who can advise me that, I should have the ‘analog’ meter, or that this meter is now safe because they ‘said’ it is turned off.

    Thank you,
    Colorado Opt Out Participant (I hope)

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