Smart Meters Being Removed in Australia

Oct. 14 update:  The smart meter filmed in  these videos has been returned to Powercor, the Australian utility.  Read details of this action here.  Note that replacing/ removing electric meters can result in death or serious injury if you do not know what you are doing.  For further information see our FAQ section on ‘changing a meter’

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3 Responses to Smart Meters Being Removed in Australia

  1. W. D. says:

    Neither of these video shows what they did to reduce the
    radiation. It would be nice to know what they did.

  2. Beth fleming says:

    Today I was told by United Energy, that smart meters are NEVER taken down.
    Has anyone been successful in getting them to remove them ?
    I have developed a growth / tumour on my thyroid since it was installed.
    Thank you, Beth.

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