Seen on a Gate in Berkeley, California

Photo credit: Lisa Christianson

Photo credit: Lisa Christianson

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  1. Bill of Rights for ElectroSensitives (and All of Life) for Our Health, Property and Privacy says:

    great to see this more and more coming …

    can any0ne design something like “got i-cancer” tshirts, stickers or flyers??
    include it with lists of those who have died from brain tumor and other cancer??

    we need to get the iphone ban in public moving.

    1. Second hand radiation (can prove with kirlian type photography, rf-type meters, etc)
    2. texting in cars, talking on phone on bike, while crossing crosswalk (2 young women almost got run over, both were texting while crossing!!) = major accidents
    3. noise pollution
    if cell towers may be transmitting negative mind noise, chatter,
    then are iphones transmitting this into our public atmosphere and air?

    the iphones are now considered an assault on the personal property of our body, brain, and health in public.

    is this fair to those who do not consent to the continuous subjection
    of second hand radiation and such?

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