Reports of Armed Intimidation and Trespassing in Nevada

picture-5Yesterday we received an unconfirmed report that Nevada Energy (NVE) trespassed on private property using armed agents, intimidating residents and refusing to leave when asked to do so.     This has become something of a pattern by the utilities- if the public won’t accept the smart grid voluntarily, they resort to threats of violence and armed intimidation (and in this case, infantile name calling.)  It seems that bullies everywhere have found gainful employment within the utilities’ ranks.  NVE is no stranger to these tacticsReports from Wyoming also suggest that corrupt police departments have been responsible for the intimidation of residents who resist “smart” meters.

These are our homes and we have a right to be safe in them.  If the police refuse to enforce trespassing laws against rogue utilities, then we have entered very dangerous territory indeed.

More details on this incident will be posted as they become available.  Following is a portion of the e-mail that we received yesterday from a Las Vegas resident:

“Yesterday, we received a visit from Edward Brooks and 4-5 armed thugs who refused to identify themselves. They were armed with handguns, tasers, and were sporting fake badges to make themselves appear as if they were sworn peace officers, which they are not! They stormed our property with NO phone call, NO notice of any kind, beating on my door, and demanding that we “Come outside to talk to NVE.” I went outside informed them that they were trespassing and that NVE’s “implied easement” is NOT a blanket policy for armed activity and attempts at intimidation on OUR property. I instructed them that they had conducted their business and to vacate my property immediately with their firearms which they refused to do. I repeated this demand no less than 6 times. They were on my property armed and refusing to comply with my demands to leave for no less than 30 minutes! Several had their hands resting on their pistols as if they intended to do something to me and one of these individuals even thought it professional to call me a “pussy” as he walked away. Apparently, this person does not know me….. AT ALL! I immediately called my attorney and one of my best friends who is a former LVMPD officer.”

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2 Responses to Reports of Armed Intimidation and Trespassing in Nevada

  1. Norm says:

    I congratulate you on your “cool” head. Obviously those “cowboys” met their match!
    How brave they were telling you to “Come outside”.

  2. common law private attorney general Chris Guardin on the Wall says:

    Mr. Brooks was somewhat fortunate; as we KNOW of one 98# Dark Haired Young Lady up on Mt. Charleston, Clark County Nevada, near; Las Vegas; Whom was: ARM ROBBED by the Power Terrorist Gang of ZioNazi Stazi like Gestapo Thugs from: now re-LabEL[ed] as “NV. Energy” formerly Nevada POWER/ sub Corp. of Sierra Pacific Power Co.!
    The diminuative Young Lady “Ms. M” had Privately Purchased HER OWN Private Brand NEW; Safe; actually Energy conserving; Analog properly U.L. Listed SAFE Meter from Jerry in Calif.
    These Armed Robber Terrorists Under Threat by Overt presentment of ARMS and other Militant Mercenary ty Terrorist Equipment and Costumes Yanked Here Private Property DIS-engaging her Private Servic Meter Main Combination BOX OFF the WALL the clAIMed [Clearly AIMed to Deceive] “IT was NOT properly affixed” and CUT POWER to Her abode Damaging Clothes and FOOD spoilage!
    One of the Three Armed Robbers i recall was named: “Casey”
    This occurred around 1 to 1 and 1/2 years ago! I am a Politically assassinated WHISTLE BLOWER Former Union Electrician!

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