Thank You For Your Support- Now Please Take Action

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.07.05 PMIt is a violation of the law, of our community, of property rights, of the spirit of the co-operative movement- not to mention just plain mean to switch off electricity to paying customers in the middle of winter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  PSREC has chosen to penalize people with fees and electricity disconnection due to a medical condition – a direct violation of state law (CA PUC 453b).

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and support during this challenging time for us personally and for the Stop Smart Meters! HQ.   Although we are hobbled with the loss of the use of our printer and other office equipment (not to mention stove, fridge, hot water heater, lights) we continue to function, fill orders from our store, update the website, and assist you all in your organizing efforts.

You are all very sweet and many have asked what you can do to support us during this challenging time- please know that we are okay, we are tough- we lived off the grid for a year and a half (albeit in a home set up for that, not an all-electric one like where we are living now near Portola, CA).

If you want to help support us, here’s how:

  • Contact the PSREC Board of Directors. (e-mails below to cut and paste) Please be respectful, but firm.  Let them know how “smart” meters have affected you, how unjust “opt out” fees are, and that you insist we are reconnected at no charge immediately.  Tell them the world is watching.  Tell them that forcing smart meters on people’s homes is degrading- not improving quality of life.,,,,,,,

  • Please donate!  We could use funds for our upcoming litigation against PSREC, as well as printing outreach materials, brochures, advertising, etc. to support this growing movement. Please indicate where you want your donation to go. We can handle the propane, wood, coolers, ice etc. for the time being!

Thank you all so much for your support- it means a lot to us.  We encourage you to stand up for your rights- insist on a true analog meter, refuse to pay extortion charges, and come to the aid of those being bullied.

In response to unlawful behavior by utilities, we’ve got to respond as a community– otherwise we are stuffed.  To borrow a phrase from the true co-operative movement:

“We are stronger together”

Let’s dwell on that this weekend- perhaps over a cup of tea by candle light.

That’s what we’ll be doing!

At least our trusty "All NIghter" won't let us down

At least our trusty “All NIghter” won’t let us down

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9 Responses to Thank You For Your Support- Now Please Take Action

  1. Josh,

    Unless PSREC can produce A recording of or written acknowledgment by you agreeing to pay the extortion fee they are involved in after the fact coercion. This is commonly called breach of contract or bad faith.

    Please keep us posted.

  2. Lynn says:

    DONE! My husband and I are hoping they do the right thing.

  3. anonymous says:

    U R G E N T – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is in the process of finalizing its 2014 – 2018 Strategic plan and because of that is taking comments for the next 1 day (Feb. 24th)!

    Please take the time to formulate a brief comment about the dangers of automating vehicles using wireless technology due to increased exposure to RF radiation – a possible carcinogen, impaired driving abilities, and let us not forget to mention what an access restricting move this would be – totally in violation of the ADA.

    Written comments must be submitted by February 24, 2014 at!submitComment;D=NHTSA-2014-0014-0001 Docket Info

    Docket Number
    Docket Name
    NHTSA’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan – Public Listening Session and Request for Comments

    Click on this link –;D=NHTSA-2014-0014-0001


    liberty and freedom is the responsibility of having a choice.

    opting out of wireless.

  4. Paul H says:

    Hey Josh,
    Looking on the bright side, I bet you’re getting some great sleep without the dirty electrical field surrounding you.

  5. Jim Newsome says:

    Hey Josh:

    Sorry to hear about all the crap that you and your family are having to go through with the freaking heavy handed utility company. I can totally relate. I’m still trying to recover from the throat cancer I got from the smart meter that was placed on my house. They replaced it with a Trojan meter but at least it doesn’t pulse constantly like the smart meter did and I could tell the difference immediately once they took the smart meter off my house. My ears still ring constantly from all the other smart meters in the neighborhood. Greed seems to be the new cancer that has affected so many of our elected officials along with the corporations that there is no reasoning with them when it comes to caring about the health and welfare of the average citizen in this country. Anyway, I hope things work out for you and your family. Take care my friend. JN

    • Doreen Gilmore says:

      I need to let all who read this know that in 3 months of them putting smart meter on our mobile home we lost a yr old furnace,4 teles,new fridge,fairly new stove,microwave,and much more, computer etc. I never opted in!!! I opted out!! They installed it while I was away in Florida!! Cesare was at the home and didn”t know it. He was calling me telling me of the severe headaches he was getting. I was watching each day on tv about these meters in Florida. It was terrifing! Cali dropped a third of there pop in 4 years of having these and the suicide rate was higher then ever and children 4 yrs later were not able to have a sperm count with males and the girls no eggs!!!! This means all those children will never be able to have a child. ITS CALLED POPLATION CONTROL! Anyways,Cesare called GMP in vermont and they wouldnt remove it! Before I got back the wiring in trailer caught fire. Home was saved thanks to the electrician that was there at the time. I got help from a Congressman to get it removed! On a weekend! They came out after hours and got me back my annolog meter. My spellin isnt the best. I have lost alot of sight and hearing. I was so depressed in the time I was around it that I can tell when I am in a home that has one. I get a headached within 15 minutes and cannot think clearly. We lost the new furnace and the furnace man said: it had to have been from your meter that caused this burn out . I put this furnace in for you and this part cannot go bad unless to much radiation is what burned this part out. almost a 300/part. I have been very ill since that meter but many around me have them. I have a neighbor that has now got things on his roof that pay his light bill and gmp pays him for the other he gets. HE refuses to get rid of the meter even though its effecting my health. It is his too. He wont admit it do to the money rolling in is what I think. I know many who are losing there health, mind,items and more since they put these meters in. I could not get help with the replacement of all I lost from no one. Wish I knew how. I will never feel ok again. I have sat back and watched members of Marshfield and family slowly deteriate in health ,mind, and they dont or wont admit its those meters. I have a cable man look at me and say there is no lightning storm that could have fried these cables the way they did from box under the rubber to tvs. he said: you have to get a new meter mam. You must get terrible surges but I have never seen this ever. all 4 fried like that and the boxes too! The electric man said the wiring burned from the meter!! The furnace man said : Meter caused this!! not one of these 3 know each other. they did not come the same time . they were not told of the meter being a smart meter. How can all 3 be so wrong? Enough said . thank u for your time n God Help Us ALL <3

  6. Jennifer says:

    emailed them all w/ CC to you!

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