This afternoon at 2pm, Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative (PSREC) trespassed on our property and (after unsuccessfully trying to install a “smart” meter) disconnected the power to our home though we have paid every penny of our electricity usage in full.  The fees- and the disconnect- are in violation of state public utility code and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and we intend to fight this abuse to the full extent of the law.

This is the first disconnect by PSREC for failure to pay “opt out” fees.  No one in PG&E/ SCE/ SDG&E areas of California have been disconnected solely for refusal to pay “opt out” fees, and thousands have been ignoring toothless disconnect warnings and deducting the fees from their bill every month.

As an electric “co-operative” PSREC is only partially under the jurisdiction of the CPUC and apparently also feels that it is above the law.  Its chickens will come home to roost.  Utility personnel- challenged about their actions- replied that they were “just following orders.”

Now we have pressing matters such as how to keep our food from perishing and keep our home warm in freezing temperatures tonight.

Why are utilities going to such lengths to silence critics of their smart meter policies?  The answer is profits and defending a stubborn dogma that says wireless is safe.

We are determined and will not give in to utility abuse or threats.

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  1. Vicki says:

    PSREC could not be meeting a more significant challenge or finer challenger! Sending warmth and encouragement.

  2. Lynn says:

    We who support you need the email and phone addresses for the powers that be at that Cooperative. Please post this information. Lawsuits need to happen, as no one will behave otherwise. Lobbyists have the power, crony capitalism at it’s worst.

  3. Ron says:

    Sorry to hear this news. The power-down picture looks like the work of saboteurs/utility terrorists. It certainly undermines any confidence that may have remained in the good will and health-mindedness of so-called “Electric Cooperatives”. You gotta ask, who’s cooperating with who? Would like to know more details of the stand-off that occurred at the unsuccessful attempt to install the Smeter.
    Do you have neighbors close enough and understanding/sympathetic enough to let you plug in? Woodstove? Generator?

  4. Lynn says:

    Here is the contact email, address, phone number, and fax number from the Cooperative’s own website:

    Email Addresses:
    General Manager Email: bmarshall@psrec.coop
    Electric Customer Service: electric@psln.com
    Meter Readings: meters@psln.com

    Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative
    73233 State Route 70
    Portola, CA 96122-7069
    800-555-2207 or 530-832-4261
    530-832-5761 (fax)

    Hours: 8am – 5pm

  5. RIGHT JUSTICE says:

    just let us know how we can help! donations, calls, food, donations, funds for defense legal funds, etc.c
    everything is going to turn out your way for THE BETTER. TRUST ME.

    you are a powerful person with a powerful team. they are scared. evidence everything.
    let’s get this lawsuit going and out and expose these unlawful people.
    BLOWBACK IS INEVITABLE – in terms of comes around, goes around.
    The law of unintended consequences is in effect. Karma.

    the people’s iniative with liz barris is filing a lawsuit. powerful coalition too.

    stop smart meters 2014.

    Mitakyue Oyasin.

  6. Terri Keller says:

    I just talked with Judy at the Plumas office ((800) 555-2207), about how it is unfair for PSREC to cut off someone’s power for not paying opt out fees. She was none too eager to discuss the matter, but politely listened for a minute as I talked about how dangerous they are, and that “smart” meters have started fires around the world. That’s about as far as I got, and she kind of rushed off the phone.

    I feel sorry for people who have no clue about the dangers of “Spy and Fry” meters, because they will not protect themselves from them. But when it’s your business, you’d better know what you’re putting out there, especially when there are millions of lives on the line.

    God bless your fight, Josh!


  7. Brenda R. Hawk says:

    Hi Joshua,

    I live in Northwestern Ohio, American Electric Power Co. pulled this on me, when I refused to allow them to install a smart meter on my rural farm house. I had read your web site earlier in the year and started the fight against these meters. I do not know your laws in California. In Ohio, I found that the Ohio Revised Codes (laws) for Utility Companies in our state, clearly state that, no utility: Electric , gas ,propane etc. are permitted by law to shut off the power or fuel supply between the dates of November 15th thru April 15th , to anyone who pays or “does not pay” thier utility bills, respectively. The Utility, cannot by law, turn off your power during that time period with out suffering major fines and a lawsuit. This did not stop them when I showed them the law, though. On a Friday morning, February 2013, the coldest day in the teens and single digits to date, they laughed and shut off my power anyway. Yes my bill was paid up to date) and I am also disabled through a terrible truck accident. By doing so, they also denied me access to my breathing machine and water for my livestock and myself as I have a well. They did not give me time to even draw extra buckets of water for my animals etc. They came with the Sheriff dept. in tow which gives them, in their mind, total control. One small thing they ignored altogether, was the fact that I had erased my utility easement to my land several years before. This alone, made these people and the sheriff dept. criminal tresspasser’s upon my land. As , they both needed my permission to be there. My story got out through friends,
    the Patriots, Tea Party members, and Glen Beck’s radio show. All of whom I very greatful to and appreciative. By the next day, Saturday, evevning, my power was restored through orders from the Governor of Ohio.

    I suggest everyone call the bad actors and jam their phone lines, If the local sheriff was involved in turning off your power jam his phone lines too. Tell them” we know what you did, Its a violation of Human rights and we won’t forget”. Make calls to the Governor of Calif. and check your California Revised codes for Utility Companies. They may have broken the law by shutting off your power during The winter months. Good luck Joshua, let me know what I can do to help. “Hawkwoman” B. Hawk

  8. Brenda R. Hawk says:


    I mentioned that I had erased my utility easement from my property. I found out that through the Ohio Jurisprudence Law books (These laws were the original laws that protected our state constitutional laws and righs) Lawyers don’t like it when you study these! I wonder why? I found that an Easement is only an agreement between two parties. If one party does not uphold their end of the agreement or do something to anull it , the other party can write up their own paper to relieve themselves of the agreement. So I wrote up my own paper explaining why I wanted to erase my utility easement do to infringements and non compliance by AEP, ( American Electric Power Company), I notorized the document to make it legal. Went to the court house, county recorders office and submitted it for approval. At first they said it could not be done. I asked, Remember this phrase, “show me the law, statute or code that states I cannot erase my utility easement”. In most instances there is no such law, as the powers that be always leave open a back door so they can exit when they screw up. My county recorder thought I was nuts, but did check into my request. He called me, and stated there were no laws etc. that stated that I could not erase my easement so he accepted the document charged me at the time, $17.00 to dully record my utility easement erased and added it to my deed. It is legally binding. By doing this small thing ,with much research mind you, essentially what I did was regain the power of full controll over my land with no encumbrances upon it now. In other words, when these people approach my land including law enforcement, they must have my permission to be there. You and everyone else may look into this, in your own states. I’m sure you have similiar laws. I was the first to ever try this, and was surprised when it worked. You must study the law and use it against them. Brenda,
    Ahoa! Right Justice, Mitakyue Oyasin. We are all related. We must stand together!

    • Ronrico Padron says:

      Thanks for sharing that info.
      I never gave any utility any easement so they didn’t put a smart meter on my property, and I phone in my meter reads monthly.

    • JFox windancer_44647@yahoo.com says:

      Please contact me as I have begun fighting AEP in eastern Oh.
      Three 3 Zero 8 seven 8 Five 2 Seven 2

  9. Hey Josh,Keep up the good fight and don’t back down. They are totally in the wrong and you are standing in the truth. Raji and I been without service from the power company for 10 months now and we have learned to be creative. It feels good to stand in the truth without compromising as you well know. peace,Steve

  10. Raymond Gipson says:

    Can you cite any peer reviewed published papers that document what you are proposing? Have you even done an informal survey of the members of this cooperative to see what their feelings are concerning you issues? What are your credentials for proclaiming being an expert of this issue and these meters?
    Ray Gipson
    35 year teacher of science and environmental science

    • Effects of wireless microwave radiation on biology are documented in these studies and many others:


      We have spent the last several weeks talking with other members of the co-op and generally they are supportive of our cause and have their own complaints about psrec related to over billing and other issues linked with smart meters.

      You can see my credentials here:


      You can read the science and decide for yourself. I generally don’t trust “experts” particularly if they are paid by industry.

  11. Raymond Gipson says:

    I forgot to ask why there are no negative comments posted on your site, but only ones that support you and your program.

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