Fort Collins Smart Meter Q&A with Josh Hart

Thanks to We Are Change Colorado for their video work and for posting this video of our Q&A session following yesterday’s screening of Take Back Your Power

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    Power company have bullied us for a long time even they do know we are right about radiation but they lie and lie to us and it goes beyond that as we are to many on this planet and depopulation is a big agenda from our government . This agenda is not democratic but fascist and the corporations do own our government . FREE ENERGY IS HERE AND WE WILL HAVE TO FIGHT TO GET THE KNOWLEDGE OUT .

    • Mark Wrendell says:

      Okay Claudy………please share your wisdom and tell the world about free energy and are you yourself using free energy??

  2. Drew Lewis says:

    Good presentation Josh,
    I have been handing out the new “PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING” cards where ever I go. They are a real good wake up invitation to jar people’s awareness. I especially give them to anyone with a cell phone next to their head. Could you please send me another 250 cards and a bill?
    Peace, Drew

  3. Richard Beckman says:

    I have been fighting ComEd in Illinois for incredibly high electric bills since last year. I live in the country outside of Dixon, Illinois. My analog meter was broke with hourly readings all over the dial. I called ComEd and got a real nasty jerk who called me a liar.
    A tech came out and of course, the meter was broke. Hold on, he reported to ComEd the meter was working properly! In about three days after, the tech installed a Smart Meter. If you read on ComEd’s website, Smart Meter deployment starts in my area in 2021. I began to have severe health issues so I contacted the Illinois Commerce Commission and they informed me to get a statement from my doctor. I sent the letter with my letter of being disabled and needed accommodations and remove it as my doctor had ordered. ComEd called me and said the electric meter was a non-transmitting, digital meter. So I had a neighbor who has an RF detector. He came and performed a wide check for any RF signals, then checked the Smart Meter. The meter was sending an RF signal of 440 MHz and spiked over 900 MHz. The RF was written on the side of the meter and one could see a remote shut off inside the meter. One of my neighbors works for ComEd and told me they don’t use straight digital meters. He gave me advice on getting off my house. I submitted my neighbor’s eval of the meter along with photos requested by the ICC. I also submitted GE’s website with a photo of the Smart Meter all faxed last Monday. ComEd knew I was having the meter checked. I took the RF detector and rechecked the meter. It was shut off with the same meter reading two days ago. So, I am going to take my neighbor’s advice, since we have had a lot of storms with high winds and I have a lot of old Oak Tress in the yard, you get the idea. Keep up the good work. Bye the way, ComEd told me the Smart Meter was causing a lot of health problems.

  4. Lisa Dean says:

    I too am concerned with the smart meters being installed. Would you sent me through e-mail a sample of your cards?

  5. Marjan Freeman says:

    I really need help with Excel put smart meter in my house even I called them 3 years ago and told them I do not give my consent for them to put that in my house. I also refused them couple of times but for the past 2 nights I can not sleep and I keep getting up heating up at 6 AM and I checked with my RF Meter and they came over without letting me know and changed my meter. I have no trespassing all over my house. I also told them the signs were for them. I need to know how I should approach this to remove them.

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