City of Fort Collins Colorado Rubs Salt in the Wounds of Radiation- Damaged, Bereaved Family

Craig and Virginia Farver stand outside their Fort Collins, CO home where their municipal utility forced a smart meter on their home, backed by police 3 weeks ago

Craig and Virginia Farver stand outside their Fort Collins, CO home where their municipal utility forced a smart meter backed by police three weeks ago

The first stop on our WhistleStop Smart Meters! tour is Fort Collins, Colorado, where Virginia Farver lives with her husband Craig.  Their son Rich Farver died from a brain tumor in 2008 – part of a cancer cluster that they attribute to radiation from smart grid related antennas at San Diego State University.  Rich’s Glioblastoma brain tumor was part of a significant cancer cluster surrounding room 131 of Nasatir Hall at the University.  The room has since been converted to storage and the windows taped up though the university has stayed mum about the radiation risk on campus.

Stop Smart Meters! can reveal that the wireless system that was implicated in causing Rich’s death from a brain tumor was likely operating above already loose FCC guidelines for radiation exposure as early as 2002.   An article from in November 2002 states:

“Computerworld received numerous e-mail complaints that HPWREN was in violation of FCC power limits following publication of its original story.  Steve Bragg, a senior electronics engineer at Internet Telemetry Corp. in Tulsa Okla., called the HPWREN San Clemente Island link illegal, saying, ‘If I was the FCC, I would bust these guys.'”

Apparently no one was ever “busted” by the industry-controlled FCC, and the tower continues to operate directly adjacent to classrooms next to where the cancer cluster was centered.

As a result of her son’s death, Virginia has become an outspoken and tireless local and national advocate for wireless safety, and was interviewed for the smart meter investigative documentary Take Back Your Power.

Fort Collins is home to several smart grid firms and has a municipal electric utility- City of Fort Collins Light and Power (CFCLP).  CFCLP took a $15 million federal grant and borrowed $15 million for the purchase of smart electric meters on homes, putting city residents into debt for the first time in 75 years.  Deployment of the system- which includes a network of surveillance cameras- began in June 2013.  There are also plans to deploy “smart” gas and water meters.  As of last month, less than ten households remain with their original analogs in a city of approximately 150,000 people.   This is not because everyone is thrilled by having a “smart” meter on their home, but rather the heavy handed tactics the city has been using to force these meters on people.

Nasatir Hall on the left of this photo was where Rich Farver spent much of his time prior to developing a brain tumor in 2008. A HPWREN smart grid antenna cluster towers over the building where more than a dozen people have developed brain tumors. SDSU refuses to investigate the deaths, or compensate the families.

Fort Collins’ utility- like some other municipals and co-ops- has been going above the law and forcing unwanted devices on homes, using the threat of electricity disconnection- or even arrest- to achieve their aims.  Though the Farver family has refused a smart meter on their home, with Virginia telling utility smart grid manager Dennis Sumner that “this is my home and I will not have a (smart) meter on my house.”  Sumner replied, “You WILL get a meter.”  This is despite knowing about the circumstances around the death of their son.

True to his word, on March 6th, utility workers escorted by police arrived at the Farver home.  Virginia was in the bathroom getting ready when the power went out.   Still in her pajamas and curlers, she got outside and discovered that the cage surrounding their analog had been vandalized.  The smart meter was already on their home and utility workers were standing there looking ashamed, their heads down.   A Ft. Collins police officer was standing on the Farvers front porch, the threat of force implicit.

A good number of Ft. Collins residents had been refusing to allow the installation, when CFCLP decided to get tough around Thanksgiving of last year, on the orders of City Manager Darin Attaberry.   One woman, Dorothy Boyd- told the utility worker who arrived to install the meter “I opted out.”  He answered “you can’t opt out.”  This is despite Fort Collins city code section 26-712 that allowed for a $11/ month fee for retaining an electromechanical analog meter (the utility claims that the council has amended the law recently to prohibit safe analog meters after many people opted out.)  That’s when she noticed the policeman in her driveway with his legs spread looking grim.   She was afraid of being arrested, so allowed the meter installer to proceed.

Another older lady- Dr. Ruth Shea- tried to video her encounter with the police when she was ordered to “shut the camera off.”  Many residents- including those who had caged their meters in self-defense caved when the police came around and threatened to arrest them if they did not allow the meters.

It gets worse.

Now the City has developed a “confidential watch list” that includes “problem utility customers.”

IMG_0926According to Wayne Sterler of the Ft. Collins Utility Department, these customers (who pay their bills but who simply intend to retain their analog meters) will be “denied access to city facilities and buildings” if they persist in refusing the “progress” that is being forced on them.

The following is an excerpt from the November 24, 2013 Fort Collins Coloradan (the full article has been removed from the website but is available for purchase here.  The article- though making reference to the smart meter program- in Orwellian style never actually mentions the word “meter”):

“Utility sites need a constant eye, Sterler contends.  The U.S. Dept. of Energy recommends electronic eyes on key infrastructure and a steady increase in hostility and aggression toward utility employees from irate customers has put the department on high-alert.

‘We’ve probably had six situations in the past 4-5 months where we’ve had police involvement with angry customers,’ Sterler said, ‘individuals that are just basically not happy with their service being terminated or just not happy with having to pay their bill.’

The utility department maintains a list of problem customers whose agitation has led to police intervention.

‘These individuals are put on a list, where if it happens again, they are basically not able to access public facilities owned by the City of Fort Collins,’ Sterler said.

So far none of the people on the list have been forbidden from visiting city property.  Sterler said the list is confidential.

Report by Patrick Malone”

Like Naperville Illinois, where two mothers were arrested last year for standing in the way of installers at their own home, municipal utilities (as well as rural “co-operatives” like PSREC who cut off our power last month) have been among the worst offenders of the law.  It seems that some “public” officials have decided that they can get away with violating the law as long as the public generally stays in line and doesn’t rise up to protest.   The utility industry imposing its will on individuals backed by the threat of police force is an alarming symptom of rising corporatism (or fascism if you can stomach the term).

As the demise of the distributed electricity model looms due to plummeting solar panel costs and cheaper battery storage, the industry is attempting to tighten its grip on the meters (they call them their “cash registers”) and the customers that they depend on for their enormous profits.

When there is free market choice about how to power your home or business, the utility companies know they will lose in the end.  That is why enforcement of your patronage- with their chosen equipment – is essentially being forced by armed officers.   And it may get a lot worse before it gets better.

Why have utilities generally not utilized the same tactics in places like California, bringing in police to force the meters?  It’s not because PG&E wouldn’t like to (they would).  It’s that they know that if they did, the public would not tolerate it- there would be protests and riots in the streets.  And that kind of spectacle risks the whole multi-billion dollar program, and is to be avoided at all costs.

Utilities and governments will do whatever they can get away with, pressing as far as the public will tolerate without rebelling.   This is political science, and they have well-paid strategists working on the most effective way to force their sick, invasive agenda on the public.

They look at the public like a boiling pot- turn up the heat so they can force the meters but turn it down when it threatens to boil over into rebellion.

“People are rising up in Florida- give them an opt out- they will settle down…” was bound to be one of the refrains heard in the halls of Florida Power and Light (FPL) for example.

California’s “opt out” policy was only introduced when dozens of residents of Santa Cruz began having the meters removed themselves and replaced with analogs.  In 2010 and 2011, smart meters were supposedly “mandatory” in California and police enforcement likely would have been imminent if it weren’t for fearless people willing to take a public stand.   The “opt out” policy of $10/ month for investor owned utility customers like PG&E fragmented the boiling mad public, and took some of the steam out of the opposition, which is exactly what they wanted.   Those people who didn’t want a smart meter on their home could pay for this choice- and many did- (though thousands have continued to refuse to pay).  Stopping entire neighborhoods and cities from being blanketed by pulsed RF radiation can seem somewhat abstract in comparison to simply defending one’s home.   However, a community defense approach to stopping the meters is absolutely key.

Salt in the wounds: the smart meter the city forced on the Farvers

Salt in the wounds: the smart meter the city forced on the Farvers

The smart meter remains on the Farver’s home for now, partially shielded using a smart meter shield.  They have bought a true analog meter from Hialeah Meter, and are weighing their options at this time.   A number of Fort Collins residents who have had smart meters forced on them have also purchased analog meters, and together, plan on having them re-installed in the near future, in defiance of the City’s Orwellian agenda.

Because Craig Farver works for the City, the family is concerned that their activism around “smart”meters may result in him losing his job, though such a termination would be illegal under state employment law.

One thing is for certain.  The Farvers have suffered enough and do not deserve the wireless salt that Ft. Collins is rubbing in their still raw wounds from losing their son to out of control RF radiation.

We advise everyone to use the documents at, including the notice to police officers that enforcement of a civil matter on the side of the utility company is not legal and will not be tolerated.

Dennis Sumner- head of Ft. Collins smart grid program who personally forced a meter on the Farvers’ home, can be reached at (970) 221-6700 (ask for Dennis Sumner)  or e-mail him at

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23 Responses to City of Fort Collins Colorado Rubs Salt in the Wounds of Radiation- Damaged, Bereaved Family

  1. Peter says:

    This “article” seems to just be another attempt to induce fear into peoples minds by those who are against smart meters but cannot prove, or even justify their concerns with the slightest bit of evidence.

    The article claims that “smart grid related antennas” caused a cluster of tumors in 2008 in SDSU. However, when you google related articles from the area you see that the claim was in fact about Cellular towers, not at all related to smart meters, or any smart grid as there was no such thing installed at that University.

    Now, in relation to the “cluster”, when you research for more info like the author here should have, you see that it is actually 3 cases spread over a 15 year period (a period of time that includes years when there were no smart meters, cell towers, or even wifi at the University). While it would seem something is suspicious, you have to consider that the brain cancer in question, Glioblastoma multiforme, is the most common form of brain cancer or tumor that exists, and statistically speaking will develop in round 100 people per year in the San Diego area alone. (stats: 3 per 100,000 rate in humans on average in US).

    Onwards… The room mentioned in this article, NH 131, according to the University web page is, and has been continually used without any further reports of cancer, tumors, or any other visible health risk. They are not scared of this room, they did not try to hide its existence. It is still there, still being used, and no one since has developed any problems.

    Please research before trying to spread hate and misinformation. We have a hard enough time trying to fix the things that are actually wrong in the world without having to deal with uneducated paranoia.

    • I passed your comment on to Virginia, and she replies:

      “This could be an industry insider, so I do not give much credence. However, why did the SDSU Administration not conduct toxicology studies at numerous requests from me ( to this day ), and to the Professors with concerns of their exposures? Was their something to hide? Why, was Nasatir Hall – Room 131 window’s completely covered in cardboard, taped across the insides, with the room locked, and used for storage in 2009 and 2011 while on my visits? In other words, not being used. Why, did SDSU school spokesman say in the articles that this HPWREN cell tower was installed in 2005 when it was clearly installed December 2002? Why, were there people in 2002 complaining to the FCC that the emissions from this cell tower were clearly illegal? Why, if, or when, was this HPWREN cell tower’s power turned down? Who, when, and what degree, was this cell tower turned down? Where are the records from the FCC during this time-line, and who is making sure it is within compliance to this day? Clearly if the SDSU Administration had nothing to hide, my answers would have been answered! The Professors are still trying to find out as well. This is not to spread fear, it is to educate people that not all cell towers are the same, and to save lives!! The HPWREN cell tower emissions were clearly illegal, but this cell tower and the Grid it forms has been upgraded throughout the years. How can this happen without upping the power? Oh by the way, I had Ms. Barris test these lethal illegal emissions in 2011. You have my permission to send this picture of this cell tower that clearly shows the dead tree foliage on the surrounding trees. If this man would like to answers these questions, I would like to know? How would he feel if it were a child of his? Doesn’t the school have a duty to keep our kids safe, or to give me answers?”

    • Lorry says:

      The Smart Meter is a device straight out of hell. How do I know, you ask? My health has taken a downward spiral ever since two smart meters were illegally affixed onto my home. Anyone that defends a smart meter must be one who is receiving some type of monetary benefit, otherwise no one in his right mind would support their deployment across our nation. Period. Not only is my health suffering from smart meters, but the rest of my family as well. Try having a child waking up in the middle of the night choking on blood from repeated bloody noses or one having chest pains or another experiencing severe migraine headaches! I find it suspicious how many wireless devices have been slowly introduced into the average American’s lifestyle over the last 40+ years. After doing 6 years of heavy research, this is what I discovered – ALL of the following wireless devices emit hazardous electromagnetic microwave radiation frequencies : cell phones, Bluetooth, wireless routers, SMART METERS, cordless phones, microwave ovens, cell towers, IPads, IPhones, wireless scanners, wireless baby monitors and more! It wasn’t, until the Smart Meters came to my neighborhood that I began having severe health issues to the point, I had to be taken via ambulance to the hospital due to developing Tachycardia. It took me about 18 months to figure out what was happening to my body. I didn’t even know a smart meter had been attached to my home at the time… a smart meter had been installed right behind my bed on the outer wall. My symptoms began w/ months of nausea, then it was insomnia – fro about a year and a half. After 19 months of incessantly, interrupted sleep, I became extremely depressed. I knew I was going to be in deep trouble, if I did not get to the bottom of whatever it was that was affecting my health! So, I decided to, “detox my home” from all chemicals and left no stone unturned. What I discovered has been overwhelming to say the least. I realized, if I covered up my smart meter w/ aluminum wire mesh it would help to reduce the radiation frequencies and I could finally sleep better at night. However, the covering up of my smart meters didn’t help much when I realized the radiation coming from my neighbors’ smart meters was/is affecting me as well… This is why opt-outs really do not solve the smart meter problem… EMF radiation is ACCUMULATIVE; ever since the smart meters came to my home, I began developing a serious sensitivity to EMF/RF frequencies. Today, I cannot be around ANY cell phones, wireless routers, cell towers, smart meters, etc. ; my life is being destroyed because of the many products that use electromagnetic microwave radiation frequencies. If you do not KNOW about this subject you should look up: Schumann Resonance. ALL creatures on earth thrive w/ 7.83 Hz frequencies and whenever this frequency is interrupted or altered in our bodies we start to become ill and, if it is interrupted for a long period of time the results can be fatal. The military is quite familiar w/ these frequencies and they are used as weapons, so, basically we have weapon grade devices being sold to the public as technological consumer products which cause 9 different kinds of cancer, which harm the ovaries and sperm of our youth, cause DNA/cell damage. etc. A crime is being committed against the American people and it is being done by both our energy companies and our government, b/c they KNOW about this type of technology / energy and are doing NOTHING to stop it! I have seen the damage these devices do w/ my own two eyes! My husband has two tumors from his cell phones. I have developed serious heart issues and suffer from severe migraines, ever since the smart meters came to our property; I cannot even allow my kids to play in our backyard anymore! Anyone who supports smart meters or wireless technology is simply uneducated about the subject, is in deep denial or has been compromised…

    • Craig says:

      You are completely ignorant on this issue.
      I have first hand knowledge of the detrimental health affects from Smart Meters.
      Both me and my wife had differing health issues develop after having one of these meters on our house for five years. The effects are cumulative. We were progressively having health problems that neither of us ever experienced before.
      Mine were significantly worse.
      The very day our Smart Meter was replaced with an analog I noticed a difference in my well-being and have progressively felt better since. The problem plaguing my wife cleared up in about a week and she hasn’t complained of the problem since the meter was changed out.
      If you take the time to look, there are study results available about the maladies caused by these Smart Meters. They are dangerous, and like other things that can harm people they are more dangerous to some than others, but over time even those that have not been dramatically effected will likely suffer ill effects. Get educated.

  2. Paul H says:

    I’ve heard that a 15 second blast from a microwave oven will incapacitate the meters electronics. Simply disengage the safety and place it on a wood ladder with the meter inside the oven? I’ve also heard that the default position of the meter is open, so one wouldn’t lose power. I suspect one would need a generator so that it wouldn’t leave a “signature”. These are located on the outside of millions of homes across the country. It seems they are vulnerable to acts of self defense from anyone, not including the homeowner.

    • Mia Nony says:

      When a 2.4 gig frequency matches a 2.4 gig it creates enough jam for many a slice of toast

      An eye opening read:

      In particular, note a seemingly incomprehensible tech talk comment about frequency neutralization or maybe frequency matching – at least that is what the writer seems to be describing in comment number 20:

      They’re also putting in the Itron meters here in BC (BC Hydro/Corix), and being very subversive about it, they won’t answer basic questions, etc.
      Heard they were using MSP430/CC1100 @ 910-920Mhz(TI chips)in the Itron meters.
      The MSP430/CC1100 are horribly “un” selective if they don’t use filters, which they probably don’t.. {worked with them in the past, {keyed a 100mW Xmitter@both 430 &4 at 40Mhz, with “433Mhz” MSPs in the completely paralyzed ALL the MSP430/CC1100s units in the entire building!}.
      Run a simple continuous 910mhz {+or-20 Mhz} 100mW video transmitter next to the chips/meter & they’re rendered useless!
      (but that would be wrong, so I’m not really suggesting that) 😉

  3. Terri Keller says:

    Unbelievably outrageous! It has apparently come to a point in this country where flouting the law is condoned by those in authority. Sure, it’s been that way for a while, but not to this extent.

    I so admire people like the Farvers, Josh and others who are brave enough to stand up for their rights, even if that means going way outside their comfort zone. Many, many thanks to you, because it is this courageous approach that will save the day, in the end.

  4. Carl says:

    I find it hilarious that several cell phones are in use during the video, including the photographer who is apparently holding his to his chest, exposing everyone to magnitudes more RF radiation than generated by a meter. The WHO study was about cell phone use and was inconclusive. But that doesn’t sell videos or stickers.

    • Thank you Carl. I hope the industry paid you well for your silly comment. I do not use cell phones- this was a canon digital camera with no RF function. But so what if it was a cell phone? That is a voluntary use of wireless technology whereas “smart meters” are an involuntary forced exposure. Having peanut butter available at grocery stores is one thing. Spreading it forcibly on the walls of those with peanut allergies is another. And the latter is exactly what the utility industry is doing. Forcing their agenda and beliefs on everyone else. We make very little on videos and stickers and what we do make contributes to our outreach and public benefit activities. Thanks.

  5. Rosco Jenkins says:

    The meter in the above picture is not a “smart meter”. It is a solid-state meter, they sell them at the Hialeah website that is mentioned.

  6. John says:

    I had an opt-out agreement with Fort Collins Utilities. One day a couple of weeks ago, my analog meter was replaced by a smart meter. I called the utility to ask why. I was told by Joan Berryman that a letter asking for permission to install the smart meter was sent to my address and my landlord, and that the landlord gave their permission.

    I was instructed to contact my landlord to have them withdraw permission for a smart meter, which I did, and the landlord contacted FCU to remove the smart meter the next day.

    FCU came by the next day and (purportedly) exchanged the smart meter with a digital, non-emr-emitting meter. The power did go out in the house, so something was done.

    Question: My experience seems to be different to what has been described in this article. can anyone provide me with an explanation? I see one of three possibilities:

    1.) FCU deceived me and a smart meter remains with my home.

    2.) The article is incorrect about FCU forcing homeowners to have smart meters installed at their homes.

    3.) The policies of FCU and the city of Fort Collins are in a state of flux.

    • John,

      I would say the policies of the city of Ft. Collins are definitely in a state of flux, given that they recently eliminated the analog opt out option after promising residents they could keep their trusty analogs. The definition of a “smart meter” is any meter with electronic components, while any meter without electronic components is an analog meter. That makes it much more simple for people to understand what kind of meter they have. All digital meters (whether broadcasting RF or not) have impacts on health, privacy, and safety. They should be unilaterally rejected by consumers. Insist on a pure electromechanical meter and verify it’s not a trojan horse meter and you’ll be safe. Unfortunately FC is not allowing people to keep their analog meters. Join with Virginia and have your digital smart meter removed and replaced with an analog and go to the media if they try anything like switching you off. Know that the utility is intentionally confusing the issue by only calling a very narrow band of meters (AMI) “smart.” That’s because our group and our growing network have succeeded in giving the term a black eye. They say, “we don’t have those smart meters that are making people sick. We have radio frequency meters…” If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you….

      • John says:

        “All digital meters (whether broadcasting RF or not) have impacts on health, privacy, and safety.”

        Please explain how non emr-emitting digital meters (option 1) have impacts on health, privacy, and safety.

    • Maureen says:

      Your new “digital, non-emr-emitting meter” could very well be emitting microwave radiation. And it DEFINITELY is collecting your personal data. You have been duped.

      • John says:

        Apropos, I meant to write “option 3.”

        “Your new ‘digital, non-emr-emitting meter’ could very well be emitting microwave radiation.”

        “Could very well”? You need to do better than that for critical thinkers and the circumspect to take you seriously. We need facts, not hyperbole.

        Half of the population of this area of the state are physicists. (I exaggerate.) And you need to explain things in a reasoned, fact-based manner. This is not coffee talk.

      • John says:

        “And it DEFINITELY is collecting your personal data.”

        Please walk me though this. Is there any difference in how this data is collected by each option?

        Option 1 broadcasts every 15 minutes (for electricity). That provides something approaching real-time monitoring of appliance/electricity use, if I understand it correctly.

        Option 2 broadcasts once daily. Is the data transmitted in this single broadcast identical to option 1? And if not, how does it differ?

        Option 3 does not broadcast emr. What data does it collect, precisely? How is it different from options 1 and 2? How does it differ from an analog meter?

        If you would kindly answer these questions with fact-based answers, we would all benefit,

  7. What a tangled web of deception. Shame on the industry shills for their obstinacy in promoting lies and clear fraud. To even question the connection between the cell tower at SDSU and the brain cancer is unbelievable. I have researched this and there were many who developed cancer after working near that tower. Not all were brain cancers as with the Farver’s son, but this type of radiation is causing many types of cancer. Today, so many people are getting cancer and there are so many risks involved. The dots are not getting connected as they should. Instead of increasing risk, we need to take a step back and get real. If there is any reason to suspect this form of energy is causing harm or risk, then stop it now! And there is more than ample proof of risk from non-industry research and studies. Stop supporting the industry lies and beating up on those who suffer and know the truth first hand. It is disgraceful and disgusting. Those who participate in this great wrongdoing are guilty of crimes against humanity.

  8. Kirk says:

    I am a retired aerospace engineer and I attest to the complete inadequacy of American (FCC) safety rules. Only thermal effects are considered.

  9. L says:

    Our city’s Planning Commission approved a big cell tower right next to Helmers Elementary School in the middle of a residential neighborhood. The neighborhood appealed this decision to the City Council. Our Council goes along with these decisions and doesn’t really listen to its citizens. They scheduled to hear the appeal on May 27th – the day after Memorial Day weekend. This is a tactic they have used in the past. They think no one will be interested (or maybe not in town) to speak up about it and complain. This is a new AT&T tower, reference Master Case 13-110, Conditional Use Permit 13-0009. You can write to the Council: ATTN: Mike Marshall, City of Santa Clarita, 23920 Valencia Blvd., Ste 140, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. If anyone is considering attending the hearing to protest in person on Tuesday, May 27th, the address for the City Council meeting is: 23920 Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, CA 91355. Once they allow one cell tower next to a school and residential neighborhood, they will put them in other residential and school zones in our town. We are a bit north of Los Angeles so if you are in the area, the Valencia Northbridge residents would love your support!

  10. Chuck says:

    What is the power output of the meter? What is the power output of your cell phone you are holding next to your brain? The meter transmits in short bursts. Your cell phone is transmitting into your brain during your whole call. Do the math. Also consider how the power decreases the further you are from the source.
    Also remember Electro-Magnetic Radiation is not the same as nuclear radiation, not even close.
    I do NOT work for the utilities, but I do know RF and electronics.

  11. thanks admin of this web site.

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