Stop Smart Meters! Raises Awareness and Utility Ire at Colorado Rural Electric Association

Colorado’s Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association were kind enough to schedule their once in three years annual meeting breakfast to coincide with Stop Smart Meters! Whistlestop tour.   It would have been rude not to pay them a visit while we were in Fort Collins.

For the first time in their 75 year history, PVREA did not allow the public to speak at the meeting, so we had to get creative.   Virginia Farver and I crashed the meeting and visited more than 20 tables, handing out more than 200 of our wireless awareness cards to attendees before the staff caught wind and escorted us out.   Quite rude of them really, as we were simply trying to protect the health and safety of their members.  Despite what the hotel staff said, they did indeed kick us out just for handing out flyers!

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