Demonstration at PG&E President Chris John’s Home

Over the past several months there have been a series of demonstrations at PG&E President Christopher John’s house at 257 Sandringham Drive in Moraga (his address is publicly available from government records- this is not private info).

The following is an account of someone who was there:

“Obviously PG&E is tracking these demonstrations.  As soon as I arrived at 2pm, a car pulled into their driveway. Soon a man with an ID hanging from his neck got out and went into the house. Other demonstrators arrived. Soon thereafter a car drove by with two men in them, window rolled down, and one yelled, ‘wrong house, he’s moved.’ Gullible me thought oh no I got it wrong and everyone’s here, help!…. The guard came out escorting Mrs. Johns – I mostly recognized her – I had demonstrated alone here one year before and had knocked on the door and she had opened it up and we had talked until her husband screamed, ‘shut the door.’

To be sure I asked the guard if this was Christopher Johns house and he replied, ‘I’m not allowed to reveal.’ So I knew for sure it was. As a group we read our manifesto, shouted out our awful symptoms, posted the manifesto on the door, and left a copy of Take Back Your Power. We were leaving and a security officer from PG&E arrived and photographed one of our cars.  Later I spoke to someone at PG&E and he revealed that Mrs. Johns’ was afraid we would have a gun or a knife so she had a PG&E guard escort her away. PLEASE!

A few weeks later we staged a second demonstration, and purposely did not post it. No one was at home, we had our demonstration, and just as we were about to leave, the police arrived. This was a hard core military style policeman with thick veins bulging from his neck – not the nice but firm police we’ve encountered at our other peaceful demonstrations. He stated we couldn’t leave anything under the mat at the front door, and one demonstrator immediately held firm and stated that it’s totally legal to do that. He stated no more because the PG&E president doesn’t want us to. I started to say something and was immediately told to be quiet while he talked. He did his spiel and then passed his card to us saying we needed to call him if we were to have another demonstration. I went on to say it’s against First Amendment rights having to get permission for a demonstration.

Then another demonstrator calmly stated ‘what is the name of your supervisor?’ He gave his name and then asked, ‘is there something the matter?’ I stated ‘yes – you’re rather harsh – all the other policemen have been nice to us. We are families and professionals demonstrating against ‘Smart’ Meters because they are making us sick.’ He ended by saying ‘I guess you can protest when you want to protest.’ He left. We felt so good because we had held our ground and refused to be intimidated……”

If you are interested in taking part in these ongoing peaceful demonstrations, please contact us.

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One Response to Demonstration at PG&E President Chris John’s Home

  1. If you wish to be taken seriously, cut the stupid punk music out of the video. PG&E and other utility and communications companies are actively assaulting you with a deadly weapon. Do you really think junk music is appropriate?

    The facts are that these pulsed digital devices are designed to be lethal over repeated exposures, and will debilitate you and sterilize your children within the immediate future. All of these factors are well supported by peer reviewed scientific studies that correlate direct damage to DNA strands within biological cells.

    As if the human carnage and suffering were not enough, very few people understand that these devices are destroying ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE on the planet. This means: These devices are affecting your agricultural crops, feed stocks for farm animals, forest reserves, soil microbes, family pets, and every other living being. In other words: ALL pulsed electromagnetic devices are an assault on the very basis of life on your planet.

    Playing foolish background music is hardly an appropriate response to these bastards and social retards. They are invading your private property with the assistance of a criminal police force. They are assaulting your families with known class 2B carcinogens, and promoting neurotoxic devices for health and “security” goals. They are insane and dangerous people. You need to fire them from their positions and get rid of them.

    Your country is being run from foreign banking cartels, and your president is an imposter and a fraud. Get serious or pay the consequences for being perceived as idiot/slaves to the corporate/capitalist system.

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