A Look Back at All the Action (So Far)

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  1. These hired thugs are not police, and should be counter attacked as such. The thugs as shown in the video are no longer protecting the public, thus are in direct violation of the United States Constitution to which they swore and oath. The Confederacy of States – as designed by the original Bill of Rights, states quite clearly the manner in which treason must be dealt with by the citizen public.

    In addition: Our current imposter president is NOT a valid president of the United States, and is in fact a war criminal, a liar, and a fraud. Thus the entire administration and judicial offices of the Supreme Courts, along with local courts assemblies, are now actively committed to acts of treason against the citizen public. These persons and their hired minions have no jurisdiction whatsoever, and need to be dragged from their offices and fired.

    It’s time to wake up to the facts that our Republic has been hijacked by a group of liars, thugs, henchmen, and war criminals. I say hang them all out to dry until further notice.

    The idea that you can “legally” win against this intentionally painful and destructive form of euthanasia, only proves how your educational institutions and social media have turned you into a bunch of whining pussies. Allowing these assholes to arrest you for trying to protect your property and your family is an act of cowardice. Get up off your asses and fight these phony administrative slobs to the death. Get a weapon and learn how to use it.

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