Another Fire: Landis + Gyr Smart Meter Causes Apt. Blaze

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This apartment fire occurred in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on February 6, 2014.

      • 14 families were displaced
      • 7 apartments had fire damage, 5 had significant damage
      • 11 apartments had smoke and water damage
      • 1 firefighter was injured

It was caused by a Landis + Gyr Smart Meter that exploded and caught fire, and set the apartment building on fire.

Bensalem Battalion Chief Robert Sponheimer told the Bucks County Courier Times that the fire started in a utility meter in an outside shed that housed electrical meters.

“…residents reported hearing a loud bang, then losing power Thursday evening. Within minutes they saw smoke pouring out of the shed. The fire then spread to the building and its roof, Sponheimer said.”

“The meter itself is the cause of the Bensalem fire, not arcing and not the wires, per the Bensalem Fire Marshal.”

A full account by Skyvision Solutions can be read here.

Pennsylvania’s utility company PECO halted Smart Meter installation in August 2012 because of meters overheating and catching fire. They were using Sensus Smart Meters, Elster, and L + G at the time. There was a state investigation. Sensus Smart Meters were declared safe, but PECO began replacing all Sensus meters with Landis + Gyr Smart Meters.

Change in manufacturer makes no difference.

A Landis + Gyr Smart Meter in Ontario, Canada flew off an apartment building and caught fire.

The fire that killed Larry Nikkel in California was started by a Landis + Gyr Smart Meter.

Pacific Gas and Electric uses Landis + Gyr.

The EMF Safety Network has maintained an extensive list of Smart Meter fires, explosions, and electrical damage.

California and the West are facing a terrible drought. Most places are tinder dry.

A Smart Meter fire in a dry, forested region would become a catastrophe quickly, affecting many homes and residents.

Having Smart Meters on homes and businesses is a terrible risk for every community.

If you think that our governments, utilities, and fire departments have our families’ safety as their first priority, think again.   It’s up to us to protect the safety and health of our families, and that means doing whatever is necessary to get these meters off your home and out of your community.

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3 Responses to Another Fire: Landis + Gyr Smart Meter Causes Apt. Blaze

  1. Wohllaborg says:

    We Should Avoid This Meter

  2. Bonny Evans says:

    Nov. 9th 2014 huge kennel fire kills 4 and injuries many, 2 people burned on severe. Landis + gyr meter to blame. All that witnessed says it was the meter.including the PEARL RIVER VALLEY who responded to the fire. The fire marshall is on the fence he don’t wanted to make a decision. He wants to say it was the meter especially with all the other info.on the meter. Albert H. Lee fire marshall 601-795-3167 The PRVALLEY ELEC. Says the meters are safe and can not start a fire. Even though they are not U.L. approved. And beenreports nation wide. The fire marshall says we could not realisticaly we could afford to fight them.

  3. Bonny Evans says:

    Total denial over smart metet problems. Not just the emf there are 1000’s of reported fires. Fire marshall have no training with smart meters they get there info. From the elec. Co. Death and fire at my ranch due to meter low ranking employees no it was meter because of procedure even when they work or replace meter the keep it live not a safe practice. You don’t have to be smart to know if no U.L It is not safe. Elec. Co. Denial is the worst part they don’t believe there is any proof meters are bad. All I can say is look into it. Everyone around here knows the truth but scared of the electrice company and there power. When it happens to them and someone dies its too late!! Our elected officals are just politicans and won’t do anything might lose a vote. Pearl river county ms. Needs a kick in the rear.

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