Swedish Neuroscientist Olle Johansson Warns Arizona’s Health Authorities About Smart Meter “Poisonous Snake”

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Olle Johannson of Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute

Swedish Neuroscientist and Associate Professor at the prestigious Karolinska institute in Stockholm Sweden, Olle Johansson, has written a letter to the Arizona Dept. of Health Services encouraging them to re-evaluate the risks of utility company smart grid policies.   Johansson urges them to share his skepticism of industry-funded research into the extremely controversial question of whether exposures from wireless devices- including “smart” meters-  are causing preventable damage to the public health.

He blasts those who dismiss scientific research showing harm from wireless technologies, saying essentially that it only takes one poisonous snake to bite you, and there are thousands of studies now showing changes in biology- many harmful- from microwave radiation exposures- even at a relatively small dose.  That makes the ubiquitous and high powered wireless pulses from smart meters particularly worrying.  Johansson says:

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Read Olle Johansson’s letter to the Arizona Dept. of Health Services in its entirety here.


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14 Responses to Swedish Neuroscientist Olle Johansson Warns Arizona’s Health Authorities About Smart Meter “Poisonous Snake”

  1. C Zehfus says:

    Could he please speak to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission and utilities and lawmakers??? You can have snakes in any state!

  2. Paul H says:

    The link didn’t work for me but you can view it at http://www.azcc.gov then enter docket number E-00000C-11-0328 to view what we have submitted.

  3. Good work Johansson. I was chocked to learn how easy and smooth the roll-out of smart meters was in Sweden. No public resistance and it was almost complete several years ago, like 2008.

  4. anonymous says:

    thank you Mr. Johansson!!!!!!!!!!!
    thumbs down to “smart” meters and “smart” grids.

  5. Wille Borlin says:

    A smart meter transmits radiomessages when asked to by the utilitymanager.
    That means some seconds / day, or whatever period is choosen.
    Compared with dect-phones, wi-fi networks and ordinary cell-phones this is nothing.

    Heatheffects is therefore very unlikely.

    Good is that the customer can easily control the use of electricity and in the end save some money by smart consumption.

    Wille B.
    Stockholm / Sweden

    • C Zehfus says:

      Wille, that is not accurate for many smart meters that transmit whether or not a utility person is “asking” for a reading. Our neighborhood water meters send RF from people’s basements every 5 seconds. The truck drives around ONCE PER QUARTER to take the readings. Most smart electric meters in my state send multiple times per day or hour.

      To understand health effects one has to do the research. Start here under “science,” please. The blind assumption that non-thermal RF is safe has been debunked by numerous independent experts, scientists and medical professionals. Some of the mechanisms of harm include activation of the voltage gated calcium channels, and the breaching of the blood brain barrier, plus interference with normal cellular body communications and cell membrane functions.

      Cumulative exposures are also important, and the pulsed delivery mode of the signal is very biologically active so very low signals can do damage to normal body functions. This site is a good place to start for people who want to understand the biology of the issue, rather than take industry dogma as truth. Thanks.

      • Thank you C Zehfus for a logical and functional analysis concerning “smart meter” emissions and harm to biological cells. Pulsed digital emissions are NOT part of the natural order that established biological life on this planet. These utility and communications systems are destroying the entire ecosystem. It is patently insane, criminal, and ultimately fatal to be using ANY of this technology at all.

        Persons who insist on harming others with INVOLUNTARY EXPOSURES to digitized electromagnetic signals, are criminals and should be shot on sight. I don’t recall any smart meter owners being reported as terrorists or subversives (YET) but utility companies and their employees can harass, torture, and intimidate anyone they choose. How humane and convenient…

    • Michael Johnsson says:

      Even a few seconds transmission makes negative effects, it starts the very second the transmission are initiated. What I mean here is that everyone should be the master of what ever he can be exposed for and have the 100% control of wheter he/she should receive this or not. (I know there are many other sources that he can never decide to get rid of)

  6. Jennifer kadin says:

    Wille there is no money being saved with smart meters. My bill has effectively increased over 100.00 per month. These meters are ripping people off plain and simple. One official who worked for the power company here in Phoenix, confirmed that and made a public statement attesting to this fact. Nobody here seems to care however which is just shocking to me. Unfortunately here in Arizona it’s all politics and everyones got their fingers in the cookie jar.

  7. Josef Boberg says:

    WiFi-coin has a terrible back – and in particular for children and teens – as I see it. Opening the substance of what I based it on here.

    In and of itself, I can be wrong in this – but I can not imagine that I have. What do you think ?

  8. We found out that CEI put a smart meter on our house without permission. We called and wrote and forced them to come remove it and put the analog meter back on. It doesn’t matter much though, since we live almost directly under high-power electric lines. My grandson can stand outside at night holding a long flourescent light bulb and it lights by itself! Our horses get shocked if they have metal bits in their mouths, and we can stand under the lines holding hands and feel the power surging through us. I can’t imagine what this is doing to my grandchildren who have lived here most of their lives.

  9. Linda M. Chambre says:

    I have already stopped the smart meters from being put in my area over a year ago. I wrote to APS and the Attorney General and reported to them what smart meters did through SmartMeters.com’s information that they sent to me. AG responded with the fact that I could take APS to court if they forced their meters on me, which they tried to do until they were sent the letter from the AG. That stopped them cold. They do not send me any more of their propaganda in how good their smart meters are.
    Linda M. Chambre

    • Vinnie S. says:

      Linda, I’d love to send a letter like yours to the attorney general also about Tucson Electric Power, would it be possible to get the format of your letter or a copy

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