Method # 786: How to Get the Word Out and Bypass the Mainstream Media Blackout About Wireless Health Risks

0825141421“K” from LA writes:

“Check out my new license plate!

You all should get something similar..

They rejected it at first but I appealed and sent in a letter with like 20 studies.  I had a long good conversation with the woman in appeals so it should be easier for you all.

Ideas for other license plates like CELS KIL or WIFI KLS or RFR KILS or ATT KILS or WIFI SIC etc…”

Hey Californians, What about PGE KILS?

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4 Responses to Method # 786: How to Get the Word Out and Bypass the Mainstream Media Blackout About Wireless Health Risks

  1. My name is Max.

    I am a young father of 3 with a loving and supportive wife, looking forward to years of enjoyment with my family. Until recently I was a ‘normal’, happy, healthy man moving his family into a new home – a joyful event for most but that is when my problems began. This is my story:

    Since moving into our new house, I began to experience trouble sleeping and breathing in the night, as well as periods of light-headedness and an almost constant fatigue. At first, I thought the nausea, headaches and dizziness were stress-related, then I started having chest pains and knew something was seriously wrong! My wife took my heart-rate and it was a jaw-dropping average of 40 beats per minute – sometimes known as ‘bradycardia’. I went immediately to the ER but upon arrival my heart-rate had returned to normal with only minor irregular beating. One night under ICU monitoring provided no clues as to my illness and I was released.

    Upon my return I took a nap in our bedroom and awoke with the same symptoms that had sent me to the ER earlier. After this I was afraid that I had serious heart problems (‘No’, I was assured); I was growing worried about my declining health and concerned for my family – was it something in the house making me ill? If it wasn’t inside me, it had to come from outside; I began to research everything from bedding material to appliance safety online and it wasn’t long before the words ‘Smart Meter’ started appearing in searches related to my symptoms listing risks and dangers. I was astounded – there is a Smart Meter just 2 metres from my bed!

    That night I slept on the sofa, and you know what? I slept like a log!…and kept it up for a month (sorry, dear!) and began to feel like myself again.

    So, as an experiment to improve my health and my marital relations, I decided to see what could be done to shield myself and family from this Smart meter and the dangerous waves it supposedly emits.

    Further online research led me to find Michael Faraday, inventor of the Faraday Cage whose experiments led to discoveries in electromagnetic wave blocking. Of my own initiative, I measured our Smart Meter and, well, in the jargon of our day, I made a condom to put over the meter for our protection.

    Guess what? It worked and the Smart Meter Condom was born! I’ve worked with engineers to design and perfect the SMC and have reduced our meter’s emissions by 98%*. Now, my aim is to help spare you and yours the health issues and anxiety we suffered since the Smart Meter was installed in our home, by making my Smart Meter Condom (SMC) available to you.

    The website is packed with information about the Condom, Smart Meter related health risks, demonstration videos, and links to helpful websites to assist you in your own research.

    However, if you think your smart meter is making you sick, I urge you to see a doctor, try to sleep far from the device, and consider Smart Meter Condom protection.


  2. SJ says:

    “covering” a smart meter outside does not stop the RF from bursting onto home wiring inside the house either. It would not stop the chatter between meters in a mesh (or if it did, it would not be allowed). and this consumer would not buy a device with such an odd name, which feels a bit mocking. IMHO

  3. Terri Keller says:

    Good idea about the license plate. Bad idea about blocking a “smart” meter. Here’s a link to a doctor who agrees: I believe the part about not blocking your “smart” meter is around the 16-minute mark. She says it can actually magnify the radiofrequency radiation (RF), so you may be worse off with a block than you are without one! And that’s saying a lot.

    Josh is right – just get the meter off your home/business as quickly and as safely as possible. Otherwise you and your family are in danger of fire, cancer, hacking, and sky-high bills. And please let your state utility board, state representatives, and city/county representatives know you will not tolerate “smart” meters in your community! They’ve never been tested for human safety, and we won’t be the government’s guinea pigs.


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