Cornet ED88T ElectroSmog Detector: $169.95 w/ Free Shipping from Stop Smart Meters! Online Store

The Cornet ED88T's new features include frequency read-out and E-Field detection

The Cornet ED88T’s new features include frequency read-out and E-Field detection

Device Includes Building Biology Guidelines LED Traffic Light Setting for At-a-Glance Readings

Because of the need for affordable precautionary based EMF detectors, last year brought Building Biology experts and Cornet Microsystems engineers together to synchronize the readings of Cornet Electrosmog Detectors with science-based precautionary exposure guidelines.

We are thrilled to see that our recommendations have been incorporated into Cornet’s new flagship pocket sized Electrosmog Detector, the ED88T, now available  in the Stop Smart Meters! online store. We’ve been using the new detector for several months now and are genuinely impressed.


The Cornet meters we ship are set so that the red/yellow/green LED’s are consistent with precautionary exposure guidelines

The settings for ED88T’s we sell in our store have been pre-set to “Building Biology Testing Methods.” Therefore, the yellow LEDs light up before power density levels reach “severe concern” and the red LEDs light before “extreme concern” levels are reached, according to Building Biology guidelines, based on science including the Bioinitative report.*

This new feature provides an at-a-glance determination from the colored LED lights whether an area is highly “electro-polluted” and should be avoided (or ideally mitigated).

As with the ED178S, the ED88T includes a sound function that helps detect low or distant RF levels, and a backlit LCD screen. The radio-frequency (RF/microwave) range is similarly wide (100 Mhz- 8 GHz).  This includes the frequency of a 5.8 Ghz cordless phone and wi-fi systems as well as some “smart” meters that transmit as low as 430 Mhz. In addition to the RF mode and two low frequency (LF) magnetic modes (good for power line readings) there is also a new E-Field meter mode to detect levels of low frequency electric fields, such as in the passenger compartments of hybrid cars.


The Frequency readout on the ED88T helps identify the source

The new frequency feature provides a basic readout of the predominant RF field frequency in MHz (between 100 Mhz and 2.7 GHz) and helps determine the source of the electrosmog at close range.  For example, if the readout indicates a frequency near 2.4 GHz (as depicted in the photo to the right) that would indicate the presence of a wi-fi router or microwave oven.  If it’s closer to 900 MHz the source could be a cell tower, cell phone, or smart meter. A faster pulse sampling rate (10,000/ sec.) helps capture brief smart meter pulses.

Overall, the ED88T is a significant improvement over its predecessor the ED78S  with new features and refinements that make this meter more than worth the affordable price.

What’s New in the Cornet ED88T Tri-Mode Electrosmog Detector

The CORNET ED88T includes all the features of the ED78S, plus:

  • Basic Frequency display for RF between 100 MHz and 2.7 GHz
  • E-Field Meter to measure ELF from power lines, electric wiring
  • Building Biology Guidelines Color LED lights setting
  • 3x faster sampling rate to capture brief smart meter pulses
  • Faster start-up response time
  • More readable data display/ black and white histogram
  • Peak vs. All Average Setting in System Setup

The CORNET ED88T Electrosmog Detector is available now in the Stop Smart Meters! store for IMG_2738$169.95. This is the lowest price you will find this meter anywhere. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and fast/ free 1-3 business day USPS shipping to all 50 US states (sorry, international shipping not available- check out Radmeters).

*Note: If you wish to ensure RF/ LF/ E-Fields levels down to a zero/ “no concern” level according to Building Biology guidelines, you should consider obtaining a meter that is more precise at low power densities (such as the the Gigahertz Solutions HF35C or Alphalab UHS2 both carried in our store).

cropped-SMART-SIGN-Version9-100.jpgSales of EMF Testers support our ongoing work to stop and reverse the spread of “smart” utility meters and raise awareness about EMF exposure issues. Thank you for supporting truly grassroots and independent activism!

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9 Responses to Cornet ED88T ElectroSmog Detector: $169.95 w/ Free Shipping from Stop Smart Meters! Online Store

  1. Johnny Bob says:

    How about an electrosmog meter with capability to upload the data to a computer?

  2. James says:

    It’s to bad they did away with the external antenna connector that was on the ED78 though probably very people used it with anything other than the antenna that came with that meter. It did allow more sensitivity at different frequencies by changing the antenna.

    Also I did contact Cornet a few years ago about adding a data port (or even just analog voltage output that was proportional to the RF level) and they said they would think about it. Perhaps if more people contact them they might actually do it. It would be useful, especially for sporadic sources like smart meters, to be able to connect the meter to a computer to log and monitor 24/7. Again it is probably a feature only geeks would use but if it were USB and they provided some simple logging software I think anyone could use a feature like this.

  3. Paul says:

    there are several from Aaronia and Gigahertz in Germany and others
    but for regular testing Josh here has it all

    • Milena Simeonova says:

      I don’t know anything about measurements, however I have a dare need to start taking measurements at my home, located near a cellular tower that added 51 new RF/ broadcast/ and microwaves antennas – I probably am zapped and
      started experiencing many symptoms of EM/RF radiation.
      Is Cornet ED88T the meter that can measure EM field, radio waves, and microwaves separately? I want to quantify the different waves/fields.
      Look forward to your input on what meter to buy, would ED88T work?
      Thank You again, Milena

      • Josh Hart says:


        The ED88T is a good choice for a basic consumer EMF meter. It has RF detection, as well as the ability to detect magnetic and electric fields. It can also detect the frequency of the dominant RF source. Of course the more you spend on an EMF meter, the more precise it will generally be, particularly at the lower power density levels. So if you could spend $500 or so instead of $169 you could get the Alphalab UHS2 and the Gigahertz Solutions HF35C- both available in our store. Those provide more detailed and fine grained information than the Cornet meters. However, for most people, the ED88T is a portable robust meter that provides key insights that help change behavior and technology and that’s the point, right? -J

  4. Milena Simeonova says:

    Hi again, I am concerned about my health, wake up at about 3am when the cell tower nearby increases emission – one can “hear” the hum in the house prevents sleep. As I mentioned, I have an emergency need to buy a meter and measures the different emissions.
    Just read that Microwaves frequencies are between 300 MHz (100 cm) and 300 GHz (0.1 cm). Is Cornet ED88T meter capable to measure microwaves?
    Sorry folks, but this has been going for the past 1 month…help.
    Thank You,

    • Josh Hart says:

      Hi Milena, The Cornet ED88T measures microwaves between 100Mhz and 8 Ghz which includes the most common frequencies currently used by cell phones, towers, smart meters, wi-fi, etc. No consumer meter currently on the mkt can measure 5G frequencies currently being tested by telecom companies but no doubt they will be developed. Current frequencies are not going away- the 5G is proposed to be used on top of them, unless of course, the people put a stop to this madness and demand a halt to the millions of 5G antennas proposed for public streets, homes and office buildings. Thanks for your support! -J

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