Donate to Stop Smart Meters! and our Toll-Free Hotline

Stop Smart Meters! has been fighting for your right to refuse smart meters since 2010.

In 2016, Stop Smart Meters! launched the only grassroots based smart meter defense specific toll-free hotline in the U.S. We have directly supported thousands of people in resisting smart meters during that time.

Sometimes the internet and e-mail is just not enough and you just need to talk to someone about these complex and challenging issues.

Our hotline 1-(888) 965-6435 is generally available 10am-4pm pacific time Monday to Thursday and offers free brief phone consultations on how to resist utility smart meter programs and organize effectively in your community against wireless proliferation.  Recently, our hotline has been busier than ever, and we have been struggling to answer and return calls in a timely fashion. It has not been uncommon for people to wait up to two weeks for a return call. We apologize if you have waited to receive a call back.  Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

We do not receive any regular funding to provide this service- we rely on support from people like you. We would like to avoid charging for calls, as this goes against our organizing principles. However, the reality is that the bills must be paid.

Please make a donation now in any amount to Stop Smart Meters! and help us continue to provide support to communities resisting smart meters, 5G, and other corporate-forced hazardous technologies. Or buy a discounted EMF meter, book, DVD, sticker or brochure / card pack in our online store.

Thank you for your support of grassroots, sane technology organizing!


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