Strongly Oppose US Senate Bill S.3157 — STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act of 2018

The wireless industry is at it again. Not content with 4G and smart grid saturation into communities around the US, they now want to add another layer of high frequency 5G microwave radiation on top of that, being blasted from millions of powerful small cell 5G RF transmitters on utility poles.

You need to take this deadly seriously, as your future health, and that of your community, depend on it.

Local governments and communities, with direct experience of wireless radiation harm, remain the biggest impediment to the ignorant and shortsighted deployment of technology that has been shown to irreparably harm life.

The wireless industry is now pushing S. 3157 — the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act of 2018. According to the National League of Cities:

“In addition to preempting local authority, the bill would make some major changes to current federal requirements for small cell siting by carving out a new category of “small personal wireless facilities” with new requirements, separate from existing wireless siting law.”

This means that if S. 3157 passes, small cells would no longer be required to comply even with the anemic and insufficient regulations currently covering the approval of larger (4G) cell towers. If you want to stop the unbridled proliferation of powerful 5G cells in our communities, and prevent the federal takeover of our residential and commercial streets, call the Senators on the Commerce Committee prior to this Thursday, and have everyone you know do the same.

Click on “Call Congress Now” for more information from Scientists for Wired Technology on how to take action:


More info and background on this issue:

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