EMF Meters: Your Eyes and Ears Into the World of Electrosmog

The Cornet ED88T Plus is an affordable EMF meter with lots of new features.

Over the last decade, we have provided thousands of people with EMF readers, allowing them to detect, avoid and mitigate unsafe EMF exposures from smart meters and other wireless devices, household wiring and appliances.

Increasing EMF literacy in our communities is one of the primary program activities of Stop Smart Meters! If you cannot compare a high and low EMF environment, or measure how strong the wi-fi or smart meter radiation coming through the wall is, or listen to EMF sounds to detect the source, how would you begin to take action to remediate those exposures? People with a basic level of EMF literacy are more empowered when it comes to one of the most serious emerging environmental health risks we face.

The wireless industry would like to keep the general population “EMF illiterate.” They love it when people throw up their hands and say, “oh well it’s everywhere — what can you do, anyway?” and sign up for the latest wireless data package.

The reality is that Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF)—though a quintillion times stronger than pre-electricity days—still widely varies by neighborhood, region, and household depending on the strength of the source and its proximity. Many people don’t realize that most EMF exposure is self-inflicted. Since wi-fi, cell phones, cordless phones etc. are typically closer to you than smart meters or cell towers, those tend to be the highest exposures.

The good news is that wired solutions are readily available. Given the science showing serious risk of harm from wireless technology, there is no real excuse for continuing to generate harmful microwaves within the home.

Electrosmog Meters (that measure the strength of various types of EMF) are more affordable, and have more capabilities than ever before.

We have a good selection of the best EMF meters at discount prices in our store, and all sales benefit our efforts to reduce unnecessary EMF in the environment. One man we sold a Cornet meter to earlier this year told us it felt like the meter had become his “eyes and ears” into the world of EMF. A world that most people cannot see, hear or feel by themselves, but that science says is doing real harm on a cellular level.

The Trifield TF2 is a basic multi-meter with good resolution on low frequency measurements

So which meter to buy? A basic multi-meter such as the Trifield TF2 or the Cornet ED88T Plus is suitable for most people’s needs. Both these models measure RF from smart meters, cell phones, etc as well as E-Field and Magnetic fields from wiring, powerlines, and appliances. Which one is right for you? If a lot of features and capabilities is important to you, and you like the moving graph and flashing red, yellow and green lights, then the Cornet ED88T Plus is the best choice. If you are looking for a basic meter without the frills, and want more precision when measuring low frequencies, then you might want to consider the Trifield TF2.

The Alphalab Powerline Meter measures “dirty electricity” on household wiring.

Both the above meters pair well with the Alphalab Powerline Meter, a plug-in meter that measures levels of dirty electricity present on household wiring.

In certain cases, people require more advanced meters (such as the EMFields Acoustimeter for RF and the Alphalab UHS2 for LF.) These meters typically offer more precision than the multi-meters, and are essential for those looking to identify locations within the Building Biology “No Concern” Category. We have a number of combo deals that make these devices more affordable.

Reasons to buy an EMF Meter from StopSmartMeters.org/store

  1. We guarantee the lowest prices on all EMF meters we sell.
  2. All sales benefit our independent grassroots organization and our outreach activities.
  3. All meters are calibrated and set to precautionary guidelines (most others ship meters set to outdated, hazardous government exposure guidelines).
  4. Shipping is always included in the price. We expedite all meter orders and ship out of Reno, NV. Most domestic orders arrive within 2-3 business days.
  5. We offer full, personalized support with every meter purchased: how to interpret data and even how to reduce EMF in your community and home.
  6. All meters ship with free outreach materials like stickers and brochures to give your friends and neighbors.

We recently donated two Cornet ED88T’s to our Plumas County Library System so people will soon be able to check out the meter for free with their library card. Consider purchasing an EMF meter for your local library today and improving EMF literacy in your community!

In addition to meters, we have a number of items that would make good gifts for the people on your list who need the information most. Most popular right now are DVD’s of Generation Zapped and the book Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. We also have red corded landline telephones to replace your outdated cordless models. If you don’t fancy anything in our shop, and still want to support our work, you can make a quick donation of any amount here. We appreciate it:)

Check out our online store today, spread the word, and best wishes for the season to everyone.

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One Response to EMF Meters: Your Eyes and Ears Into the World of Electrosmog

  1. Barbara says:

    Smart meters with raised high voltage electricity, is what they, the Deep State, has been doing. This is the reason for the substation and transformer fires across America. The high voltage electricity was being elevated beyond safety standards to cause sickness and disease in the population because the shadow government is operating a prescription drug operation and have been prospering from the illnesses they could create. Electromagnetic radiation and microwave radiation are the main culprits, then throw in cellular radiation, a recipe for disaster.

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