Thank you to Vicki Sievers and Nina Beety, for this alert:

What’s happening (updated Nov. 1st 2023)
 The CPUC has been silent for three months on landline proceedings.
However, today AT&T meets with staff of CPUC Commissioner John Reynolds “to discuss AT&T California’s request for relief (from their role as carrier of last resort) as well as the status of and schedule for the proceeding with Sasha Goldberg, Advisor to Commissioner John Reynolds, and Carolyn Chen, Advisor to Commissioner John Reynolds…via Webex.” John Reynolds is the commissioner assigned to the proceeding.
TOMORROW, Thursday Nov. 2 at 11 a.m., CPUC holds its regular monthly meeting.
What to do
CONTACT the five CPUC commissioners and their staff in either (or both) of two ways.
1) EMAIL Commissioner Reynolds’s office today or as soon as you can. In addition, call or email the other four commissioners. You may have written comments previously, and can draw from those. See more at the end of this message. (This action can be repeated weekly going forward.)
2) SPEAK during public comments at the Thursday, Nov 2 meeting. Ask that the CPUC DENY AT&T’s application. Tell why landlines are essential infrastructure for the state, for you personally, for rural and fire-prone areas, for EMF-disabled people.  You will have one minute to speak. Instructions here:  
!! Even if you do not require a copper landline, your calls/messages will support those who do, and will help prevent more wireless installations.
Contact info. Put  A2303003 in the subject line.
Maria Sotero Policy Advisor and Interim Chief of Staff
(415) 703-2494
Pilar Manriquez Deputy Chief of Staff (916) 894-5689
Sasha Goldberg Advisor  (415) 703-5340 **** mtg with AT&T
Cait Pollock Advisor (415) 703-1535
Jake McDermott Advisor (415) 703-1860
Carolyn Chen Advisor (415) 703-1980 **** mtg with AT&T

Reasons for needing copper landlines:

1. If you are a person who for any reason requires copper landline phone, wired DSL internet as the only usable, safe, reliable, phone, internet service.

2. Or if you require the permanent protection of accessible, affordable  copper landline, wired DSL internet as an ADA or medical/ health accommodation.

3. Or If you can NOT use wireless, wifi, smart technology, Modem-based phones, cell phones, computer, mobile or VOIP phones, wifi modems or wireless internet.

4. Or if the copper landline phone, wired DSL internet equipment, services are required for your situation, area, family, job, county, community, etc

5. Or you or your family, community, area will be adversely affected. Can NOT  survive without permanently available, affordable copper landline phone services, wired, DSL internet

6. Or you require the survival of the Lifeline subsidy program in order to have phone, internet use.

7. You, your community, your area require investment in preserving copper landline phones with a wired infrastructure. You or your region will be negatively affected by the plan to implement a wireless infrastructure for phone, internet.

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27 Responses to LANDLINES UNDER THREAT IN CALIFORNIA: Urgent Action Required

  1. Robert O’Brien says:

    Dear CPUC,

    Please do not approve ATT’s request to end landlines. Many customers rely totally on landlines and should be allowed to keep them.


    Robert O’Brien
    10053 trainer Lane
    Rough and Ready, CA. 95965

  2. Leon Canerot says:

    I do not have a cell phone – only a landline. Please do NOT make people go to cell phones.

  3. As a person disabled by failure to regulate the pesticide chlordane which has left me with in inoperable brain stem tumor and toxicant-induced loss of tolerance, including EMF’s I require the permanent protection of accessible, affordable copper landline, wired DSL internet as an ADA or medical/ health accommodation and view removal of such to be a clear violation of ADA laws.

  4. Barbara Harris says:

    Please regard the request by AT&T to remove support for copper wire Landlines and DSL internet in violation of U.S. Federal laws supporting communication in rural and Indian Tribal Lands, and therefore discriminatory. This is unlawful consolidation of technological communication in violation of U.S. Anti-Trust law and collusion with cell communication providers to reduce industry competition and increase prices to consumers. Lifeline subsidies provided therein to low income Americans are necessary to provide minimum financial support to millions of Landline, DSL, cell phone and internet customers.

  5. Katya Miller says:

    I mainly use a landline that uses copper wires. Please keep them viable and in use. It is my Lifeline to basic communication.

  6. Sara Colburn says:

    Please do not end land lines. These are very helpful for some people, and they must not go away. Please support all efforts to save land lines. Thank you.

  7. Deborah Cozort says:

    We now know that smart meters are not good for us, and we should be able to have a choice

  8. Helen Winn says:

    Any of the following reasons should stand alone to reject AT&T’s proposal:
    1) The landline program is our family’s only reliable source of connectivity due to location and lack of cell service.
    2) Frequent power outages prohibit internet based connectivity to be reliable.
    3) With a disabled person in the house (and two elderly neighbors with similar reception and power reliability issues), this could be a life or death situation.
    4) Much of Sonoma County housing is spaced out such that even walking to neighbors to alert of safety issues is prohibitive, so forcing reliability on electricity for cell phones or internet services is not in the interest of the people.

  9. Judith Grote says:

    Please deny ATT’s application to retire and discontinue Copper and Landline service. This is our lifeline in remote areas for emergencies and for the unavailability of cell coverage because of terrain in our areas. The first to go usually are the cell towers. Without our landline we would have been in trouble during the last CZU big fire in our area. My husband is disabled and unable to use other than a landline. He also has medical devices which need it to report any medical issues.

  10. Cell phones cause cancer I do not want one. They cause tumors. No thanks. please quit stepping on my freedom to own a landline for my computer and home phone. I am not addicted to a cell phone like the rest of thses idiots who always talk really loud in the resturant on their stupid cell phone because it makes them feel important. Also children should do something good with their time instead of burying their head in a cell phone game because it is a waste of a life.

  11. Scott Hartness says:

    I cannot afford a cell phone nor do I want one I enjoy being away from the phone when I leave my house. Being disable I like to use a landline.

  12. Howard Kugel says:

    Please do not discontinue my landline telephone & broadband DSL line for my computer. I live in a Mobil Home Park & the wireline is buried not bothering anything or anybody. Cellphones & other wireless devices, such as computers are detrimental to our health. bigtime, research it & you’ll see what I mean. I didn’t get to be 87 & healthy by being stupid or foolish. Your health is your only real wealth.

  13. Tammy S. says:

    This is horrible. AT&T is a satanic organization. They want to do this across the entire world, people need to wake UP and stop this HELLPHONE madness. Don’t they know about transhumanism and the REAL plan? It’s not a far journey to brain implants with biochips instead of hand-held dumbphones….the mark of the beast is for real, these blind sheep who can’t see beyond their noses, who embrace every new technology don’t know what they are headed for….Revelation 13, KJV.

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  15. Richard Hiersch says:

    Retain and maintain our land lines, which do not cease to operate in every emergency situation here, but rather keep communications open and cancer free.

  16. Jerry Sr. Couchman says:

    We need copper wiring for our Internet Services. Cell phones are very hard for us to operate and are expensive for us to use. Please leave us with the services that we are accustomed too. Our home is already wired and there is nothing else to do.

  17. Mary says:

    My land line phone is infinitely more reliable than my wi-fi-based cell phone. With all the scheduled and unscheduled power outages in the last few years, I was exceedingly grateful for my landline phone, which continued to work through the outages. Please don’t sever what is a most crucial lifeline for so many of us throughout the year.

  18. Barbara says:

    Dear Commissioners,

    Please do not end landlines pursuant to the application of AT&T to do so. Many disabled people are not able to use cell phones. The medical support for this has been presented to the CPUC numerous times during the “Opt Out” process.
    The ADA recognizes these disabilities and proceeding to end landlines pursuant to AT&T’s request would be a direct violation by a government agency of the ADA.
    The ADA defines a person with a disability as “someone who
    (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more “major life activities,”
    (2) has a record of such an impairment, or
    (3) is regarded as having such an impairment.”

    Thank you for your consideration.

  19. Chime Hart says:

    I have phone service from AT&T U-Verse, which has improved
    since 2011, however, they are not offering
    several convenient features such as 30number speed-calling,
    which is `quite helpful for some1 blind. Also, VIP alert
    for special callers. If you can please `force AT&T to
    offer these features, then non-copper service would
    be similar.

  20. Rob says:

    will their dropping of phonelines based on coper or is it fiber, at this time I don’t know if my parents have which type of internet connection at home, but we do need that AT&T U-verse connection working in our rural area, since otherwise I will not be able to update or download my Xbox Series X games, or PS4 or Nintendo switch game updates, without internet, our internet has the phone line built into it, I do not know if AT&T drops the phonelines if my parents in our rural area, will also have to look for a new internet and phone again, which the AT&T U-verse has been the best for me, since we don’t have a data limit compared to some other internet that was in our area, Satellite internet based that always went down during lighting storms outside of California, that made our Satellite internet very unstable, I don’t recall the name of it, but it did have bad data plan, since it was almost impossible for me to even download video game updates for the Xbox Series X or Series X console as it now, our AT&T U-verse is needed for my video games, plus we use it for steaming tv shows too at home, like stuff that not on DirectTV.

    But, yes, it’s also bad for anyone, in an area when they lose power so do we lose the internet with the phonelines, since no phonelines during fires over the summertime is very dangerous, since there been fires way to close to our area and no cell bars in our rural area, in California the call phones do not work at home at all, my parents have to use that AT&T U-verse for phone calls, cell phones you either have to go up the hill or out of our area in order for them to even work, since like 1 to 0 bars in our area. cell phones are not a good replacement for landlines in our rural community in California Redding, Shasta area.

  21. Richard Wiedemann says:

    The CPUC should deny AT&T’s application for relief of COLR. There are many elderly and low income families rely on landline service. Some cannot afford cell phones and many do not have the capability to manage cell phones. My in-laws and Mother needed land lines. It is irresponsible to discontinue this service.

  22. Mitchell says:

    Ending landlines is a SAFTEY ISSUE!
    Cell phone coverage is very minimal in our specific area, and the only way that we can get internet is through copper wire (DSL) and we feel very lucky to at least have that at minimum, we live in a rural area where wild fires can and have happened and we rely on our landline for reverse 911 calls. In addition my wife is handicap and we need to be able to makes calls for home deliveries as needed.

    Thank you

  23. Nina says:

    Here in Roseville CA, Placer County, some of have Consolidated Communication which supplies our landlines.

    Does anyone reading this know if this California-AT&T affects Consolidated landlines? I’ve searched and so far found nothing.
    Just launched our site.

  24. Debbie says:

    I was bullied and threatened off my landline. There needs to be a class action suit or something there needs to be choice.

    I want my copper pots, landline restored.

    I hate cell phones, and the voice over fiber-optic They tried to force me on was terrible. It has an electrical buzz and they refused to remove the fiber optic wiring and the leader put it in the garage or try and put a hole in your house.

    I moved my phone service about a mile away when a parent was in hospice and then they wouldn’t let me move it back. I made an appointment for them to do it and they forced fiber-optic and I said no I asked to talk to the supervisor and they threaten to take my phone number. It was terrible. I want my copper wire blown back.

    People shouldn’t have to have urgent need it should be an option and people shouldn’t be threatened off copper landline service plus people get demerits for actually helping people with copper-based landline and lose their jobs

    AT&T needs to be accountable

    It’s a monopoly on the Wi-Fi companies I believe went to the FCC

    There needs to be freedom of choice for landline, and it needs to be supported I want my copper based landline restored!!!!

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