Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justices Grill Utility Advocates

As part of a potentially precedent-setting court case before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court over the health and safety of smart meters, on November 3rd justices heard an appeal of a previous ruling that smart meters were essentially “safe enough.”

Attorney Bruce McGlauflin represented lead plaintiff Ed Friedman of Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in the Maine Supreme Court, and presented evidence from physicians, microbiologists, and other professionals that radiation emitted by smart meters poses a serious risk of physical harm, and should be recalled.

Video of the oral arguments from both sides in the legal dispute is embedded above. The justices grill the attorney for the state utility commission, and confront him with evidence in the record that “there is persuasive evidence of a possible risk.”

According to Ed Friedman, it will probably will be a few months before a decision is rendered but it could come at any time. Stay tuned to Maine’s website for the latest breaking news. Thank you to the people of Maine for keeping the pressure on utilities to be accountable for their smart grid/ smart meter debacle!

Important Links:

Please contribute to the Maine Coalition’s legal effort through their website.

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters Official Press Release

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Recall this Hazardous Product!  Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters members gather outside courthouse in Portland, Maine on November 3rd

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Former CPUC President Loretta Lynch–Flanked by Physicians and Researchers–Delivers Searing Indictment of Smart Meters and EMF Risks at Mountain View Wireless Summit

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.32.46 PMEat your heart out, Google.

On Saturday October 10th, the Wireless Technology and Public Health Summit was held in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. The event was sponsored by the Santa Clara Medical Association Alliance Foundation.  Doctors, researchers, and public policy experts in the field of wireless health impacts joined together for the first time in the heart of Silicon Valley and declared that there is more than enough evidence to reign in wireless technology, particularly in schools and other locations where sensitive populations spend time.

The summit was held the day after California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed all six bills that would have reigned in a corrupt CPUC, and would have taken mild steps to subject it to greater judicial oversight in the midst of ongoing criminal investigations of the agency.  The day after the conference (to add insult to injury) Brown signed legislation (AB57) that shifts the burden of defending against unwanted cell towers to local governments and “deems cell towers approved” by the state, if a local government takes too much time in the planning process.

The summit was completely sold out- an indication of the burgeoning interest in the subject in the Bay Area- and an overflow crowd gathered at video monitors in the lobby to hear what each speaker was saying.

Here is a summary of the key points made at the summit:

martin-pallMartin Pall, PhD Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences in the School of Molecular Biosciences at Washington State University

  • Autism has increased in recent years from an incidence of 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68, and increasingly it appears that environmental, not genetic, factors are to blame.
  • In a recent paper, Dr. Pall describes the mechanism for action of non-ionizing radiation on cells, affecting calcium channels and flow between cells.  This is linked with the formation of free radicals in the body.

serveimageSuruchi Chandra, MD, Psychiatrist focused on Autism, OCD, chronic fatigue and mood disorders

  • Autism has increased 1200% since 1987
  • Genetics can not change that rapidly
  • Fraternal and identical twins have been found to have the same rates of autism, another indication that the cause is environmental
  • Children with Autism and ADHD have elevated Cortisol, a stress hormone, and their cells are responding as if they were in danger (which they are)
  • Impacts during development can affect children their entire lifespan

serveimage-1Peter Sullivan, Computer Scientist and Researcher

  • Peter’s sons started exhibiting symptoms of Autism early in their schooling.
  • Following interventions and reduced exposure to wireless, both of his sons are doing well now with successful careers
  • “We created (the wireless) problem.  We can uncreate it.”

serveimage-2Dr. Toril Jelter, MD Board Certified Pediatrician and General Practitioner with over 30 years of Clinical Experience

Dr. Toril Jelter has been a strong and outspoken ally of our movement.  She is featured on the left of our Stop Smart Meters! homepage banner, holding a sign that says ” Pediatrician for a Smart Meter Moratorium.” She became interested in the link between health and environment after the Chernobyl meltdown of 1986 rained radiation down on her native Norway.

Dr. Jelter specializes in treating children suffering from Autism and related disorders.

Here are some of the case studies she described:

  • 4 year old boy with terrible insomnia for 2 years, could not sleep and kept parents awake. Dr. Jelter recommended a two-week trial, turning off wi-fi and cordless phones in the house. Within a week, the child and the parents were all sleeping soundly.
  • 9 year old boy with insomnia.  PG&E smart meter was found to be installed on bedroom wall at the head of his bed.  Parents got smart meter replaced with an analog and he was able to sleep immediately.
  • 10 year old boy with autism and exhibiting aggressive behavior, had never said a sentence in his life. Tried the two week no wireless in home test, and within three days he had spoken his first full sentence: “Mom pass me the scissors.”

Personality changes observed from wireless exposure:
– greater inflexibility
– ethical values and empathy lost
– hyperactivity

These observations are confirmed by peer-reviewed epidemiological studies, such as Divan et al who found that pre-natal exposure to cell phone radiation is linked with higher levels of hyperactivity.

Dr. Jelter summed up her presentation by urging us to ask the question:

“Is my desire to talk to anyone anywhere more important than children’s ability to speak at all?”

She suggests that continued societal inaction on this issue constitutes child abuse.

serveimage-3Victoria Dunkley, MD Board certified Integrative Child Psychiatrist, Author of Reset Your Child’s Brain

Dr. Dunckley has focused on “screen time” reductions in helping children cope with increasing levels of psychological disorders.

  • There has been a 40,000% increase in bipolar disorder
  • Obesity, high blood pressure were only very rarely seen in kids- this has changed and become common.
  • Typical exposure is 5-7 hours per day of screen time, sometimes more.
  • The belief that computers help learning is a myth that leads to unnecessary technology proliferation in schools
  • Handwriting beats laptop note taking in terms of recall, integration, and test scores, according to research.
  • The nature of tech is at odds with basic developmental needs for nature, engagement in one’s environment, etc.
  • Multitasking impairs cognition, puts kids into “fight or flight” mode, reduces empathy and understanding, and at extremes can result in paranoia, hallucinations, etc.
  • “Wii” video games are being linked with social phobia, PTSD, and panic attacks
  • Kids are being medicated unnecessarily, when a 3-4 week “electronic fast” helps reset the brain
  • Wired only access not  only reduces EMF’s- it also reduces screen accessibility.
  • “Ultimately this is a human rights issue.”

serveimage-5Katie Singer, Author of Electronic Silent Spring (video presentation)

  • Symptoms are messages to be heeded- that something is out of balance
  • The data centers that our tech depend on use the equivalent of 30 nuclear power plants.
  • If data centers around the world were a country, it would rank #5 in energy usage.  Cell phones, smart meters, etc. are NOT green.

lynch_5833Loretta Lynch, Former President of the California Public Utilities Commission, and one of California’s most influential Attorneys

  • The science is clear: EMF’s affect health, particularly the most vulnerable among us.
  • Those living within 150 feet of power lines are at increased risk of serious disease
  • Utilities and telecommunications companies know these facts but obtain “obscenely obsessive profits” from this technology and are in a “desperate scramble” to set regulations in stone before public awareness increases and reforms are widely demanded.
  • Health and environmental costs from wireless tech are “externalized” to society at large
  • At this point, we are lucky if regulators are ignorant about this issue. More often they are co-opted and corrupted.
  • “Smart grid” and “smart meters” are a “lucrative boondoggle” approved by the CPUC.
  • CPUC says “pay me and I’ll give you what you want” in secret backroom deals- a classic case of corruption and bribery, revealed in e-mails.
  • CPUC has become a “rogue agency” essentially controlled by corporations (which is what we have also been saying for five years!)
  • This has made a mockery of due process, and Michael Peevey, former CPUC President , has acted as if the CPUC were his own personal playground.
  • CPUC has allowed utilities to cut corners, skip safety regulations, etc.
  • A parade of former CPUC Commissioners now work for the utilities- the so-called “revolving door.”
  • The smart meter roll out was plagued with problems, and the only way regulators approved it was that they have “drunk the kool-aid.”
  • The $2.2 billion+ cost of smart meters and the smart grid came about because of a secret deal between Peevey and the utilities, and the costs have been borne by ratepayers.
  • Analog meters are “simple, accurate, and reliable.” There was no need to change them out. The only reason they were replaced with smart meters is that the utilities were not profiting off them any longer- they had “fully depreciated.”
  • Utilities have entered the “big data” game and using and profiting from your private electric usage data. Protecting the privacy of our home has become harder and harder.
  • She is optimistic even though she has “seen the sausage made” because the science is so strong.  She sees a change in public policy coming within 5 years, and urges us to educate the legislature, as you never know when you will find an intrigued official (though most are corrupt).
  • We need to continue educating the media about the facts (i.e. the John Oliver Tom Wheeler “dingo” segment really raised awareness)

The event was a credible and informative presentation of the damage being caused by wireless technology, especially to our precious and developing next generation. It was also an inspiring call to action and a boost to the growing movement to address and eliminate the blind proliferation of wireless technology. A significant reduction in exposure can take place through personal decisions to wire technology in the home, whereas involuntary exposures (cell towers, wi-fi in schools, smart meters, etc.) require a coordinated policy response.

Greater public awareness is key to both. Thank you to Keynote speaker Joel Moskowitz, and to Cindy Lee Russell, MD, Vice President of Community Health, Santa Clara County Medical Association, who organized the event. The slides for the presentations are available online and a video will be available shortly.  Check for details.

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Discussion of Our Smart Meter Legal Victory on Local Radio

Last October, I went on KQNY Quincy‘s Common Good show hosted by Joseph Munoz.  At that time, our electricity had been illegally disconnected by local utility PSREC, and we were essentially camping out in our home. Following our successful lawsuit that ended up forcing the utility to reconnect us and drop their illegal “opt out” charges, and in which a Superior Court Judge ruled that the utility was violating state discrimination law, I returned this week to the KQNY studio in Quincy to discuss our case.

Full Coverage of Our Smart Meter Dispute with PSREC

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The Human Cost of Utility Abuse/ New Michigan Legislation

The disconnection of our electricity back in February 2014 is not unusual or an exception. It is part of a larger pattern of utilities withholding essential services, in a coordinated tactic to suppress resistance and force an unwanted smart grid on the public. Recently, utilities in Michigan have disconnected a number of people including a 92 year old blind women in Detroit for the crime of refusing to allow a smart meter on her home. All this for the sake of the “smart grid” whose benefits remain illusory, and then (in a cruel Orwellian twist) the utility has the chutzpah to say that they disconnected her in the best interest of the customer and the community!

You can’t abuse people in plain sight without some sort of reaction, and that has come in the form of legislation- House Bill 4916 currently before the Michigan legislature. It’s not perfect (the smeters should all be banned of course), but it would provide a basic level of legal protection against the worst utility abuses for the most vulnerable among us.

These are the types of crimes that utility executives will be imprisoned for

For local support on Michigan smart meter issues, contact the Smart Meter Education Network or one of the other groups working to defend MI residents.

92 year old and legally blind, Olga Puste was also disconnected by DTE, for securing her analog meter

92 years old and legally blind, Olga Puste, a DTE customer since 1951 was also disconnected by DTE, for securing her analog meter

85 year old Glenna Long was disconnected by DTE, and has sought alternate energy supplies

85 year old Glenna Long was disconnected by DTE for refusing a smart meter, and has sought alternate energy supplies





Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 4.56.24 PM

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Smart Meter Revolt Spreads to Dominican Republic

In a video posted to youtube yesterday, People in the Dominican Republic showed their disgust for smart meters forced on their homes and businesses, by bringing them back to the utility en masse, in an action reminiscent of Stop Smart Meters! 2010/ 2011 actions in Santa Cruz County, California.  It appears that the main complaint here is the high bills, reported wherever smart meters are installed, but other issues- including a lack of democracy and transparency, privacy violations, and health effects- are also likely at issue. The translation is bad on this video- see  below for English translation kindly provided by Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and Boil the Frog Slowly.

Stop Smart Meters! proclaims our solidarity with the people of the Dominican Republic, and remind our readers that if we really want to be rid of these stupid meters, that mass direct action  can achieve this goal where other methods fail.

Let’s return them together.

Smart meters are – after all- unwanted equipment forced on our homes and into our communities, and we the people have a right to have them removed. Period.

Think the utilities will disconnect all these people, and risk a wider conflagration and the loss of electricity revenue? I don’t think so.

Translation courtesy of a Spanish Speaking SSM! Supporter:

Wow ~ these folks are really angry! As they indeed have a legitimate reason!  In the video, it states that the community of Piedra Blanca (which literally means white rock in spanish)  Province Monseñor Nouel  which is in the Dominican Republic are beyond livid  due to this constant abuse. Hundreds of folks in diverse districts ripped out the smart meters on their property and threw them in front of their electric company EDENORTE and the masses protested in the streets. Issues with way higher bills among the constant flow of outages that are VERY  prolonged is indicative of this entire system being rigged and corrupt. One man in the video (holding a smart meter) asked how was it possible that his pharmacy that was established not that long ago is going to consume 1,041 kilo?! He stated that was just part of the many abuses ~ it is rigged to benefit THEM as it did not make sense that the less electricity the residents consume the higher the bill.

It is indeed a testament that this cannot continue.

Translation/Synopsis courtesy of Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and Boil the Frog Slowly:

Hundreds of meters were removed and put in front of the electricity company offices of the north ( in the municipio of Vidra (sp?) Blanca, Provinica Monseñor Nahuey (sp?)

The reason was high rates combined with frequent electrical outages in the region. The outages became prolonged and the electricity bills arrived at nearly double that of the month before.

One guy (Pink T-shirt) holds up a meter and asks how it is possible in X days for it to register 1041 Kilowats. And he says, “this is why we say that they have rigged these meters to benefit them.”

The residents say that the lower their consumption, the higher the bills.

Since yesterday (whatever the date of the video is, the day prior), residents from numerous barrios had gone out in the streets to protest this.

Subject: Fw: From my cousin who is there

Here is a translation…

Good morning,
They and many others are very angry about the new method of charging for electricity, and the politics around how they raised their rates. ( again) There is NOTHING in the video about ‘a new method of charging for electricity’ or about ‘the politics around how they raised their rates. I have transcribed above exactly what is said in the video.

That video is the result of 2 things:

1: The electric company has changed all of the meters to digital meters, so there’s no more tampering with him, they begin that process a year ago and so throughout the city we all have digital meters which the electricity company says it’s a more accurate reading of the usage of every home. Good background info, but this is not in the video itself.

2. And also because the electric company is now a ” free entity” meaning that they are no longer under government regulation, they can essentially do whatever they want, hence charge whatever they want. Ditto.

They are also saying that the electric bills are coming in double for the same usage as last year, and that is true.The bills came this month, and the video is an example of public outrage.They’re turning over The trucks to the electric company, slashing the tires, and breaking the windows but other than that it’s just a normal calm beautiful day here.

That is why the electric to Casa and VB are even higher than ever!!!

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