5G and the “IoT” Set to Wreak Even Greater Biological Havoc

Some have dubbed plans for a new network of extremely high millimeter wave 5G small-cell antennas  as “smart meters on steroids.”

There is no doubt that the telecom’s industry’s plans for a massive 5G deployment (on top of the existing 4G towers and smart meter mesh networks) represent the single biggest threat to our safety, health, privacy and cyber-security since smart grid deployments began.  It’s incumbent on every person aware of the facts to take action and voice opposition- on the record- to these reckless and invasive plans. For more details on what exactly “5G” entails, check out the new website Whatis5G.info.

Action to Stop 5G Required: Comment on FCC Website by Feb. 6th: The FCC (Frequently Causing Cancer or Federal Communications Commission?) is seeking Comment on STREAMLINING DEPLOYMENT OF SMALL CELL INFRASTRUCTURE BY IMPROVING WIRELESS FACILITIES SITING POLICIESThe intention is to make the siting process for 5G infrastructure easier and faster than it already is! Comments are due by Feb. 6th, 2017. See here for more details from the FCC website.

This federal proceeding is the latest attempt to pre-empt local government authority in regulating the placement of a massive network of small cell sites in the public right-of way. That means that a strong, super high frequency antenna could be installed by an unaccountable global corporation outside your bedroom window or inside the office where you work without any notice to you, and with no meaningful way to contest the placement. This has profound implications for community rights, environmental health, and democracy- even property values are threatened by this giant “taking” by Verizon and the rest of the gang of our public (and private) spaces. To make matters worse, 5G networks are already being used as justification for severing our critical landline telephone networks, subjecting an already EMF-saturated population to mandatory wireless usage for voice communication.

This is not some far off threat. Telecom companies are already deploying 5G technologies in British Columbia, the San Francisco Bay Area, rural Virginia, and elsewhere.

Fight Back Now– Start Here: Detailed instructions on how to submit an official comment to the FCC as well as brief sample testimony is available by downloading this pdf guide, created by the people at Whatis5G.info, an excellent critical and factual resource raising awareness about the predatory nature of the industry’s 5G plans where you live.

Speaking of predatory, check out the new article at SmartGridAwareness.org, “We’re Being Hunted by Smart Meters and the Internet of Things” about how extending the internet to “everything” makes us all into prey.

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Occupy Interview Touches on Direct Action, EMF Sanctuaries, and Racism Within the Movement

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-6-58-45-amTwo weeks ago I was invited to speak on the weekly Occupy EMF Call, based in New York City. Thanks to the moderator and all those who participated in the discussion.  The themes discussed during the call included the necessity of civil disobedience, the need to establish a retreat for those injured by smart meters and other wireless devices, and the importance of confronting racism and xenophobia in our movement. These issues have all taken on a new urgency since the call. Let us know what you think, and get in touch with us to get involved- we need your support and involvement! Listen to the recorded call here.

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EMF Meter Sale: 10% Off All EMF Meters!

img_5752ed88t             Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.19.31 PM       Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.27.11 PM     screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-5-06-10-pm

If you hadn’t heard, StopSmartMeters.org has the lowest prices on the most popular Electromagnetic Field Meters from Cornet, Gigahertz Solutions, and Alphalab. This Autumn, we’re lowering prices even further, in order to make these essential safety tools accessible to as many people as possible. When you buy an EMF meter from Stop Smart Meters! you also get access to expert guidance on how to use these meters to assess, interpret, and then reduce unwanted EMF pollution in your home and in your community. Plus, proceeds benefit our grassroots campaign to organize the public to put a stop to the smart meter madness.

These days, with wireless radiation proliferating, detection is critical to protect yourself and your family. Pick up an EMF Meter for yourself today- or do your holiday shopping early and give the gift of awareness and health to the ones you love.

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Where “Smart” is Getting Us

This new music video by Moby perfectly captures the brutal alienation of our smartphone-obsessed world. We’re going to end up in a very bad place indeed unless we wake up, put down our digital devices, and re-engage with the beauty of the analog world we find ourselves in. It’s time to overthrow this destructive system, reject the “smart” junk being shoved down our throats, reject fossil fuels, respect humans and other animals, and go vegan (like Moby). These choices will not only lead to a better quality of life for everyone, they really are our only hope to salvage our climate-stressed planet.

If this incredible video demonstrates anything, it is that our movement to question- and oppose- inappropriate technology is going mainstream. -SSM!

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The Wireless Industry’s Attack on Our Quality of Life


Outdoor areas near smart meters or cell towers have become “no go” areas for many people, inhibiting social interaction and weakening communities, making successful activist interventions more difficult

At Stop Smart Meters! we talk a lot about the (now dizzying) amount of evidence piling up that wireless microwave radiation causes cancer and other illnesses.  But what about the (often less tangible) effects that this radiation is having on the quality of our lives?

We receive a steady flow of e-mails, calls, and letters from people in the US and around the world, describing in detail how smart meters, wi-fi, cell phone towers, and other wireless technologies are damaging not just their health, but their lived experiences, in many cases cutting people off from friends and family, and parts of their community.  Even making large areas of their homes virtual “no go” areas.

Sometimes these messages of loss and damage, lives cut short or constrained, make us just want to cry. I spoke to a woman over the weekend who lives in North Carolina, a state with backward policies (and not just on smart meters).  She has Lyme Disease, lives alone, is weak and disabled, sickened from the radiation.   A few weeks ago, while she was at home, and without knocking, two men from Duke Energy climbed over her fence, escorted by a police officer, to disconnect her electricity after she had the smart meter on her home removed.  Faced with the necessity of heating and lighting her home and feeding herself, she capitulated and agreed to have a smart meter back on her home.  She says the radiation has been like torture and she is now contemplating suicide because she does not see a way out.

A mother in Minnesota contacted us the other day:

20160806_194311“The large cell tower across the street is microwaving my house. After I shut down all wireless the readings in my house were still very high. I can shut off my wireless but I can’t shut off that damn tower. I’m so angry I cant even see straight. I feel violated in my own home. As a single Mom I’ve struggled for years financially. I can’t afford anything else and this puts me between a rock and nowhere. I haven’t been on any kind of vacation in 13 years and my hope was to one day put in a patio area behind my home to create my own little haven to make it at least feel like I have my own little oasis, but with the insane levels all around my house from that tower I have scratched that idea. My son has been wanting a basketball hoop for years and I hoped to find a used one for him to put in our driveway but now that is not an option either. I had dreams for this house. It’s mine…it’s all I own.”

These are just two stories out of the millions of people whose health and quality of life is being diminished by unnecessary RF radiation. Our communities need not be like this- polluted places to bear and suffer through rather than enjoy and participate in. That criminal theft and taking by the wireless industry will not soon be forgotten.

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