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Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.13.10 AMPublic Health Warning Cards- Printed on 4×6″ 100% recycled card stock.  Keep with you and hand out to your neighbors, etc.  Click here to see the full card.  Pack of 100 $14.95 

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.15.42 PMSmart Meter Awareness Brochures- New 3rd Global Edition, printed on 100% recycled matte paper. Includes new smart meter radiation comparison chart, types of smart meters,  revised action items, plus space to add local info.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 14″ 2 sided, double parallel fold brochure

Download Brochure (pdf): Are They Smart for You? v3

More info on our brochure page

Pack of 100 $19.95



Picture 7Take Back Your Power: Original full length award-winning documentary investigating the ‘smart grid’ on DVD- available in both NTSC (N. America) and PAL (Europe, Australia, NZ) formats please indicate if you would like a PAL copy.

$18.95 per DVD


Picture 1‘Smart’ Meter Warning Sticker 2.75″ x 4.25″ vinyl outdoor sticker Pack of 10 $3.95


Wireless Kills Sticker‘Wireless Kills’ Sticker 2.13″ x 2.75″ vinyl outdoor sticker
Pack of 10 $3.49




CornetCornet ED 78S Meter  $149.95

• measures RF from smart meters, wi-fi, cordless phones, cell phones and towers, baby monitors, microwaves, etc. (100 mhz- 8 ghz)

•measures EMF from power lines, elec. equip., wiring (50 hz-10khz)

•back lit screen & sound function

More info and video review of this meter here.


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7 Responses to Stop Smart Meters! Online Store

  1. Sonia R. says:

    We are in this together. People have forgotten they have POWER! Thanks for reminding us. We need to remember, the more of us that participate actively, the louder our voice. We want to grow it to a ROAR! Thank you more than we can express for your dedication and guidance. Keep up the pressure on corporate criminals and government sellouts.


  2. Marene Mayer says:

    Sonia – I couldn’t agree with you more……..we have to keep fighting……and all the people at SSM – have been so fabulous. I live in the San Joaquin Valley – and I was able to Opt out of So. Ca. Edison Smart Meters and got a “few” neighbors to do the same – most didn’t want to spend the $75.00 Opt out fee, and extra $10.00 per month for Meter reader. Now So. Ca. Gas Co. is coming in with their “Advanced Meters”……same GARBAGE!! We can only Defer for now until CPUC decides what we “should pay” to opt out. No word on when that will happen. Keep spreading the word and donating to SSM. I am a “Practitioner” and can’t begin to tell you what this is doing to human & animals Polarity / Energy/ Immune systems…very SAD!!!

  3. Elliott Knights says:

    I find this very funny. You people obviously have no idea what you’re on about, yet feel the need to complain! The meters transmit data through heavy-duty electricity cable, not via a wireless network. And if you are worried about exposure to electromagnetic radiation, you would have to…let’s see…
    -remove all electrical devices from around 100m around your house. Even the lights, even underground cables.
    -remove all traces of hard rock, such as granite and basalt from your area. Do not come into contact with any water from underground aquifers. Both if these can be ionised and will release radioactive radon gas
    -seal your house with lead plates. Completely. This would be the only method of stopping radiation from the sun.
    Oh, and where did you get the idea of these things stealing your details? They monitor the amount of gas, water and electricity you use. Is this now sensitive information? Payments are made completely separately, you could learn absolutely nothing by hacking into one of these devices.
    You people are overreacting to an idea. I recall the same happening with steam engines, light bulbs, internal combustion, aircraft, hot air balloons…literally every idea or invention since the dawn of civilisation has had the same results.

    • S Lewis says:

      Idiot, Oh, I am sorry, I meant to say Elliott, you should have a smart meter install in your home, then follow and record your own complaints. Until then no investigation, true knowledge, no right to criticize or speak.

    • soapbox jill says:

      Please educate yourself on wireless digital meters, which are being used. They are not wired, duh. The emit class 2b potential radiation into homes and yards from transmitting utility meters. The meters can be hacked. You really need to do some reading before talking. Furthermore, none of those other inventions do a slow kill on the population like chronic microwave radiation does…

  4. Stopping Smart Meters - Education Not Radiation says:

    more creative avenues and paths of action:
    thanks SSM team!!

    Letter For Your School
    Here’s some tools you can use to start teaching the
    teachers and Principal, and parents at your school about why we need to stop using WiFi and cell phones.

    Letter From You To Your School

    You can start by printing out this letter we wrote especially for schools, signing it, and then getting AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS to do the same and then give the letters to your school Principal and teacher. You can also get your Mom to mail a copy to your School Board.

    No WiFi Computers For You!

    Also really important is to print out this Non-Consent Form – this is for your parents to sign and give to your school to make it super clear that you do not want to work on a wireless computer – or be in the room when the other kids are blasting themselves with radiation.

    Make The School Say They Might Be Hurting You

    Next, you get your parents to sign this Statement of Accountability AND get your school Principal to sign it. This is really cool because it will really make your Principal think about the dangers of wireless and that they have to take some responsibility for anything bad that happens to the kids.

    Find Out If Any Kids Are Already Sick From WiFi

    Then if you really want to KICK IT UP to the next level, hand out (or just email) a copy of this Student Health Survey to every kid in your class, or even the whole school!

    If you can get it to every kid in your school, even better! Once you have a bunch of them filled out and handed back, you can turn them into a report. You can then send the report to your School Board and government officials (get your Mom or Dad to help you figure out who to mail it to) to get the BEST RESULTS.

    OR, you can download this scientific letter from Dr. Magda Havas for your school and give it to your teacher, Principal and School Board.

    You can also wear your RadiationEducation t-shirt to school every day! And get your friends to wear them too!

    *p.s. Thanks to for the two forms to sign and thanks to for the health survey!


  5. common law private attorney general Chris Guardin on the Wall says:

    The frivolous HA-lucid[nation] that a Power Consuming Radio Transmitter Receiver Surveillance Behivior Modification or Obliteration Meter can Save power over a NON-Power consuming analog Inductive driven meter is a preposterous LIE!

    Further: extractions of constitution[ally] invidious FEES or Fines; to coercivelyForce voluntary Compliance and to Give UP Private Rights to protections secured in the language of further limiting restrictions incorporated within the Bill of Right’s 1st. 3rd. 4th. 5th. 6th. 7th. 8th 9th and 10th. or 14th’s statutory and procedural protection as cited in Marbury v. Madison; Miranda supra; as cited to estoppel the Poll Taxes in Texas are irrefutable? You may NOT extort Fee$ or Fine$ for merely exercising Duties to secure you absolute natural Rights and Liberties to protect your family and abode!

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