No Opting Out? Time for Direct Action

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  1. geri says:

    We live in Minnesota, we got a samrt meter nearly a year ago……and we are have a vary hard time with it as well as the elc, co.
    Is there anyone in Minnesota that is having the same problem, is there anyone we can contact? Where do we start?
    We were thinking of writting a letter and putting it in the news papper but dont cared to get sued…The elc com. is biggger then we are.But we sure have a story to tell!

    • Petra Brokken says:

      I live in St. Paul and am trying to stop smart meters from coming in. Please contact me!

    • Kimberly Hultman says:

      Just want to know if we have any rights to not opt in for smart meters. Ii live in small town , milaca MN. I been told by the city. That I cannot opt out of smart water meter installation. NO CHOICE. Can they do that? This is beyond my patience at this point. This town filled with sheep, never question a thing. Believe all infor
      Received from energy corp. Is God’s truth. I’m hoping you may have some help for me to refuse w/o being fined by energy. Corp. Sure hope u got something!!!!!

  2. Terri says:

    They tried to install a smart meter at my house last week. I told the installer “no, I don’t want one.” He then said “then PG&E will be back to make you take one and it will installed whether you like it or not.” These guys are awful! PG&E is acting like a bunch of thugs. We need to stop this madness.

    • Ellen Jensen says:

      There’s a story of a woman in TX who refused a smart meter…the guy who was wanting to install it actually shoved her multiple times , assaulting her. Do you understand this is all part of UN Agenda 21? Go to democratsagainstunagenda Also YouTube Agenda 21 for dummies is a good clip. This is NOT a partisan issue…but the democrat website explains it well.

  3. John Brady says:

    I am not pleased PG&E is placing these meters in my neighborhood in Grass Valley, Nevada County. What legal stop can we place as a roadblock to prevent placement?
    I told the contractor (hired by PG&E )who showed & knocked on the door informing me of the immediate placement of the smartmeter that he needs to allow me to check it out. He agreed not to place the meter at this time. We were both pleasant but he left knowing my objection was reports of higher rates. Reading your info here, however, I am now also concerned with the possible health effects. These installations should be stopped while independant studies confirm accuracy as well as possible negative health effects of these meters. Nevada County is fairly conservative & not inclined to question corperate “wisdom”. So, for rural counties, we need some intelligence quick on these installations which are taking place asap, before the public has no chance to become alerted to possible problems…until the installations are complete.
    Is there a possibility of a state -wide moritorium on this smart meter program? Is there an immediate sucessful legal stragedy to stop or at least delay the installing of these meters? I guess it is time for a polite letter to the editor, listing some of the web sites with info on this. A locked gate on your property might be an asset, as well.
    I have a real respect for PG&E workers who sometimes risk their lives to restore electricity under dire conditions of fire or winter weather, and any complaints I have are focused on these meters that appear to be a bad idea and in no way cancel out my
    appriciation of the positive work PG&E workers pursue with expertise and courage.

    • onthelevelblog says:

      Hi John, I encourage you to look at the ‘what you can do to stop smart meters’ link on the home page. Write letters to the editor, talk to your neighbors, friends and family, call your state reps, your local council, send them a letter, whatever you can do. If it comes to it, wrap your meter in aluminum foil with the shiny side facing in. Find out more about EMF issues at the EMF Safety Network. Contribute money toward a legal challenge if you can. The CA Public Utilities Commission is currently facing two petitions demanding an immediate moratorium on installation. We’ll see what happens soon. Don’t underestimate the power of a small group of outraged citizens however. We managed to enforce our own ‘people’s smart meter moratorium’ the last couple of days in Santa Cruz County. Good luck.

  4. rko says:

    I was originally concerned about the billing issues too, but now I am far more concerned about the prospect of living in a slow cooking microwave oven that will come once these things are installed everywhere. Why are these “mandatory?” It is my property. Did they obtain my permission to alter my property? Did they get building permits from the county? Of course they didn’t. They are just ramrodding these meters in regardless.

    I’ve heard the argument that “PGE owns the meters, if you don’t like it, tough luck.” Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. They are a public utility (who btw just tried to make it illegal for communities to own their own power company. Wonder why. Hmm), and a monopoly. They are subject to any number of laws on the books, and we the people have a right to enforcement over them.

  5. Eric Hulet says:

    Since my smart meter was installed (and I had no idea it was happening) my electric bill has skyrocketed. What can I do? I’m in Colleyville, Texas.

  6. john says:

    Does PA have an opt-out option if I don’t like the stupid meter?

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