“Something is Wrong with the Air”

Smart Meters installed along Hwy 9 in Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz County

We’ve been hearing more reports of health impacts from all over California.  Some of the stories make us really angry- what kind of people would inflict this kind of suffering on others?  What kind of government allows this to happen to its own citizens?

From A. E. in San Diego 28 yrs old:
“We recently had our smart meters installed, three of which our on our wall, for the three units on our lot. I have a super healthy routine and was drastically improving my health and wellness. I am Vegan, non smoker, non drinker, I record all of my food intake, exercise avidly and slept regularly from 10 pm until 7am. I began to get unexplainable huge rashes on my face. My doctor freaked out and couldn’t believe the photos and ordered labs immediately, he was sure I had Lupus or Rheumatory Athritis. He sent me to a Rheumatologist ASAP, It then started with the aches and pains, the super dry lips and a loud squealing in my right ear. Even my teeth hurt. Then the buzzing sound intermittently mixes with the high pitch squealing noise in my ear, followed by extreme exhaustion or fatigue in random parts of the day or evening, to where I couldn’t even stand. The headaches make me feel like I want to die. I can’t sleep until 5 or 6 am and pop back up at 7 am. I am nauseas, and my ear in is extreme pain. I have feelings as if the ground or furniture is moving or being bumped. I get dizzy and have problems orientating myself when I go from standing to sitting or vice versa. My 1200 calorie diet that I record every meal has turned into a 300 calorie diet because I’m too sick to eat. I am having to drink meal replacements because the more I cook in the kitchen the worse I get. My husband complained of feeling sick, back pain, headaches and an electric-like pulse or shock-like feeling that darts up his body through his brain. When it happens he jumps. It has happened three times now.

The downstair neighbor moved because of her sudden onset of symptoms that began at the same time. Our DVD player now cannot reach a signal on the TV (says no signal) despite the player actually being a part of the TV, all in one piece. My eyes burn and weep full of tears with a mental cloud I can’t shake. My stomach turns upside down it feels and  I feel a burning sensation on parts of my body. I have missed about 80% of my work schedule and am rapidly deteriorating. I just kept saying, “something is wrong with the air…….”

A.E.’s full testimony and dozens more at the EMF Safety Network.

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  1. Very Concerned says:

    I live in Aptos and there is a large smart meter right behind my wall. Everyone in this house is disabled. And everyone has been having similiar symptoms of extra exhaustion, headaches, some skin issues etc. My mother wont even use a cell phone. When I tell her about this she will flip. How can I get this thing removed!

  2. Soapbox Jill says:

    Great blog. Thanks for doing this. You might be interested in my grassroots coverage about the battle in Wisconsin between customers and the utilities, including photos:

    • Good info says:

      Ditto! Great Blog. I think I will go with the using something to block the emissions like tinfoil, Ill meter it and see if that really works. Its a temp semi solution until this has gotten into the courts. I am in a county suing PGE. I doubt they will raise too much fuss. When they check the meters and remove it, ill put it back. Thanks much.

  3. Doug Pullen says:

    I live in Ontario and we have had smartmeters for perhaps a year. Does anyone know a way to block the radiation into the house? Or a way we can block the signal back to the company?

  4. Sandi Aders says:

    Hello Doug,

    I am posting an informative shielding site for you to review, click through the different links. It is a professional site for commercial applications, however it speaks the truth, so you can begin to protect yourself and your family without the fear of wasting your time, efforts and resources.


    Best wishes and prayers,


  5. Tim says:

    Doug and everyone,
    I think the best way is a small Faraday cage to just block the smart meter. This will also get PG&E’s attention and it will not be positive. I’m building one to shield our meter which is still read by a meter man, with a wireless handheld. We simply don’t have the pole repeaters up here, yet. I simply hope he stays on routine and I remove it before he comes to check our readings.
    There are companies that make entire buildings EMF free, as exampled above in a comment, to kill cell phone use etc. I have researched everything from paint that is $347.00 a liter and comes in black only, to Faraday cages and the many ways in which you can make one or incorporate the technology into a room. There are many home remedy emf scams too. Like pendants that you wear to block out EMF… Be wary.

    I still am not sure which of the many solutions I have seen would be best for an entire room, but my end goal is to have my bedroom EMF free. In govt buildings this is normally done by making the room into a giant Faraday cage with wire meshing inside the walls and properly grounded.
    Peace all

    • One thing about being in a faraday cage is that you lose the natural signal which your body sets its circadian rhythms to. However there are ways to rebroadcast just the natural schumman resonance and filter all the other “noise.” I agree that a faraday cage is the best way to deal with it but offer this distinction.

  6. iceman says:

    We have had issues with our smartmeter since it was installed – one of the features of the smart meter is they can shut off your power remotely. This happened to us once, they said it was an error and they meant to shut off another customer for non-payment. We were without power for several hours. I have to sleep with a respirator at night, and it makes me very nervious that the power can just get shut off whenever they feel like.

    I am working on a design for a faraday cage, the concept is simple, but to be really effective you need to know the frequency that the smart meter is using, the size of the holes in the metal screen needs to match the wireless wavelength frequency. And unless you have a frequency counter, (or some way to monitor the RF output) you won’t really know if it’s working or not.

  7. Kay Freem says:

    What did you decide to go with for EMF protection?

    I’ve been researching products for hours and have no clue what is proven or what would best protect me from my 10 hours a day within 2 feet of the laptop, airport wifi and cell phone.

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is why my feet have been “tingly” and in pain for 3 years: that’s how I’ve had the wireless router under my desk.

    • Redi Kilowatt says:

      Here are some tips, AVOID AIRPORTS at all costs, and flying on any commercial airlines ANYWHERE ! Avoid any public places like coffee houses and using public transportation like trains and buses that have wifi on board.
      Do not use computers sitting on your lap, that is stupid and dangerous, and can cook your genetillia !
      At the office or at home, do not use a wifi router , use wired ethernet routers if you need a router for a network, but if you have an office at home, use only peripherals connected directly to the computer, do not use any kind of router or switch if you do not actually need one.
      And finally, if you absolutely need a mobile phone, never EVER hold it to your head, that looks stupid and IS stupid.
      You need to always use a mobile phone that has a good quality speakerphone built in. Try and find a Motorola mobile phone like the i776, it has a very good quality speakerphone and extendable antenna. ALWAYS hold the mobile phone at least 18 inches away from your body, ALWAYS extend the antenna and point it away from you.
      Unfortunately, these new so called “smart phones” being foisted on the public now are very low powered and packed with features that we really don’t need.
      They don’t even have extendable antennas, and the speakerphone is garbage.
      Plus, if you buy into one of those weak systems, the communications corporations have lobbied the governments to allow them to build thousands and thousands of more powerful mobile phone tranceiver towers to make up for the low power of the handheld devices.
      They want to do what Sherman Williams paint company did, COVER THE EARTH !

  8. law abiding citizen says:

    I am sending the power company a rental bill with a legal notice of the terms of my usage privacy—i will gladly rent them the space on my property for a smart meter for $10,000 per day or no rent for th eold meter as long as the old meter only collects total usage no morethan once evry 20 days….fight back–you own your property -they are trespassing without paying rent!

    L.A.C. (law abiding citizen)

  9. SisterMary Bling says:

    WOW, I have been having numerous health problems for a year now and just realized one of these meters has been put on our home!!! I will definitely do some of these things all you mention and also contact the electrical company and let them know to come get this damn thing off. It is too uncanny for my health to deteriorate and at the same time this box was installed. Thank you for all your comments and information.
    God bless each of you and let’s ban together and fight back. THIS IS BS!!!!!

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